The best crypto telegram groups and channels in 2019

The best telegram crypto groups and channels in 2019 year.

The biggest Telegram Crypto Channels 

ICO Speaks News channel is one of the most largest and accurate channels in telegram, which can show only fresh and reliable information, to follow this channel.

ICO Speaks News will show you which project is: 

  • Prospective
  • Promising
  • Profitable
  • Not fraudulent

2. ICO Founders Channel

Public Channel was created for Admins of all ICO Projects, Info there about ICO Marketing and promotion your IEO through the Telegram.

3. IEO Channel

Market news on blockchain, ICO/ IEO, Charts, bitcoin, etherium and cryptocurrency. IEO reviews and updates.

The largest Telegram Crypto groups 

  1. ICO Speaks

In ICO Speaks group you always can find information or discussion about:

  • Signals
  • Airdrops
  • Reviews of projects related to cryptocurrency
  • Interesting opinions and many more

You may ask, how can I join to this group? and answer is simple, follow this link and you will go through strait to telegram group.

      2. ICO Listing

ICO Listing is a group that publish interesting projects from the world of blockchain; It presents prospecting platforms for subscribers. If you also have your blockchain startup project, you can safely do this and maybe your project will come to you.

Also don’t hesitate to join ICO Listing telegram group. It is can be helpful and useful for your project.

    3.  ICO Founders group

ICO Founders Group was created for all ICO Projects, where are talking here about ICOs / IEOs.

If you want to find interesting IEO project or promote your own, then welcome to ICOlisting — an ico marketing agency.

IEO Promotion on telegram crypto groups and channels

There are two different ways which we would recomemnd you to start with.

1. Pin message in telegram channel or group with targeted audience, It’s an ogranic way to attract target audience and show your project arround.

2. The second way is discussion about your project in other related telegram crypto groups or leave your problems for ICO Speaks team and we will take care about your ICO / IEO or Airdrop.

Telegram promotion, for crypto groups and channels.

There are several methods, which will bring your project to the next level and we would like to share with you in this article.

1st Method is – Inviting targeted audiense from other succsesfull crypto groups, which had succesfull results in token sale last time

2nd is, Send private messages to users in groups that you like and most targeted to your

3rd and more recomended, it’s to buy Ads in Largest groups and channels or try negotiate for mutual post

4th is Listing your group and channel on google listing websites whis is related to telegram crypto groups, which you can find in google easily.

5th is Youtube influensers, Steemit  and bitcointalk forums will help you attract huge audience.

6th method is Press releasess on Top crypto media which will give your telegram group brand awaraness and famous

Other Marketing servises 

  • ICO Review on ICO Speaks telegram group and channel 
  • Social promotion (bitcointalk, Reddit, telegram, Twitter)
  • Telegram Airdrop 10k users
  • ICO listing on Top 10 Rating Websites
  • Exchange Listing on 30 crypto exchanges
  • PR Strategy USA, Asia, Europe
  • Community management / Telegram moderation 24/7
  • Base of 50k Airdrop users
  • Small and medium investors from social media
  • Private investors Fundraising campaign
  • Big investors from (Private Pools, Venture Funds, Hedge Funds)

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