We connect Group of investors with perspective blockchain startups.
Targeted Investors
Premium Promotion will pump your Project in front of your targeted audience.
Always Visible
Your Project will be Visible on the top of the browse list in front of all ICO Speaks crypto users.
Unique Promotion
Your Project will be more attractive for Investors than your competitors, always Hot and always Trending.
Advertising in Telegram


  • We create a post review
  • Post it on ICO Speaks News channel with 500k crypto users and 100k monthly views
  • Post will be saved forever in channel
  • Example by link
Additional Terms & Fee
  • 10% discount when you put ICO Speaks Logo on your website
  • Ask Admin to get personal % discount
  • 4 Posts a month $1500
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  • 1 post in Channel forever
  • Your ICO/IEO/Airdrop Vissible
  • 7 days Pin Post in Channel ICO Speaks News 500k members with 100k monthly views
  • 1 Day Pin post in ICO Speaks group with 100.000 members 5000 messages weekly
  • Discussion about your project, answer on investors questions and moderation from our Admins.
Additional Terms & Fee
  • To get monthly promotion ask Admin
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  • 7 Days we introduce your bussines idea to potential crypto investors and community
  • 7 Days Promotion on 4 Crypto Channels @ICOspeaksNews - 500k members
    @ICOspeaksru - 210k members
    @IEOpools - 110k members
    @BTCchamp - 100k members
  • 3 days Pin post on largest discussion groups
    @ICOspeaks - 100k members
    @ICOlisting - 130k members
Additional Terms & Fee
  • For additional 2000$ We will Repost your message to other 200 crypto groups See Example
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IEO Packages

IEO Listing Help

  • 10 – 30 Days our support
  • We help your project to get listed on top exchanges
  • Listing proces takes 3 - 7 days
  • Our Prices lower than official
  • Over 125 ICOs and over 35 IEOs tokens olready listed with us
  • All promotion on exchange website, banner Ads is free as well as on ICO Speaks community
  • Free Media and PR promotion for your coin and project
  • Free trading accounts
  • List of Crypto exchanges (OKEX, Huobi, Binance, Kucoin, Bitforex, HitBTC, Gate, Bithumb, Coinsuper, Lbank, Coinbene, Luquid, Bitmart, Exmo, Bibox, Hotbit, Exmarkets, Probit, Vindax, P2PB2B, Stex and others)
Ask price

IEO Promo Pack

  • Hype 7 days
  • Increase Visibility of project
  • Banner Advertising on targeted websites
  • Telegram Ads on several biggest TG Channels
  • Telegram promo ( Send PM to 50k Traders, investors )
  • Post on ICO Speaks News 470.000 members
  • Pin Post ICO Speaks group 100.000 members
  • Launch AMA ( Ask Me Anything) in community
  • Telegram Hype about your project in other crypto groups.
  • Social Pump signals to traders
  • Increase Trading Volume on Exchange
  • Invite Base of traders from Binance, Kucoin, Huobi, to your project.
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Investors Packages

Social investors

0.5 BTC
  • 7 – 10 days
  • Social media investors, gathered from (Telegram, Reddit, bitcointalk) Very active and interested to invest from 200$ to 1000$
  • Short Marketing
  • Launch a Fund raising campaign
  • Invite social media investors, who invested from $200 – $1000
  • Investors verified on several Crypto exchanges and ready invest in IEO projects
  • Notifications to 400k ICO Speaks telegram users.
Additional Terms & Fee
  • Listing on Exchanges
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Private Investors

  • 10-15 days
  • An individuals that invest under 200K USD and invests in the long term
  • We Launch a Short Marketing campaign
  • List project on ICO Speaks website and all social media
  • Will participate 25 private pools
  • We invite 5000 private investors from our list of investors
  • Investors from USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Germany, Russia
Additional Terms & Fee
  • Listing on COINBENE, IDAX, LATOKEN Crypto Exchanges
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VC Investors

  • 10-15 Days
  • A company that Invest over 1 Mln USD and Invest as Full-time Job
  • We do a Marketing Campaign
  • Launch Fund raising Campaign
  • Conect project with Venture Funds
  • Invite Big Investors which have
    invested from 10 BTC in one project
  • Investors from several Hedge Funds, Venture Funds.
  • Investors who use Binace, Huobi, Kucoin Exchanges
Additional Terms & Fee
  • Listing on Coinbene, Coineal, Bitforex Exchanges (cost 10 – 20BTC )
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Need help with your ICO / IEO?
If you are starting an ICO/IEO/Airdrop and need help, we can offer wide range of
services, from social promotion to Fund Raising and direct discussion with crypto
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