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ICOSpeaks shows you Top IEO projects which our Team has reviewed and highly recommend to follow them.

ICO Speaks is the Largest and more communicative telegram crypto community for investors and blockchain ICO/STO/IEO startups. The main part of our Job is to protect investors from fraud and help to collect funds for startup projects locally on crypto exchange..

Feel free to find the right project in our IEO Calendar and join our telegram community where you can learn, discuss the latest crypto news and startup projects.

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Token sale monitoring service ICOspeaks has assembled a shortlist of the most popular Telegram crypto channels. It includes a selection of leading cryptocurrency news and exchange feeds, in English and Russian.

There are a lot of channels about crypto in a social network Telegram, but only a few can be differed by their goodness and usefulness. In our subjective opinion, ICOspeaks Channel is one of the greatest crypto groups in the blockchain area.

We help in:

Education for Newbies investors in Blockchain

Our experienced investors and traders daily make profit, and have time to share their experience with others in ICOSpeaks group, the best way to start learn about blockchain is to join our comminity today.

Consulting services for Startup Founders

Our Advisors and Marketing staff totals about 15 Members who are (Advisors, Traders, Investors, Marketers, Founders) our goal is to help in launching successful Startup Projects.

We manage a largest telegram crypto community

Community has been founded by the end of 2017 year when bitcoin hype became worldwide, then group of investors decided to create a telegram group for discussion about latest crypto news, at the moment our community consist of over 600k crypto users in all over the world.

ICO/IEO Reviews

Our Team consist of Blockchain Advisors-investors. We review promising and perspective projects and share it with our investors, which helps to avoid Scam.

Connect ICOs/IEOs Startups with investors

We connect blockchain startup projects with potential investors through the telegram public channel and group and private discussion.


Advisors Team

Juan Fernández

Juan P. Fernández

Advisor | Consultant | Ieos Marketing Expert
ICOspeaks is a huge and professional ICO community. They know this industry deeply and know how to adapt to the new trends. ICOspeaks always bring the best services for projects and customers.