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The emergence of cryptocurrencies has grown the world into an advanced digital village and paved the way for crypto arts popularly known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). NFTs have become increasingly popular in recent times, accounting for the skyrocketed values of the assets.

If your brand or company is a game player in the crypto or NFT space, you’d know the market is saturated and highly competitive. Simply listing your NFTs or rolling out your crypto project and waiting for people to buy in might not suffice.

The intense competition in the market is why you need a crypto or NFT marketing agency to provide proper visibility to your project to attract investors and customers.

Marketing has become an integral part of successful crypto or NFT project. Your project needs exposure to grow, and your best bet is to partner with a top crypto & NFT marketing agency to design a tailored strategic marketing plan that works for your project.

The space expands by the second, making it difficult for you to become a dominant force in the market without a strong marketing plan.

As crypto & NFT projects, there are numerous crypto & NFT marketing agencies. Select the one that can help your project go viral and become sort after can be troubling.

This article has highlighted the best crypto & NFT marketing agencies in 2024, exploring their services. If you have a crypto-related project coming up, you might want to look at this guide to choose the best marketing agency for your project.

ICO Speaks – Overall best Crypto & NFT marketing agency for startups in 2024.

ICO speaks is a blockchain social media community with a huge online presence. The company has amassed over 600k subscribers and followers across various social platforms.

ICO Speaks is a community for investors, traders, and crypto-oriented people who want to learn more about cryptocurrency, receive up-to-date insight about the market, and make the right investment decisions.

ICO speaks understands the difficulties experienced by crypto & NFT startup projects when looking to promote and gain exposure for their new projects. Owing to this fact, ICO Speaks provides marketing services to ICO/IEO & NFT startups to launch and promote their projects via social media and networking meetups in Asia and Europe.

The company is arguably the best crypto marketing agency out there. They have helped launch over 100 crypto & NFT startups doing great in the market today.

ICO Speaks have become renowned for effortlessly helping crypto projects gain exposure and attract prospects. If you are looking to launch your new blockchain project the right way, partnering with ICO Speaks might be your best bet.

Primary Marketing Services ICO Speaks Provide:

Telegram Services

Telegram is one of the most popular platforms where crypto & NFT investors and traders receive regular news, reviews, token sales, and airdrops.
Crypto-oriented & NFT-enthusiastic telegram users are constantly looking for news or updates about new crypto & NFT projects to invest in, especially from a credible source like ICO Speaks.

That is what you enjoy from using ICO Speaks’ crypto telegram advertising service.

ICO Speaks’ crypto telegram advertising service is a premium promotion that allows you to pump your blockchain project or NFTs right to your target audience on telegram. With over a hundred thousand audiences on ICO Speaks’ Telegram channel, you can give your project proper visibility to attract investors and traders.

Twitter services

Twitter is perhaps the most popular social network used by crypto & NFT investors and traders to access information about new and trending crypto & NFT projects.

Utilizing the art of Twitter virality to boost your crypto or NFT project can go a long way in making your project a success.

ICO Speaks have mastered the proven strategies to hype & promote projects on Twitter to get many cryptos & NFT enthusiasts to anticipate such projects or buy into them immediately at launch.

With the crypto twitter service by this company, your project can earn credibility among investors and traders on Twitter. ICO Speaks can also handle your project’s Twitter account to grow your followers and help you build credibility in the space.

Crypto PR on news media

Leveraging strong media outreach to sing about your new crypto or NFT project to the ears of investors and traders is a huge step in making your project a success. Apart from the large audience reached by news media, people believe in the credibility of brands promoted by public relations.

ICO Speaks provides a unique strategic and fine-tuned approach to publicizing your project on news media through press releases. The company has a strong network of media outlets to provide crypto PR for your project.

Telegram pin post promotion

ICO Speaks telegram channel boasts thousands of active members who are constantly interacting and looking for new crypto & NFT projects to invest in. Due to the activeness of the group, utilizing the pinned post is the best way to ensure every member of the group sees a specific post.

Telegram pin post promotion by ICO Speaks allows you to pin a post about your crypto or NFT project on the ICO Speaks telegram group.

This means anyone that enters the group can easily set eyes on the info/promotion. Imagine getting over 100k people to view your project just on telegram. That is what you get from ICO Speaks telegram pin post promotion service.

Top crypto marketing strategy

It is no news that marketing is an integral part of successful crypto or NFT project. Creating awareness about your project and exposing it to the right audience is crucial. That is achievable only with a top marketing strategy or plan.

ICO Speaks provides a top crypto marketing strategy service tailored to your brand to push your project to investors and traders and encourage them to invest in your project.

From analyzing the performance of your competitors to performing surveys to highlight the key areas to give your project an edge, ICO Speaks knows how to develop a top crypto marketing strategy that works.
icospeaks crypto agency

Lunar Strategy
Leading European crypto-marketing agency Lunar Strategy’s approach focuses on what matters most for Web3 projects to succeed: genuine community growth, long-term scalability and authority-building. The agency is revered for its partnerships with venture capitalists, trusted crypto-community growth strategies and top-tier public relations thanks to its impressive set of contacts, enabling clients to exponentially broaden the reach of their projects through profiles in leading crypto publications.

Lunar Strategy

Cryptorsy – a Web3 marketing agency that makes you always bullish. They offer Web3 marketing solutions for NFTs, Blockchains, DeFi platforms, GameFi, and other web3 projects, working on a performance-based model.

Cryptorsy goes beyond the basics. They elevate your marketing using proven Web2 tools adapted for the Web3 world and refine existing Web3 strategies. The outcome? A potent blend of reliable tools and exclusive projects known only to the top 3% of industry leaders.

Their mission is crystal clear – delivering top-notch performance and unwavering dedication. As your full marketing partners, they have one goal: to make you a true Crypto Rockstar and secure your spot in the top 100 CoinMarketCap.

TOP 3 Crypto Marketing Agencies that can boost your traffic via Telegram

Cryptoevolution is another marketing agency that offers top promotion services for crypto & NFT projects. The company focuses on helping new crypto & NFT brands go viral on social platforms. Cryptoevolution boasts a large network of social media influencers on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube who helps to promote new crypto-based projects.

Apart from influencer outreach, Cryptoevolution handles Twitter accounts of crypto projects. If you are looking to build a considerably large Twitter community within a short period, Cryptoevolution might be your best bet.
The company also provides crypto PR services to push new crypto-based projects on media outlets.

Discord service with built-in moderation is another exciting crypto marketing service by Cryproevolution Given the number of top brands Cryproevolution has worked with, the company is arguably one of the best crypto marketing providers today.

cryptoevolution agency
cryptoevolution agency

BTC Champ – Provides unrivaled NFT promotions.

BTC Champ is a leading crypto & NFT marketing agency that offers a wide range of services to promote crypto exchanges, tokens, NFTs, etc. With the company’s access to many premium publications, they can drive high volumes of traffic and crypto investment leads to your new crypto or NFT project.

From public relations to influencer marketing, social media campaigns, advertorials & features, banner ads campaigns, and branding, BTC Champ has the experience to generate impressive results for your crypto project. If you are looking to target a demographic explicitly, BTC Champ can help maximize your reach.

BitcoinTraffic – Best marketing agency for web3-based targets

BitcoinTraffic is a top crypto/NFT marketing agency specializing in decentralized projects and web3-based targets. The company’s solid understanding of core blockchain audiences makes it easy for them to develop tailored comprehensive marketing strategies for crypto projects.

BitcoinTraffic also offers the tools for NFT minting timeframes, launches, and secondary market amplification techniques. They are a leading crypto & NFT marketing agency for PR and influencer marketing. Their world-class network of influencers can help your project boost conversions and gain credibility across social channels.


We understand that you might have some specific questions regarding the post and crypto marketing in general. Here are answers to some of the common questions we expect you to ask.

What is a crypto marketing strategy?

A crypto marketing strategy is a long-term plan developed to help you promote your crypto or NFT project to the target audience, increase its reputation, and get more users. It involves utilizing resources to improve your project awareness and get more people (investors & traders) into your project.

What is the best ICO/NFT marketing agency?

ICO Speaks is the best ICO/NFT marketing agency out there. They provide comprehensive and tailored marketing services to crypto-based projects. The company has successfully helped launch over 100 startups in the crypto space. If you are about to launch your new crypto or NFT project, ICO Speaks is the best agency to help hype it up.

Do I need a crypto marketing agency for my new project?

Marketing is an integral part of a successful startup ICO/crypto project. That is why you need a top crypto marketing agency to promote your project and get it right in front of your target audience.

What are the benefits of hiring or partnering with a crypto marketing agency?

Your new crypto or NFT project needs the right hyping and publicity to improve its visibility and help it build credibility in the cryptocurrency community. Those, among several other crucial reasons, are what your project benefits from working with a top crypto marketing agency.


Every company requires strategic marketing and exposure to build a solid user base. Crypto companies are no exception. Whether you are building a crypto or NFT project, it is essential to have a marketing plan to attract investors and customers.

This article has shed more light on the best crypto marketing agencies in 2024 you should hire or partner with for your crypto or NFT pro. Visit ICO Speaks Marketing services to get your Promo Package


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