What is an ICO Speaks community?

ICO Speaks is a community for investors and Startups, where everyone can participate, learn blockchain and discuss with others.

What is an ICO Speaks Airdrop?

It's a huge community of bounty-hunters, ready to spread information about your project everywhere and anywhere. Why it's so good? Airdrop users already have social media acounts with large amount of followers, once they start complete Airdrop tasks, they will nicely promote your project and attract new users.

Bitcointalk Bounty or Telegram Airdrop?

We prefer Telegram Airdrop, because telegram notification tool, easy to use, easy to promote and easy to Fundraise money.

How to attract investors for my Startup Project?

We suggest to prepare WP, MVP, Team, Website and Launch Marketing campaign. Definately it will help investors to belive and invest. in ICOSpeaks we are doing private-sale, public sale, marketing, metups with investors and many more.

Benefits of Advertising on ICOSpeaks Platform?

If your target Audience is Europe and Asia, If your Goal Attract investors and build own community, If you are developing a long term project, then you definately need ICOSpeaks

How can I Start promotion with ICO Speaks?

Contact us via any convinient methood Telegram or Email