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Telegram Groups

Despite the fact that some officials attacked Telegram messenger, this app is still very popular all over the world. It means that this messenger has a huge audience. And it means that you can advertise products inside groups with many subscribers. The biggest advantage of this messenger is the fact that you actually can’t turn off the notifications. If the user is subscribed to a certain channel the notification will be red or grey and this notification can be removed only after a user will see a new post. Telegram is no longer a messenger – it is a social media that can be used to promote goods and services, including cryptocurrency start-ups. In the latest update, the developers of this application officially allowed using Telegram as a tool for advertising. But there will be no banners, videos and carousels. The members of the particular channel will see text and pictures. This application is aimed at mobile devices holders. So if you are uploading a post, it should be adapted for smartphones and tablets users.

The audience of this messenger is relatively loyal and that is why the promotion services are more expensive. But there are also some difficulties – the promoters don’t know the age of the users (only their interests). You can buy ads only directly. It means that you will have to contact admins and ask them to share a price with you. The services are paid via bank card. In most cases, the admin of a promotion group creates a post by himself. That means that all you have to do is to describe the advantages of the company in a short way or give a link to the site of the project. Advertising in Telegram is easy and potentially profitable. But it is better to find a reliable group with lots of subscribers. We would like to present some cryptocurrency groups that could be interesting for investors and traders.

Every crypto user would love to hear news and relevant post regarding cryptocurrency because it will help them understand what’s going in the market and “How to rule out of the difficult situations.”

In order to keep you updated, there are different websites and social media platforms that can help enhance your crypto knowledge. But, there are a few places that are paid, and you won’t be able to get to the “Latest News and Trends” without paying a specific amount.

But, when it comes to the best crypto groups, there’s no one that can beat “Telegram Crypto Groups” because of the resources, features, and crypto intellectuals. With so many groups out there, you might find it difficult “Which group to join and which to leave” because no one can handle so many notifications coming from a “single application.”

To help you in this cause, we have completed our research work. We are about to list down the best in the business groups.

The best crypto telegram groups are:

Name Description Type Members Join

DeFi Million

How many times have you read news about a bank organization that has failed to provide high-quality services to its clients? How many times have you failed to get a transaction on time? That is why decentralized finances became relevant – subscribe to this group to know more about DeFi world.
DeFi, crypto 500,000 members defi million


This channel is a news provider. It has been created for those who want to know what is going on in the cryptocurrency world. You will also find here promotion posts that have been ordered by the community members. This channel has a big subscriber number – just click once to be updated on modern crypto news.
ICO, IEO, DeFi, News 500,000 members ico speaks news


Do you need more news? Then use this group as an alternative source. You will find here signals and airdrops as well. This channel is good for investors and traders that are in search of a good start-up or want to buy tokens
IEO, NEWS 490,000 members ieopools


Bitcoin is the most relevant and valuable cryptocurrency. But if you can’t exchange it into USD it is worthless. That is why this group has been created – here you can exchange from 100 to 10000 USD per one day without commission.
Bitcoin, Trading, Charts, analytics 250,000 members btcchaamp


All the news about cryptocurrencies in one place. Round-the-clock, operational and automatic updating.
crypto 450,000 members cryptoevolution


Only fresh news from the world of cryptocurrencies! Lightning fast publications. We follow the calendar of events! Advertising proposal please
News, crypto, traffic 450,000 members bitcointraffic


If you don’t speak English but still want to know more about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology this group is an ideal place. All posts here are created in Russian and you can contact admins in Russian as well. Any member can order promotion services.
ICO, News, Crypto 100,000 members icospeaksru


This is a chat where all members can share their ideas and thoughts about news and offers that have been received in other channels. As a reminder, the subscription is free and you can PM any members if he is allowing it. So it is time to get into a real conversation!
ICO, Crypto 80,000 members icospeaks


This group is created to list the most promising project. And if you think that your company is worth the investor’s time, you can contact admins and ask them to list your project as well.
ICO, Listing, community, group 26,400 members icolisting


Time to show new perspective ICO IEO DeFi Project. Stay tuned for more information.
ICO, IEO, STO, DeFi 10,000 members icotimer

How to Join the above-listed groups?

Joining the crypto telegram groups that we have listed above isn’t a headache, and one can join by following the instructions given below.
  1. Register yourself to the Telegram application
  2. Set-up everything, including your profile information
  3. Now click on the links given above, and you’ll be redirected to the groups
  4. Request the groups to add you, and you might have to answer a few questions regarding the group's rules/regulations
  5. You’re done

Why Telegram over other social media platforms?

You must have heard about Telegram these days on every single platform you’re using because they are doing great promotion of this outstanding messaging service application. But, for the crypto lovers, Telegram is just more than a “Messaging Application.” It is because Telegram has a lot to serve thousands of people with unique features.

Let’s talk about things in detail to enlighten you more about the features:

  1. Register yourself to the Telegram application
  2. Set-up everything, including your profile information
  3. Now click on the links given above, and you’ll be redirected to the groups
  4. Request the groups to add you, and you might have to answer a few questions regarding the group's rules/regulations
  5. You’re done

Final Thoughts

In this guide, we have reviewed 10 Best Cryptocurrency Telegram Groups and Channels, emphasizing on what makes them unique. To be crystal clear, the number of a Telegram platform’s subscribers doesn’t necessarily mean it is topnotch. Although that could be a contributory factor, the most important factor in deciding the telegram groups to join depends on the authenticity of their information. Unarguably, a lot happens in this industry every day. Therefore, the onus is on you to join a group that gives reliable information on the best crypto for investment and trading. Given that we have done the legwork for you, you should just go ahead and join a growing list of subscribers who depend on these reviewed platforms to stand out in the industry.

To do so, just click on the “Join Now” link in the table below.