How to promote with crypto AMA session in 2024

crypto ama session

How to promote with crypto AMA session in 2024? 


How to promote a project with crypto AMA sessions in 2024? a good question isn’t it? we will try to explain in this article.

For many investors, the dilemma is not deciding whether or not Telegram crypto AMA sessions are the best way of promoting their project. However, their issue is choosing which platform is best for the effective promotion and marketing of their crypto project. On the other hand, other investors are looking for new ways of promoting their projects. It could be that fellow investors in the crypto world have prompted them to believe that social media marketing is a viable option. Sadly, they are oblivious to the strategy and the platform to use to get the right promotion for their project.

So whether you are unsure of the best Telegram crypto platform to conduct your AMA sessions or do not know the benefits of this marketing strategy, this guide will open your eyes to the answers. Furthermore, this guide will not only look at the practical ways Telegram Crypto AMA sessions can improve the promotion of your project. However, investors will see Telegram as the best platform for conducting crypto AMA sessions, as well as the step-by-step process to ensure their project gains much-needed traction.

In this guide:

Why do brands use telegram to promote your crypto project?

In April 2020, Telegram announced that they had 400 million monthly users that are active. In 2023, that number has grown to 500 million, with daily active users of up to 55 million. Interestingly, an average Telegram user spends up to 3 hours every month. These statistics show that Telegram has a wide following as people from different parts of the world are connected through public or private groups. You can click here to learn more about private and public Telegram groups. Hence, one of the reasons why brands adopt Telegram marketing to promote their product, services and crypto project is the wide reach that Telegram has.

Consequently, it is easy for these brands to build a community of their loyal customers that will continually engage their posts. As the community grows, so does the engagement, which will then rub off on the brand’s authority in its niche. Therefore, Crypto investors capitalize on Telegram’s community feature to promote their projects. It allows them to connect with their community on a personal level.

Another reason brands use Telegram marketing for their products, services and projects is the targeted messaging feature. With Telegram, brands and crypto companies can target investors and enthusiasts based on their age, country, interests and other factors.

Telegram also allows brands to perform analytics on their products and services. The application allows you to see how well a post is performing based on the following metrics:

  • Growth rate
  • Engagement rate
  • Muted and unmuted notifications
  • Views
  • New followers

There are even more reasons why crypto brands use Telegram to promote their products, services and projects. You can read about it here.

What is crypto AMA Meaning?

AMA is an acronym for Ask Me Anything. It is a popular and effective way of connecting with the public. AMA sessions are considered informal but personal interviews where the interviewee, in this case, the owner of the crypto project, responds to spontaneous questions from the public.

This personal and in-depth interview is popular on social media; chances are you will have seen AMA sessions on Twitter, Reddit, Twitch and Telegram. But why are they so popular?

People prefer AMA sessions because you get to connect with the audience by answering heartfelt and spontaneous questions. The parties usually see or vet the questions in the traditional interview process. But the AMA session’s meaning is fresh; it lets you know the minds of both the people and the interviewee.

This means that the interviewee needs to be adequately prepared for an AMA session. You can never know what type of questions will be thrown at you. However, Telegram crypto groups that host AMA sessions, like ICO SPEAKS, already have set rules that govern these sessions. So, as much as the audience is free to ask questions, they have to be centered around the topic of discussion.

Why should you choose ICO SPEAKS for crypto Telegram AMA?

You will notice the subtle mention of ICO SPEAKS in the previous section. Well, it was deliberate, especially for investors and crypto project owners that are looking for the best Telegram platform for promotion.

ICO SPEAKS is much more than a Telegram platform. It is an organization that helps connect investors, business owners and crypto enthusiasts worldwide to capitalize on the latest investment opportunities. ICO SPEAKS offers different promotion strategies for investors and business owners depending on their preferred medium. Telegram is one of such mediums many investors and business owners prefer in promoting their crypto projects. As such, the ICO SPEAKS Telegram group offers enthusiasts and investors a great platform to connect and gain insight into the latest crypto projects.

The telegram group has more than 70,000 members and has hosted over 200 AMA sessions. So, asides from its wide reach and a large community to engage your crypto project. There is also evidence of experience when it comes to crypto telegram AMA sessions.

For investors and business owners looking for a reliable platform to conduct AMA sessions, you need to look at the reach and experience. This is why ICO SPEAKS is one of the most viable Telegram platforms for conducting crypto AMA sessions.

Four Benefits of AMA sessions to promote your crypto project

Now that we understand the essence of Telegram marketing, why AMA sessions are popular and the best platform for these interviews, we need to show how the synergy of these two components can promote your project.

Lead Generation

One of the pertinent benefits of Crypto Telegram AMA sessions is lead generation. Imagine conducting an AMA session on ICO SPEAKS with over 70,000 members. Without doing anything, you already have leads that you can continue to reach out to for the growth of your project. Sure, not all members will be present for the AMA sessions. But you already have a large following you can reach at anytime.

Led generation through Crypto AMA sessions on Telegram also means increased brand awareness. You can create brand awareness through AMA sessions based on the leads and the members present in the sessions. Before the AMA sessions, chances are not many people have heard about your crypto project before. But that is the truth, so what AMA sessions do is connect people to the latest crypto project that could become the next big thing in the market.

Now, if the AMA session goes well, the leads can become ambassadors of your crypto project. Therefore, Telegram crypto AMA sessions can lead to an improvement in audience acquisition. With AMA sessions, you can successfully transition your target audience through the customer value journey.

A chance to improve

With any new project in business, there will always be some areas you could improve upon. ICO SPEAKS AMA sessions have many crypto veterans and investors that have participated in interviews. As a result, they can ask the right questions that will help you improve some aspects of your crypto project. Do not think of it as negative feedback but look at the comments as areas you can make the project better. AMA sessions allow the crypto audience to review your project first-hand before it goes to the market. Telegram Crypto AMA sessions have saved many crypto projects from major disasters. The conversations during the interview sessions have helped many business owners open their minds to new possibilities they never thought about when developing the crypto project.

Clarification of Identity

When a crypto project is first introduced, it is normal for many speculations to start flying around the community. People will talk about the benefits and even exaggerate some things. Brands use AMA sessions to avoid jeopardizing their project’s reputation before making it into the mainstream crypto community. Through these personal interview sessions, you can clarify all that pertains to your project. From the questions posed to you, the audience should be able to see the project’s true identity, purpose, features and benefits. It is the duty of the interviewee to clarify all false claims and shed light on what the crypto project actually stands for.


Faster growth

Since ICO SPEAKS has a wide following, if people see the value of your crypto project after your AMA sessions, your project is guaranteed to grow faster. The audience will become ambassadors and foster your project’s promotion on different social media platforms. Look at it this way, the first group of people to invest in DogeCoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies that are doing well today will be smiling at the bank now. Investors and business owners know that if a crypto project is guaranteed to add value, they will jump on it without hesitation. This is because they understand the waiting game and know that your project will fetch them a huge profit sometime in the future.

As a caveat, ICO SPEAKS goes beyond AMA sessions to promote your project. This Telegram crypto group will promote the AMA session before the set date. This begins to pique the interest of its members. Plus, even after the AMA session, the group still continues to promote the project as long as the agreement between the owners and the company is still in order. This leads us to the next section in this guide.


How to advertise using AMA sessions on ICO SPEAKS

By now, you will have decided that ICO SPEAKS is the best Telegram Crypto group for AMA sessions. However, there are still some requirements to ensure the session is successful. There are three important elements for promoting your crypto project on ICO SPEAKS. These are:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Date

These three elements are necessary because ICO SPEAKS will promote the crypto AMA session before and after the set date. It is, therefore, necessary for clarity and accessibility for people to visit the website, identify the logo, and get ready for the date.

The reason for promoting the AMA session after the event has been held is that ICO SPEAKS publishes a text format as a recap for members who missed the session. People can see and read the recap on the ICO SPEAKS website. Also, members can read the recap on Telegram and Twitter, two of the most influential social media platforms for crypto projects.

How ICO SPEAKS conducts AMA Sessions

Now to the actual AMA session. It is important that the interview, no matter how personal it is, be structured. This will ensure that there is order during the event. You do not want people to disrupt the objective of the event. Therefore, these are the following ways through which ICO SPEAKS conducts a crypto AMA session :

  • The ICO SPEAKS team reviews the website link, logo and project. The team then proceeds to run a check to ensure that the project is genuine for the safety of its members.
  • Once the crypto project has been approved, the team invites a representative to discuss the objectives of the AMA session. The crypto project owner may have some topics they would like to discuss; hence, the ICO SPEAKS team will review and vet them.
  • After review, the order of the event will be planned to avoid time wasting.
  • The banner and design for the AMA session will be created.
  • Recaps in the form of transcripts and articles will be published on the website and social media pages.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I confirm the date of my AMA session?

Yes, you can. You should confirm all your details three days before the commencement of the crypto AMA session.

What format should the Project Logo be?

The ICO SPEAKS team will prefer a PNG format for the logo. This will help in the effective promotion of the AMA session.

How can I book my AMA session?

You can simply book a session for your crypto project via the website. You can visit our website to get started press the order button and discuss with Admin.


To get Maximum Traffic to your project from the Telegram AMA session it is always advisable to prepare your website and social media links, and have public information about your project. From our side, we have to make several announcements on our social media such as Twitter and telegram to attract the attention of our investors. With experience of 250 past AMAs we can conclude that your project will be on a high level of Hype.

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