ICO Speaks: The best agency for crypto influencer marketing in 2024

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Here is why ICO Speaks: The best agency for crypto influencer marketing in 2024.
As much as your project is looking to solve many issues in cryptocurrency without adding a delicate feature, things may not go according to plan. This is not a prophecy of doom, it is the reality of the cryptocurrency market today.

With more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies in existence today, crypto influencer marketing can be the defining factor for your project. Many crypto projects have adopted this form of marketing strategy to get to where they are today in the market. Meme coins, stablecoins, altcoins, and other projects you can name have all used crypto influencer marketing to scale up their operations.

Another dilemma many crypto investors and companies face is knowing or choosing the right crypto marketing agency to handle the promotion of their project. Many investors employ crypto marketing agencies to influence their projects and gain much-needed traction through their strategies. ICO Speaks remains one of the best crypto marketing agencies that offers premium strategies to ensure
Thankfully, in this article, we will explore what crypto influencer marketing is and how you can adopt it to promote your project in 2024.

What is Crypto Influencer Marketing?

This is a marketing strategy that connects you to top cryptocurrency influencers that will help promote your project. Crypto projects thrive on word-of-mouth, especially if they are endorsed by a person or an agency with a large following. Your project can’t become relevant on its own. Therefore, crypto influencer marketing is one of the fastest ways to grow in cryptocurrency. However, you need to have a reliable platform, person, or agency that can guarantee collaborations with top people in the area where you want your project to be noticed. This is where ICO Speaks comes in.

Why should you choose Ico Speaks for crypto influencer marketing?

ICO Speaks is a crypto marketing agency that collaborates with opinion leaders in different spheres of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the metaverse. The vision of this crypto marketing agency is to build a global network that connects investors, traders, enthusiasts, and newbies to the most emerging crypto projects.

Wealth of experience

Aside from connecting people with industry leaders to enhance the credibility of their projects, ICO Speaks has an impressive track record that makes it one of the most sought-after crypto marketing agencies in the world today. Its experience in crypto influencer marketing has led to the launch of more than 500 startups. More than 1,000 private investors are in ICO SPEAKS’ books.
Another fascinating feature that tells the tale of ICO SPEAKS’ experience is the crypto marketing agency’s wide following. Crypto influencer marketing cannot work if the agency or person does not have a large following. ICO SPEAKS was built on the premise of connecting people to industry leaders and ensuring the promotion of emerging projects in the market. With more than one million social media users devoted to ICO SPEAKS, crypto influencer marketing is guaranteed success.

A wide variety of marketing channels

Crypto influencer marketing is well adopted when there are different areas you can explore. You cannot compare a project with influencer marketing strategies on one channel to another with multiple channels to stretch this strategy. This is where ICO SPEAKS comes out on top. If you are looking for crypto influencer marketing, hiring an agency with branches in different niches is best.

Social Media

ICO SPEAKS has many marketing channels to ensure influencer marketing for your project is a success. The crypto marketing agency uses social media as one of its channels for the promotion of its projects. One of the most viable social media platforms that ICO SPEAKS uses is Telegram. Telegram crypto marketing has turned out to be a goldmine for marketing agencies in recent years. Consequently, ICO SPEAKS tapped into this early and created crypto telegram groups with thousands of participants. Hence, making crypto influencer marketing easy through these groups.

Twitter is another social media platform that ICO SPEAKS adopts for crypto influencer marketing. With Twitter playing a major role in the prevalence of cryptocurrency in the world today, it is only right that it be capitalized upon. Plus, Twitter is the hub of industry leaders that ICO SPEAKS collaborates with to ensure the successful promotion of your project.

News Media

People that thrive in cryptocurrency are those who are always in the news. Therefore, ICO SPEAKS uses public relations techniques through press releases and articles to promote projects in top news media. Thus, crypto influencer marketing becomes easy when the marketing agency is in close connection with the biggest news media in the industry.


Crypto influencer marketing depends so much on the marketing agency that is handling the strategy. You must hire a crypto marketing agency that can show you a track record of its success and divergent marketing strategies to ensure your project becomes a success. This is why ICO SPEAKS tops other crypto marketing agencies.
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