Zuna at ICOSpeaks AMA: Summary

zuna ama at icospeaks
zuna ama at icospeaks

October 18-th Zuna held an Ask Me Anything session with the ICOSpeaks team at our telegram chat.

1️⃣ Block 1  – self introduction from  today’s  speaker 

Before we go to the first set of questions, could you please do a short self-intro?

👨‍💻 Blake Shannon | CEO & Founder of ZUNA | @blakeshannon
My name is Blake Shannon, and I am the CEO and Founder of ZUNA. I am a serial entrepreneur and have built and grown many different businesses, most recently being the ZUNA Ecosystem.

2️⃣ Block 2 – project introduction by speakers
First set of questions to introduce the project!

Q: Can you introduce ZUNA to the team?
A: ZUNA is a defi ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain established in November 2021 with three components all designed to work together and provide growth and massive rewards for our holders. 
Consisting of a full stack NFT Marketplace, a limited collection of NFT’s with out of this world rewards and our BSC token that powers and connects everything. Built with holders in mind, our ecosystem and reward system is truly one of a kind.

Q: What does the development team look like?
A: Myself and two other co-founders Jeff & Paul run ZUNA. All of us come from different backgrounds and have different strengths including business growth, marketing and finance. From the beginning we have always aimed to be as transparent as possible, connecting with our community groups as often as possible and holding monthly video AMA sessions. 
We are strong believers in hiring the best talent available if there is anything we are unable to tackle ourselves. The three of us are looking 5-10 years down the road and will be here for the long haul. For more info and our contact info you can visit zunacoin.com/team

Q: What is the most important thing to know about ZUNA and what you are trying to accomplish?
A: We build for the future, and always put holders first. The entire ecosystem was designed to reward holders as much as possible. There are several ways to earn and will be more in the future as we expand our utilities. 
There are many projects that come and go in this space, which is why we are always looking 10 years down the road and building/innovating to ensure a long thriving future. We’ve been around for roughly a year and this is truly just the beginning.


3️⃣ Block 3 – question from ICO Speaks team
Questions from ICOSpeaks team!

Q: Can you go over the three components to the ZUNA Ecosystem?
A: Of course! 

$ZUNA Token
$ZUNA is the deflationary token on BSC that connects the entire ZUNA ecosystem and provides automatic holder reflections. 

 5% holder reflections on every buy or sell. The longer you hold the more you earn.

We have renounced ownership and locked the liquidity pool forever. There is also a 5% per transaction tax that auto builds the liquidity pool to help build stability over time.

ZUNA contract was also audited by TechRate – passed with flying colors. $ZUNA is currently available on PancakeSwap, CoinTiger & Hotbit with more exchanges coming soon.
Our contract: 0x5D07eDAbA2151a3C6802B28636eCC23082398EdB



Our brand new, full stack NFT  Marketplace on BSC that provides NFT creators and buyers an innovative option for trading and discovering new projects.

The marketplace offers lazy minting, auctions, social networking, $ZUNA integration and many other features. Built on BSC for low fees and fast transactions.

Our most unique feature is the $ZUNA buy back system with 2.5% from every transaction auto buying $ZUNA, forcing price appreciation and increasing all holder reflections.

Investors can take advantage of our innovative reward system that allows ZunaNaut NFT Holders (our third component) to earn a percentage from every transaction that takes place on the ZUNAVERSE NFT Marketplace.


ZunaNauts NFT Collection
An exclusive collection of NFT’s that unlock the entire ZUNA Ecosystem. Limited release with only 1969 in each collection.

Six unique tiers to choose from, each tier offering different rewards and a different mint price.

Each NFT earns static $ZUNA rewards for 12 months after minting (based on tier).

Each NFT earns a percentage from every WBNB transaction that takes place on ZUNAVERSE.io (for life, based on tier) 

 Rewards are paid using $ZUNA, if you hold the earned $ZUNA you will also be gaining holder reflections from any buy/sell. (bonus rewards)

Q: What are ZUNA’s goals for the remainder of 2022 moving into 2023?
A: Now that our marketplace is live we are currently working on growing the user base and creating relationships with industry leaders to draw in more attention. Growing ZUNAVERSE will benefit the entire ecosystem the most, so that is our main focus. The goal is to get to a monthly volume of 10 Million as quickly as possible so that we are primed for massive takeoff when the market inevitably turns around. We will also be adding many new features and building out resources on our marketplace over the next few months.

Q: How would an interested investor learn more about the ZUNA ecosystem and get involved with your community?
A: Visit our website and check out our socials for info, and I would recommend joining our telegram community to find out why our holders love ZUNA. 


4️⃣ Block 4 –  Community Voice.
Community asks the questions they are interested in.

Staking, NFT is very hottest, do you think you will apply NFT technology to your products in the achieved future?
A: Originally we were going to have our ZunaNaut holders stake their NFT’s on ZUNAVERSE.io to earn the passive rewards they offer, however we upgraded the rewards system a bit so that rewards follow the ZunaNaut NFT’s wherever they go. Full reward system with tracking for your NFT’s is built into our NFT Marketplace.


That being said we would like to eventually offer staking options for ALL NFT collections and creators through ZUNAVERSE.io – with the goal of making it easier for NFT creators to offer their holders rewards by using our platform.

What are the benefits of holding your token as long term investment? Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep the your token in the long run?
A: $ZUNA was always meant to be a long term hold. The longer you hold the more you earn from the built in reflections.
Anyone that is holding $ZUNA will earn reflections, and since the ZUNAVERSE.io marketplace auto buys $ZUNA with every NFT trade.. reflections will continuously grow over time.

Our ecosystem triggers reflections on almost every actionable event: ZUNAVERSE.io transactions, NFT Rewards payouts, Buy/Sell/Transfer of $ZUNA token itself.

Q: Have you being audited ?
A: We have been audited by TechRate, passed with no security issues.
For $ZUNA token: we have renounced ownership, and the liquidity pool is truly locked forever with no possible way of accessing it. For ZUNAVERSE.io: we have gone to great length to protect users of our platform and have implemented the highest security measures and are continuously testing for ways to improve even more.

Q: Do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?
A: Because $ZUNA token offers reflections, it is also reflecting a portion of each transaction to the burn wallet. 
We have burned 312 Trillion tokens to date and the wallet will continue to snowball and grow over time.That’s about all the time I have today, I will pick one last question and make it a good one.

Q: What are plans in for global expansion? Are you focusing on market at this time or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?
A: Our focus right now is on building and developing partnerships, developing the strongest base possible for when the market does turn around as I’m sure we are all eagerly awaiting.
A few key things that will be happening soon in the realm of partnerships:


ZUNAVERSE.io will begin integrating other BEP20 tokens onto it’s platform, bringing other communities to our NFT Marketplace so that they can buy/sell/trade using their currency. This will be a great way to bring large amounts of users and attention to our marketplace while providing the project instant utility. WIN – WIN.

We will also be speaking with 3-5 upcoming NFT projects each week through our ZUNAVERSE.io twitter, interviewing them and connecting with their communities and promoting the benefits of using ZUNAVERSE.io for their collection. Free marketing for their project.. and more exposure to quality NFT users for us.

ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the Zuna Team. That’s all for today.

Thanks to all users who participated.

Thanks, Zuna for being with us

Thanks, all and see you soon😉

Cheers 🥂
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