Limoverse at ICOSpeaks AMA: Summary

Limoverse AMA
Limoverse AMA
July 13th Limoverse held an Ask Me Anything session with the ICOSpeaks team at our telegram chat

1️⃣ Block 1  – self-introduction from  today’s  speaker 
Before we go to the first set of questions, could you please do a short self-intro?
👨‍💻  AdityaNarayan | Co-Founder of Limoverse | @aditya_thebest

My name is Aditya and I’m the co-founder of LIMOVERSE. You can connect with me on my telegram @aditya_thebest
I’m passionate about health tech and have been searching for the right opportunity to give to people where they can stay healthy and fit and get rewarded for the same. Now how does that sound? This is what we do at LIMOVERSE.


2️⃣ Block 2 – project introduction by speakers
First set of questions to introduce the project!
Q: Can you provide an overview of Limoverse and explain its unique features and offerings in the health and wellness ecosystem?
A: Limoverse is a vast Web3 ecosystem dedicated to health and wellness. Unlike other move-to-earn projects, it stands out by rewarding users for more than just physical activity. Through its burn-to-earn NFTs, Limoverse incentivizes various workout types, allowing individuals to earn money while keeping fit in their preferred ways. Moreover, the platform offers multiple use cases and resources for anyone remotely interested in holistic personal growth.

Whether it’s personalized fitness plans, nutrition guidance, mental health support, or access to wellness experts, Limoverse aims to empower individuals on their health and wellness journey within the ecosystem. It’s an all-encompassing platform for earning, expanding, and thriving in well-being pursuits.

Q: What sets $LIMO apart from other projects in the same genre?

A: What sets Limoverse apart from other projects in the same genre is its multifaceted approach to health and wellness. While many web3 projects focus solely on monetary incentives, Limoverse goes beyond that by providing users with the motivation to better their health.

Limoverse is about holistic personal growth. It’s an investment in oneself. Integrating burn-to-earn NFTs rewards users not just for basic activities but for various workout types, accommodating individual preferences. Additionally, Limoverse focuses on the qualitative aspect of life through overall health & wellness initiatives while rewarding the user for bettering their health.

Q: Who is behind the Limoverse team?

A: The Limoverse team is led by Dr Sajeev Nair, the founder and a renowned longevity researcher, biohacker, and peak performance coach with over two decades of experience in the wellness industry. Joining him as co-founders are Adiytanarayan, a startup entrepreneur and blockchain evangelist, known for securing equity partnerships for his venture with a Bollywood superstar, and VP Sajeev, a technocrat, scientist, and blockchain enthusiast with a strong background in operations management.
Together, this diverse founding team brings expertise in wellness, entrepreneurship, blockchain technology, and scientific research, forming a solid foundation for the development and success of Limoverse.
3️⃣ Block 3 – question from ICO Speaks team
Questions from the ICOSpeaks team!

Q: While Move2Earn is a known concept, could you explain the concept of Burn2Earn within the Limoverse ecosystem? How does it work, and what benefits does it offer to token holders?

A: Burn2Earn is a unique concept within the Limoverse ecosystem that rewards users based on the number of calories burned during different types of workouts. Unlike traditional Move2Earn models, Burn2Earn evaluates the Efficiency Index using factors like Flexibility, Durability, Grip, and Comfort, each with three levels. By considering these factors and calorie burn, users are incentivized to engage in high-intensity and effective workouts. Token holders benefit by earning tokens for their participation in workouts that demonstrate higher efficiency. Burn2Earn promotes diversity in workout options and encourages users to explore various exercise styles while earning rewards for their fitness efforts within the Limoverse ecosystem.
Q: When we talk about ecosystem – what all ways can a holder of $LIMO use $LIMO?

A: As a holder of $LIMO within the Limoverse ecosystem, there are multiple ways to utilize your tokens. Here are a few examples:
  1. HealthFi Project: By engaging in activities like walking, jogging, running, or swimming, quantified through wearables, users can earn LIMOs from the HealthFi Pool. The more you enhance your Avatar, the more LIMOs you can earn.
  2. Partnerverse: LIMOs can be utilized to avail products and services from Limoverse Partner Organizations, which include practitioners and institutions worldwide.
  3. ModiFi Project: Participants in the EPLIMO program can earn LIMOs from the Wealth Pool based on their commitment to modifying their lifestyle with the guidance of a Lifestyle Coach. Access to this project requires a subscription to a LIMO Club membership.
  4. Gamefi: The gamification platform allows users to deploy their Avatar, invest in LIMOs to enhance their capabilities, and participate in games to earn a substantial number of LIMOs.
These examples only scratch the surface of the many use cases available within the Limoverse ecosystem. For more information and additional use cases, you can visit the Limoverse website at.
Q: Can you shed light on the future plans of Limoverse? What initiatives, developments, or expansions can existing and potential users anticipate in the coming months or years?

A: Limoverse has exciting plans for the future that both existing and potential users can look forward to. We are committed to approaching health & wellness from a holistic perspective while rewarding our users for taking care of themselves. Building upon the success of our Move2Earn sales, we have recently launched Burn2Earn, which has been exceptionally well received by our community.

We firmly believe in continuous growth and development, striving to deliver the utmost value to our community. We are thrilled to announce that we have forged partnerships with esteemed industry leaders, with further details soon to be unveiled on our Telegram channel. Moreover, we have some groundbreaking technological advancements up our sleeve, which will be revealed in due time. To stay updated and in the know, we encourage you to follow our Telegram channel.

4️⃣ Block 4 –  Community Voice.
The community asks the questions they are interested in.

Q: What is the most ambitious goal of your project? Could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

A: To onboard maximum number of health & wellness providers and seekers to the community

Q: According to the project’s roadmap- what are your most important next priorities?


A: Listing on tier 1 exchanges

Q: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of Token?
A: Its already answered. Further to that pls have a look at our whitepaper on

Q:Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one ?
A: Yes. We have. Pls do join our telegram and connect with us to know more

Q: I’ve looked at websites and white papers and haven’t found a detailed explanation of the revenue model. Could you elaborate on that?
A: We will be launching the health data storage only after ensuring the data protection policies of all countries are properly in place

Q: Have you being audited ?

A: Yes. We are audited by CERTIK
ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the Limoverse Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, Limoverse for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉

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