Ask Me Anything with metaENGINE at ICOSpeaks


Ask Me Anything with metaENGINE at ICOSpeaks

March 30-th   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICOSpeaks telegram chat. From the metaENGINE there were

Before we go to the first set of questions, could you please do a short self-intro?

👨‍💻Alex Shalash | CEO | @alexshalash

name Alex Shalash, co-founder of metaEngine, 14 years experience in gaming infra
Ukrainian by origin, MSc in Experimental Physics, researcher, investment manager and finally tech entrepreneur
👨‍💻 Micky Irons |  CMO |@metaENGINE_CMO


👨‍💻Vaishnav Thakur |   |@vaishnavthakur

                                                            Let’s get started!

Q: What exactly is metaEngine as a gaming platform?

A: metaEngine is a fully integrated gameFi development and publishing platform. With its own game engine, networking, servers, blockchain integration and publishing – end to end solution. If you are building or planning to build a metaverse like game / open world – metaEngine is the only choice on the market.

In addition, our underlying technology supports massive multiplayer online capabilities out of the box

Q:  How Will metaEngine revolutionizing gamefi industry?

A: Short answer: end-to-end integration and real time collaboration

Majority of gameFi devs are struggling to integrate very different technologies, spend months / years on tech, and don’t have enough time to focus on the actual game experiences – we can help with taking that burden of their shoulders.

We also provide support in development by supplementing dev teams with additional talent where needed.

Q:  How is metaEngine only web 3.0 game engine?

A: Other game engines Unreal and Unity do not provide blockchain support. We have taken a relatively heavy task of integrating core functionalities to help gameFi / metaverse devs to build those massively scalable experiences.

Using our competitors’ tech, game devs have to hire networking, server, blockchain engineers, and spend time and money making those features works = huge technology risk.

Q: What are the features of metaEngine?

A: unique features are: 
– massive multiplayer online, 
– fully integrated development environment, 
– real-time multi-developer environment, 
– integrated multi-chain support. NFTs created on different chains, could be brought into metaEngine and used across multiple games – real asset interoperability.
the engine is cloud-based , this means that distributed teams from anywhere in the world can collaborate on the development of their 3D games
these are the core differentiating features

Q: Tell us more about the team behind metaEngine?

A: Antoine Castel is my co-founder. We have a dedicated team of software engineers, artists, world developers, blockchain engineers across US, Ukraine, UAE and  India

The team is growing as we speak, with additional hires in both India and USA

Q: When can we expect the IDO and token sale? Also, we are curious to know what would be the token name?

A: The date has not been fixed yet, what i can say is that our plan is to launch in the coming 3-4 months, hoping for stable market conditions and also we would like to be able to show some significant progress on the development side. Both in tech and blockchain integration and projects developing on metaEngine.

Will keep updating on our community page.

Q: Tell us more about the investors of metaEngine?

A: We are very proud to be able to bring a great group investors in our seed and strategic round: our lead investors Lemniscap and Jump Crypto, as well as Polygon Studios, Blockwall Capital, blufolio, DCX Ventures, Efficient Frontier, Insignius Capitol, Block Brands, Future Fund, Maelstrom, Woodstock, WealthUnion, Arcanum, and some others.
Q: How can one develop their game on metaEngine?

A: Just contact us and we will guide you through the process
The cloud environment is ready and is being used by many developers already. The blockchain integrated features are going to come online soon – and devs will be able to integrated them as the become available. 
Q: What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

A: 20+ years experience in game infrastructure and unique offering
Q: Is your project a community only for English speaking an countries or for users not of other languages?

A: at present all our documentation is in English, but the community is international
Q: Your project name seems to be very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share us with the inspiron for approaching to this name?

A: an easy one: metaEngine = is the only engine you need to build the Metaverse 😉
Q: Many projects have problems with UI / UX and this one turns off new users. How do you plan to improve the interaction with new users and with users outside the crypto space?

A: our target is the developer community and offering them the tools to build great UX/UI
Q: Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, What makes your project different from other projects?

A: metaEngine is not a idea, it’s functioning platform that is expanding the number of core features to support gameFi / metaverse devs and make their life easier.
Q: Strategic partnerships with other blockchain are major role in the longrun of a project.What do you think are the benefits from this collaboration? What is the next big thing,expected from the *Ink protocol,project?

A: we want to make sure that any developer using different blockchain protocols / getting grants from them – has a possibility to bring their grand vision to life, we just provide the tools and support them in the process
Q: What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

A: Continuous Technology development, many onboarded projects building on metaEngine, great partnership to expand our ecosystem and offer complimentary services
Q: Is this your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

A: It will be open to all interested investors at the public launch
Q: Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space.

A: Our mission is to bring GameFi to the global gamers >2bn of those, to grow from a current relatively small number of players in Play2Earn. So the participation of traditional investors will be welcome.
Q: Can you share to us your tokenomics?

A: This will become available closer to the public launch


Q: Can you list the features that your project have and other similar projects don’t and Can you convince me to invest in your project as compared to others which are similar to yours?

A: We have presented the features during the main session, but the reasons to consider our project are: we have a unique infrastructure to develop “Ready Player One” dream already today (not the hardware part)
There are hundreds of projects that have amazing ideas but are lacking in game tech support – we are here to help those dreams become reality  – virtual reality 😃
ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the metaENGINE Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, metaENGINE for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂

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