Blockchain Marketing | What You Need To Know

Blockchain Marketing
Blockchain Marketing

Blockchain is a completely new technology and it’s getting the attention of almost everyone. A recent study and review stated that “The use of blockchain has jumped up to 75% more than it was used in 2019.” Isn’t it amazing?

But, blockchain marketing is more for the “Crypto lovers” than for the “Conventional Marketers.” It is because you’ll be able to buy and sell your data directly to the crypto users.

Let us make things easy for you.

Blockchain can be considered as the bitcoin explorer, wallet, or cryptocurrency exchanger. They provide you with many crypto-related news such as; market information, charts, stats, and a lot more.

You might have seen so many crypto advertisements on social media channels. There’s a great reason behind it and that is “People want to roll themselves in cryptocurrencies because it is the future.”

There are dozens of cryptocurrencies these days available in the market and one can invest in any cryptocurrency without any obstacle coming their way.

Wondering about the benefits of blockchain marketing? You’ll find the below-given points useful:

  • More Autonomous Marketing: Blockchain marketing means “You’ve all the powers to look into the insights and consumer’s data.” You don’t have to rely on the third-party platforms for the marketing, it will be you and the one who’s watching the ad. You’ll only be charged for ad views and there will be no third-party “Compensation.”
  • More Authentic Marketing: In the third-party marketing channels, sometimes when you’re not getting the relevant traffic, they send you “Bot Traffic” to meet your requirements. This is the main reason why you don’t get “Enough Leads” out of your paid advertising. But, that’s not the case with blockchain marketing. You are bound to get straightforward results without any manipulations.
  • Cheaper Services: Blockchain marketing is cheaper than any other platforms available these days. With accurate data and ad matrices, you don’t have to spend so much on the “Ad services.” Just select the package that is suitable for you and you’ll get the results that you always wish for.


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Blockchain in Marketing

To understand why blockchain marketing is rolling these days in marketing, it’s important that we discuss the fundamentals of blockchain marketing.

Three basic fundamentals of blockchain marketing are:

  • Decentralized: If we talk about the banks, they work on the centralized procedure where “You’ve to rely on the bank (third-party) to send or receive the payment.” But when it comes to cryptocurrency or blockchain, there’s no such third-party. It is YOU and the Receiver and that’s it.
  • Unchangeable: You might have the knowledge about “How the crypto transaction works,” but if you don’t, the transaction works on the principle of blocks that can’t be manipulated. Once the transaction is done, no one can have the access to that block. What’s more, it can’t be verified with any other node. That means the security is top-notch.
  • Transparency: No one on the blockchain platform can reveal the identity of the buyer or sender because it is completely based on digital ledgers. Yes, you’ve access to the millions of crypto users for sending/receiving the payments, but there’s no way that one can raise any eyebrow to you.

So, in blockchain marketing, you don’t have to worry about anything. The marketing process will be smooth, safe, and sound.

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Blockchain Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is no doubt one of the best ways of promoting your business and generating leads. But, with blockchain digital marketing, you’ve entered a whole new world.

Digital Marketing is associated with the working of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics. And guess what? Blockchain digital marketing is just more than that, it has more accurate data, analysis, industry knowledge, and dozens of other things that can benefit you.

One of the biggest and superior benefits that blockchain digital marketing is providing to its users is “Data Back to Consumers.” Yes, when you run an advertisement, you get the data of the consumer such as; Mobile Number, Address, Email, and Your Name. This helps your business big time and once you collect all the data, you don’t have to run the advertisement time and again.

Let’s talk about the 5 other benefits of blockchain digital marketing:

  • There’s no compromise on the security
  • You can have the ads available without any third-party involvement
  • High-quality consumer’s information
  • Blockchain allows you to have different payment gateways
  • No fake factors

This is why this types of marketing is rolling and people are turning towards it big time.

Blockchain Marketing Jobs

When you have got a skill, you don’t have to look for so many places to get a job. But, there are some platforms where you can get blockchain marketing jobs.

Let us list down a few of the best places to find a job for a blockchain marketing skill mate.

So, these are the best places to find a job for you. Do you know any other place? Do let us know in the comment section.

What is blockchain marketing?

We have discussed the definition at the beginning but let us explain it one more time.

Blockchain can be considered as the bitcoin explorer, wallet, or cryptocurrency exchanger. They provide you with many crypto-related news such as; market information, charts, stats, and a lot more.

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