Ask Me Anything with Unix at ICO Speaks: Summary

unix ama session at ico speaks
unix ama session at ico speaks

Ask Me Anything with Unix at ICO Speaks: Summary

October  15-th   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICO Speaks telegram chat. From the Unix side there was: 

💻 Erik Mayer |Co-founder | @mayererik

I am Erik, Co- Founder of UniX Gaming, 20 year old passionate Crypto enthusiast (since 2017), and have had multiple online businesses before. My main focus now is the play-to-earn industry.

💻Joe Moore, a co-founder of Unix gaming

I am Joe Moore, a co-founder of Unix gaming and head of education. I am also the founder and CEO of an online education platform that teaches online business models (crypto being one of them)

                          Let’s get started!

Q:  What are the objectives/goals of UniX? What’s the importance of this project?
A: Our mission it to create opportunites for people across the world through the Play 2 Earn revolution.
Not only do we intend to create economic opportunities with Gaming but we also will close the knowledge gap by providing free education to our community

Q: What are the key milestones? What are the timelines and most important dates?
A: At this moment the UniX token launch has the highest priority for us. We closed our seed investment round led by Akatsuki ( and are currently about to finish our private sale. If you are interested in this, pls contact me. Minimum investment is $50k.
We are also looking into different ways to bring our token to the public, we are in touch with Miso and Cardstarter, but also comparing it to newer models like the one Copper is providing.
We aim to close the private sale this month and launch the UniX token in November on UniSwap.
In the background we are currently also working on:
-a free education platform
-the UniX learn to earn game for community members only 
-our NFT platform
-the UniX Gaming launchpad for promising play to earn games and concepts
-the UniX DAO, 
and our biggest goal for 2022 and 2023: The UniX Gaming play to earn game.
Most of the points above will be ready Q4 this year, or Q1 next year.

Q:  What are the project’s greatest assets, and how can you best leverage them?

A:  Without a doubt our community!

Our goal is to not only have the biggest mixed community in the Play2Earn space but have the most engaged and fulfilling one.

Our goal is to not only have the biggest mixed community in the Play2Earn space but have the most engaged and fulfilling one

We do everything with the community in mind. Right now myself and the other leaders are running operation but further down the line and after the Token launch we will switch to a DAO.

This in effect transfers the running of the company over to the community to determine how best it can serve.

Q: Can you tell about the various utilities of ‘UnixGaming’ token and how it plays a crucial role in the development of  ‘UnixGaming’ ecosystem?

A:  What are the key milestones? What are the timelines and most important dates?
Our aim is to be decentralised at some point. To let the community make the decision for UniX Gaming- people who participate and bring this project further should have voting rights on where the project goes on a bigger scale. 
That’s why we implement a DAO, where every token holder will have rights to put out proposals and to vote. This is the first step for UniX to take. 
For now, the team makes the decisions. DAO implementation follows end of this or early next year. 
We will also incentivise token staking (DAO participation) through rewards. We allocated 20% of total supply to the community. Those are unlocked monthly over the next 5 years, which the DAO will have full control over at some point. For now, the team decided to give those as staking rewards to DAO participants. 
Additionally, we are going to buy back the token every month with 5% of UniX Gaming profits and distribute them to stakers over the next month. 
This percentage can go up if the DAO decides to in the future. Our position in the market attracts a lot of new play-to-earn games, and we plan to build a launchpad for token stakers to get early access into those. In 2022 we will start developing our own play to earn game, which we aim to launch in 2023. 
The UniX token will hold additional utility in the game ecosystem, comparable to AXS in Axie Infinity. 
Long story short- token utility: 
1. DAO 
2. Staking rewards 
3. Buybacks redistributed to the stakers 
4. Launchpad 
5.Unix game

Q:  While there are more and more Play-To-Earn games in DeFi these days, UnixGaming is quite outstanding, especially with NFT features where we can unleash the full potential of digital assets mine. What are the NFT related products that we can make in UnixGaming?

A:  To clarify, UniX Gaming is a play to earn GUILD in it’s current state, not a play to earn game. Next year we will focus lots of our energy and ressources into developing our own play to earn game.

We will launch 10.000 characters of our game beforehand which will be purchasable on our website.

The main nature of our guild is to leverage NFTs from preexisting games and platforms

So we are the bridge making it possible for gamers to ride the Play 2 Earn wave.

We purchase and provide NFTs and in game characters for them to use.

As a side note, we are also minting our own UNIX Gaming NFT clothing which will have different levels of rarity.

This is incoming 👀
Very soon.

Q:  What’s your strategy to enhance the experience & global adoption of play2earn game models? What makes investment on #UniX fun & profitable for users?

A: Firstly, there is no stopping the adoption of the Play2Earn revolution. There are 3billion gamers worldwide. They are already participating in the same mechanics, but rather than earning they are spending. Its a matter of time before this paradigm shifts. What I can assure you is that we will be at the forefront of this revolution ensuring that everyone can get access to these amazing opportunities. We will have the right education, the right training and the right partnerships to ensure our people get the best of things.

Gaming is fun already and will only get better with the collision of the metaverse, VA and AR. Our job is to facilitate the transition.

Investing in Unix Gaming is the same as putting your money on the Play2Earn revolution.
If you agree with me that this is the future, then being a part of Unix Gaming is a no Brainer.

Q:  Do you have any plan for community ambassador program to reward more users and create local community channel for those users who weak in English?

A:  We are going to provide free english lessons are part of our education program

Q: Regulation is very important, several projects in many countries were closed due to a lack of necessary licencing. How does Expx deal with this problem? Are you working on a project that complies with regulations?

A: Yes, we are currently setting up our company in Switzerland to avoid regulatory problems.

Q: Only getting users, holders etc is not everything. In my opinion, a project needs to deal with solving a real world issue or problem What is the problem that  your project primarily focuses on?

A: We help people in developing countries make a fulltime income through gaming

Q:  Do you have AUDIT credentials or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?

A:  100% we are incorporating in Switzerland, have an huge asset management compnay dealing with this and are using Fireblocks for security of assets

Q: What are your plans for listing in CEX and DEX?? Where can we buy for now?

A:  You will be able to buy on UniSwap first

Q: What are your goals and motivations for taking on anonymity with transparency in general specifically as your project priority?

A:  We will be a DAO, we share the same goal and vision. I personally have 0 trust in governments. I believe ine self-sovereignty. Freedom is my highest value

Q: Can you describe in details the current development efforts, such as market expansion plans, expected applications & new upcoming program of events?

A:  We have 600 scholars currently, by the end of the otken launch we will have clsoer to 10,000. ALL FROM DEVELOPING COUNTRIES making a living that is 3,4, or 5X the average for their country

Q: Can you give me the 3 best characteristics to convince me and other investors to invest in your project for a long time?

A:  Lifechanging, profitable, honest

Q: What are the ways for your project to generate revenue in the long run? What is the progress of business development and what are some of your commercial partnerships?

A:  We currently have 2 million under management and the company generates between 150k and 500k per month (USD) already

Q: Can you give us an overview of Project economics?

A:  Stake and Store, no burning mechanism yet
ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the Unix Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, Unix for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂


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