Ask Me Anything with Quarashi at ICO Speaks: Summary

quarashi ama at ico speaks
quarashi ama at ico speaks
Ask Me Anything with Quarashi at ICO Speaks: Summary

October  8-th   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICO Speaks telegram chat. From the Quarashi
 💻  Petre Alexandru |@artspartsincc

Hello guys I am Petre Alexandru – Founder of Quarashi Network, for over 10 years I have been a professional tournament poker player, during my carrer managed to play more than 100 final tables of regular/large tournaments and won online over $1 000 000 on major platforms like PokerStars, Winamax, FullTiltPoker, Pokerstars ES, 888 Poker, also winner of Sunday Million on Pokerstars.

I became a crypto adopter in 2014 and I mined, traded, funded ICO’s IDO’s, IEO’s so I’ve been and I am a cryptocurrency adopter which is the main reason I created Quarashi Network

                                    Let’s get started!

Q:   Can you tell us about Project Quarashi Network? How does it work?
 A:  Quarashi Network is a mobile application dedicated to cryptocrrency which consists our of 6 modules: 1. Multi Crypto Currency Non Custodial Wallet ( ERC-20 BEP-20, next month we release Polygon Chain) so it supports 9000 Cryptos
2. DEX
3. Chat Social messaging app
4. VPN
5. Incognito browser, Airdrops And Launchpad
The App is already Released

4 modules were released by now
The Wallet + VPN + Incognito Browser + Chat
Quarashi also will support from next month Multiple wallets, so you may use multiple wallets

Q:  How did you get the inspiration to build your project? How will this name affect people in your opinion?
A:  Each module solves different needs and it’s important because you will have all in one place. The project was born out of frustration, because i couldn’t get in IDOS while i was on vacation or in my car, because you need to stay tied to your pc. Also i was bothered by the intrusive side of the apps, especially messaging apps, because they ask for too many permisions. We created Quarashi app permisionless. It doesn’t require any personal data like name,phone,michrophone location and so on. There is a lack of interoperability in cryptomarket where you need to go back and fort between 7 apps to do 7 things,  from desktop to mobile which tends to be a barrier for crypto adoption and new users. So we are creating 1.

Q:  Can you share the tokenomics? Do you have Audit?

A:  Tokenomics: Seed Round 2.2%, Private Sale: 2.8%, Public Sale: 35%, Liquidity : 10%, Team: 12%,, Marketing: 18%, Reserves : 5%, Development: 15%, the team has their tokens locked 24 months. We have audits for two contracts and we will make audit for every smart contract in the future.

Q: Can you share the the details of your ICO?

A:   The first stage of ICO begun on 01 October with 0.04 / $QUA, with minimum contribution of 0.1 ETH and max 3 ETH. All the sale stages are detailed on the Quarashi Network , in order to participate you need to create account and get whitelisted.

Q: Can you share about the future developments?
A: We started to implement Polygon Chain in our non Custodial wallet + multiple wallet addresses for this month.  Also our new website design which will be implemented next month.
We are focusing much on the interoperability of the app. We release modules or features in time frame stated in the roadmap. We also have an expanding roadmap as we add features requested by members of the community. Also we finalized the the app design. For 2022 we will continue to develop the product: Airdrops module, Launchpad + News etc.   We go back and forth our modules add new features. We target over 100K users in our app in the next 12 months/

Q:   Can you tell us about you partnerships?
A:  We developed integrations in our mobile app with big partners like Infura, Covalent, Coingecko, Binance RPC. We also partnered Mywish for the smart contract developments as we focus on user experience very much for our mobile app.

Q:  Can you share with us Quarashi Social Links?
A:  We have almost 10K downloads only crypto users, a community soon to reach 9K members on telegram and 35K on Twitter, also yesterday our token got listed on 


Q:  What are the competitive advantages of Quarashi Network?
A:  All the modules we have / will have features that sets them apart from competition and by uniting all these features with the interoperability makes Quarashi Network mobile application unique with millions of users opportunity for our project. It is rather a long journey ahead and much more to be developed, with many opportunities ahead for the project. In terms of competitive development the security merges with the technology.  The binance smart chain is less than 1 year as technology , so you don’t have documentation everywhere for implementation and thats why our competition is rather very small in number. And by integrating more chains supporting more Cryptos it will sets us  appart.  Few of our security features are the natures of the blockchain, because you invoke blockchain through a UI, app is not requesting any access to anything like camera, michrophone, location and etc, no data is colected from the user. Also Quarashi VPN stays on, protecting your phone with Layer 2 even if you don’t use the app.
Special features already developed and 100% functional:
–  Multi chain wallet support +9000 cryptocurrencies
–  Bridge for QUA token for ERC 20 and BEP 20
–  Chat module 100% private, with no accesses to camera, microphone, location, no email, no phone no., no ads, trackers login with just username, integration with Quarashi Token
–  The VPN + Incognito – our VPN stays on even when you don’t use Quarashi app

Q:  Can we use Quarashi app and is it safe?
A:  We don’t keep any info or assets. All users funds are stored in Blockchain, if you import your seed phrase from Trust or Metamask in Quarashi you will see the same funds. Also we don’t request personal/identifiable data for users such as email, phone,name etc.

Q: According to the project’s roadmap- what are your most important next priorities?
A:  Hello Smpl! all the project is very important to us, we are developing 8 projects in only 1 app

Q: Do you have a Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join it?
A:  Hello Momo! You may find the whitepaper here for ICO you need to whitelist here : 

Q: Does your project have any vision and why did you choose blockchain? How can we be sure that your project is legit for investment
A: Hello! We are in stage 1 of ICO with a pretty big  app developed, we passed the stage of the product on the paper

Q: Who are your biggest competitors now? What are the advantages that your project can beat competitors?

A:  Hello Phung! I think the project is Unique Worldwide as most of apps offer only 1 solution per app, and we will offer 8 solutions in only 1 app

Q:Nice day  . Could you please describe what are next development for your project im the future, will you have something popular section like NFT, stake and farm?

A: Hello Bui! Yes NFT Market will be added later and Staking too also Visa + Mastercard Deposits / Withdraws

ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the Quarashi Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, Quarashi for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂


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