Ask Me Anything with Quadency at ICO Speaks: Summary

quadency ama at icospeaks
quadency ama at icospeaks

Ask Me Anything with Quadency at ICO Speaks: Summary

December 12-th   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICO Speaks telegram chat. From the Quadency side there was:


Before we go to the first set of questions, could you please do a short self-intro?
👨‍💻Rosh, CEO & Co-Founder of Quadency @rosh2point0

Hi All! Rosh here, CEO at Quadency. It’s a very exciting time in the evolution of our platform, and I’m happy to answer your questions today

                                                     Let’s get started!
Q: What is Quadency?

A: Quadency is a multi-exchange crypto trading platform. It started as an idea in 2017 when I noticed the fragmentation of crypto assets across many different exchanges and how that contributed to bad user experience, lack of sophisticated tools for proper management of crypto holdings, and little to no options for easy automated trading. I made it my mission to fix these issues and begin working on Quadency together with my co-founders in 2018, and we launched the platform in early 2019.

We’ve grown to over 50,000 users across the globe with integration partners such as Binance, Kucoin, Coinbase and 10 others. We have exciting plans for the future which I’m happy to share about today.

Q:What problem does it solve?

A: We’re solving 4 major problems in crypto today:
1) Market Fragmentation – Over the past decade, the crypto market has evolved from a handful of blockchain assets changing hands on clunky exchanges to tens of thousands fetching billions in daily volumes across centralized exchanges, derivatives markets, and decentralized protocols.

While this explosive growth has led to rising options and competition, investors have been left to navigate a confusing array of platforms each with their own asset pricing, market selections, and product offerings.

2) Asset Discoverability – DeFi has given rise to a plethora of new assets that can be swapped on DEXs such as Uniswap or dYdX. The top-performing such assets usually catch the attention of centralized exchanges and retail brokers, which then offer them to the masses. Unfortunately, once they hit the mainstream, DEX traders have reaped most of the profits.

DEX’s overall asset selection is much larger than centralized exchanges’ but because DeFi self-custody is often complicated, slow and costly, many investors are unable to profit from this lucrative space.

3) Ease of Automation – With asset fragmentation, there is a significant void in professional trading tools and automated strategies for the average investor. From simple Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) strategies to advanced real-time cross-exchange arbitrage, there is a case for automating trading for all types of investors. Work is already under way to expand on the platform’s existing automation capabilities and introduce a way to incentivize community contributors to benefit from strategies that they offer on the platform.
4) Customer Support – The crypto industry is notorious for poor customer support. From centralized exchanges that take weeks or months to answer simple inquiries to DeFi protocols that have no point of contact or recourse whatsoever, Quadency stands out with its commitment to provide the best customer service experience. We don’t put growth before customers. Offering high quality, live support is a top priority – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
You can read more about our current platform and upcoming plans in the whitepaper here:

Q:So how does all that work? 

A: As mentioned above, we have been live since 2019, however we’re entering a new phase of the platform’s evolution – we’re launching a token! But why? You may ask. QUAD token will serve as the foundation of our new revenue model. Instead of charging subscription fees, the platform will be available at a deep discount to QUAD token holders. There are many other benefits of QUAD, you can read more about it here:  
In addition, we are launching Quadency Exchange, which will offer very low fees and access to broad range of assets from trading. We enable this through unique technology that aggregates liquidity from various sources including centralized and decentralized exchanges for easy, cheap, and fast access. The exchange will be compatible with our existing robust automated trading bots, which have been popular among our users.

Q:And so you are launching the $QUAD Token  – can you tell us more about that?

A: QUAD will serve as the foundation of the rapidly growing Quadency ecosystem. With tens of thousands of active users around the world and billions of dollars in executed trading volume, we are in a unique position to expand on a proven business model and generate value for our loyal userbase.

QUAD has been thoughtfully designed to incentivize platform engagement from new and existing users while also increasing demand for QUAD over time.

By adding a token economy to Quadency’s fully operational smart trading terminal, we are expanding the platform’s unified experience with access to more digital markets, more investment strategies, and more ways to earn such as staking and providing liquidity.

At its core, the utility of QUAD is derived from its ability to pay for transaction fees on the up and coming Quadency Exchange and access to other platform features such as trading bots and backtesting. This marks a significant transition as we replace the monthly subscription fees with a new usage-based pricing model. With the introduction of QUAD and pay-as-you-go fees, our mission is to both lower the barriers to entry by eliminating high start-up costs and reward active users through token incentivization programs.
QUAD will provide several benefits for users:
Discounted Platform Fees – Quadency users will receive tiered fee discounts across the entire product suite based on their QUAD token holdings over a certain period of time. 
Token Rewards – All participants in the Quadency ecosystem will have many opportunities to earn QUAD in order to ensure our commitment to equitable token distribution. These avenues include, but are not limited to, providing liquidity on Quadency Exchange and DEX trading pairs, staking QUAD tokens, and referral commissions to encourage network effects.
Access to New Features – QUAD will power the future of the Quadency platform as we expand with new features and markets. The Bots Marketplace will enable traders of all levels to collaborate and share automated strategies while earning QUAD, the Token Launchpad will give the community exclusive opportunities to kickstart exciting new projects, and voting functionality will enable token holders to have a say in new features and exchange listings.
Q:Can you list 1-3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? 
A: Of course! Quadency is different from other exchanges in that we allow you to connect with ALL major exchanges, and soon will be aggregating liquidity in one place so users will need just ONE account to trade a wide range of assets.
Great user experience is at the core of Quadency. Unlike many exchanges out there that look and work the same and have terrible user experience, Quadency was built from the ground up with a keen focus on user experience for serious crypto traders.

One of the key elements of the platform are the Dashboard, and Portfolio, where users have a holistic view of their entire portfolio in one place.

For traders, it is extremely important to know their profit/loss on their holdings in real-time so they can react to market movements quickly and make wise decisions.

PnL reporting is a highly valued feature that is available for everyone. We continue to iterate on the platform and it’s features through feedback from our users, and our design and development team is growing to keep up with the demand

In addition to the launch of QUAD token, and the exchange, our near-term roadmap includes Bots Marketplace, where users will be able to earn QUAD by contributing trading strategies. If those strategies are popular among users, strategy contributors can earn a portion of the fees on an ongoing basis.

Bots and strategies are already available on the platform and users can select and run strategies available in the pre-built library that we offer. More details on the Bot Marketplace will be available on our website in the coming weeks.

Also on our roadmap are easy way to earn yield on the assets you are holding on the exchange. Our goal is to bring all the benefits of DeFi under one easy-to-use platform and without the complexity and risks of self-custody.

Q: What are plans in for global expansion? Are you focusing on market at this time or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?

A: Our focus has always been building – we’ve been building since 2018 and continued building through the bear and bull market. We are ramping up our marketing in addition the planned launch of our exchange in February 2022, which will bring the benefits mentioned above.

We have existing partnerships with large exchanges including Binance, Kucoin, HitBTC, AAX, Liquid and many others. We plan to leverage these relationships to create liquid and healthy markets on other centralized exchanges, in addition to of course decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap. Our current focus is global – all territories excluding United States and US-sanctioned countries.

Q:  How do you plan to leverage the QUAD Token & the community for growth?

A: The tokenomics of QUAD were designed to incentivize holders in many ways. 
 1. Lowest possible trading fees through a combination of best-price execution and fee-tiers based on your QUAD holdings
 2. QUAD will have a decreasing supply over time via quarterly token burns equal to 25% of the revenue generated on the platform, until the total supply is reduced by half. Tokens burned will come from a combination of sources including trading fees paid in QUAD, company reserves, and direct buybacks on the open market. 
 3. Lockups and Vesting – all QUAD purchased via private, pre-sale, and public sale rounds are subject to vesting periods ranging 3-9 months. Team tokens are vested over 3 years – this is to ensure our longterm commitment to the company and project.
 4. QUAD holders will be able to earn higher yield in our staking programs, and have the ability to vote on new features and products.
 5. There also will be community rewards available for brand ambassadors and contributers

Q: Cool – so how people can now get QUAD? 

A: QUAD is available exclusively on our website,
We are currently conducting public sale, round 1 of which begins tomorrow! Learn more here and register to participate:


Q: You mentioned a lot of features are coming up, what’s coming up in 2022 and the $QUAD Token?

A: Lots! Including the QUAD Token, Quadency Exchange, Bots Marketplace, NFT Marketplace and much more! Be sure to register for a free account to stay up to date with announcements as they happen.
Q: Why you choose Binance Smart chain? we see some chain pop up with good scalability too, then why you choose BSC?

A: The token is being launched on Ethereum, as an ERC-20 utility token.


Q: What is project’s revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit?

A: Our business model – which was previously subscription-based (for use of advanced trading tools and bots) –  is evolving into pay-per-use model. The platform is currently absolutely free, however with the launch of Quadency exchange in February, we will introduce small added fee for trading across integrated exchanges. Trading on Quadency exchange will be incentivized through lower fees and free use of automated trading bots along with many other perks. Our customers are investors and traders of cryptocurrency. They range from long-term holders to high-frequency traders. Our team is diverse and spans the globe, as do our users.


Q: Is your project only for English speaking countries or is there a community for other language users?

A: Our current focus is global – all territories excluding United States and US-sanctioned countries. The platform is being translated into many languages as we speak.
Q: Where can I currently buy Token?

A: Follow instructions here:
Q: When is the token getting launched and on what exchange?

A: It will launch exclusively on Quadency Exchange, KYC is required to participate and current round discount is 30%.
Q: Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users ?

A: It is for everyone, from beginners to more sophisticated traders.
Q: Many new projects make a good impression at first but are suddenly abandoned.  My question is, how will you manage the project and the token to get a position in the market and become the best token in the crypto world?

A: This project was launched in 2018, and we’ve been building and expanding through the bull and bear markets. We have no plans to abandon it and in fact we’re just getting started!
Q: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the utility of Token?

A: Yes, you can learn more about token utility here:
Q: Do you have audit certificate or are you working to audit your project? so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

A:  Yes, you can learn more about security and audit here:
ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the Quadency Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, Quadency for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂
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