Ask Me Anything with NFTY Portal at ICO Speaks: Summary

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July 27th   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICO Speaks telegram chat. From the NFTY Portal’s side there was:


Arron Brown – COO  @Hazadus01 
My name is Arron Brown, please call me Az
Thank you for letting me spend time with your community
I am an Aussie who loves blockchain tech for crypto, NFTs, MetaVerse, Gaming, Business applications, and more
                                                      Let’s get started!

Q: Please introduce yourself to us. How and when did you start? How did you get involved in the crypto space? What’s your role in NFTY PORTAL?

A:  I have been deep in crypto for 4 years.
had looked at Bitcoin for a few years prior but never jumped in back then, unfortunately.
I am COO of DexTech AG which is a Tech Company based in Switzerland.
I am COO for NFTY Portal which means I help organize, plan and execute operations for the project. I am the founder of the NFTY Portal project and have played a major role in bringing the NFTY Portal project to the world. I work with and help coordinate dev teams around the world. I have daily communication with a marketing firm LunaPR who is based in Dubai and promotes our products. I oversee the operations on a day-to-day basis.

Q: Please tell us about your project “NFTY PORTAL”. What were the initial thoughts behind this project?

A: NFTY Portal is a new type of Decentralized Exchange (DEX).
The NFTY Portal allows for coins, tokens, and NFTs to be traded all-in-one-place.
With the NFTY wallet, you can also mint your own NFTs instead of having to use an external marketplace.
Please let me explain the name NFTY Portal:
  •  NFTY or Nifty meaning – ‘skillful or effective, attractive or stylish’
  •  Portal meaning – ‘a gateway to another dimension, universe’
  •  NFTY Portal is the gateway to an effective trading universe
A Slogan explanation: Space and Time in Motion
Space – the size of the crypto and NFT market is unlimited like Space
Time – an NFT stamps on the blockchain marking the Time
Motion – NFT development is moving forward through space and time opening new portals/ doors, beginnings in constant Motion
We wanted to create something better than the current normal.
Being passionate about blockchain tech it was important to be able to make a product that helps advance decentralization.
A major goal was to create a new product that would help us remove a lot of the costs involved for people who want to use blockchain techs such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Q:  Can you please tell all the features of NFTY PORTAL that make it unique, better, and secure than other DEX?

A: Great Question.
There are a lot, here are some that are being implemented now:
NFTY Portal is an ALL-in-one Dex:
  • Trade coins/ tokens and NFTs
  • Mint NFTs in Desktop Wallet
  • Trade NFTs direct on Socials
  • Store NFT data without 3rd party
  • NFTY Time Yield Farming
  • NFTY Motion Governance coin
  • NFT Yield Farming
NFTY Wallet:
  • NFT Trade/ Swap
  • Stake NFTY Space coin
  • NFTY Space Masternodes
  • Encrypted IM in NFTY Wallet
  • Stake newly minted tokens on NFTY chain
Web Wallet for users on Mobile devices
NFT Artists:
  • Receive higher % sales
  • Pay lower mint fees
  • List NFTY NFTs on other Marketplaces
  • List other chain NFTs on NFTY Portal
  • Link NFTs direct to Socials
New updated code to cover the latest security concerns for Bitcoin and bitcore projects.
More great features coming!

Q: At this moment, which one is the most necessary for your project and why? : 
1. Investors 
2. Community 
3. Market/Exchange

A:  IMO… All 3 are equally important!
I believe you cannot have a successful project without all 3 factors.

Q: We have seen some developmental phases on the light paper of NFTY.
Can you please explain them a little bit for us? How much time they will take and how they will improve NFTY PORTAL?
A: Phase 1: NFTY Wallet build, Genesis block creation, NFTY Space Coin mint
Completed Initial Wallet build with more features being added
Completed Genesis block creation
NFTY Space Coin mint will take place as required just before launch coming up
Phase 2: NFTY Website basic build, then professional update/ launch
Completed basic build and Website frontend currently being upgraded
Phase 3: NFTY Portal base launch on Windows/ Web Version
Currently being worked on and is the basis for the NFTY Portal
Looking for completion in Q3
Phase 4: NFTY Time low-supply mint for Yield Farming 
This will be implemented once the NFTY Space coin investor rounds are completed
Phase 5: NFTY Portal full launch on Windows/ Web Version
Very exciting phase of the full NFTY Portal launch
New features will be added as required
Phase 6: NFTY Portal release on MAC, iOS and Android
These should be done sooner that is mentioned on the roadmap
We prefer to under promise and over deliver rather that give targets that cannot be met
Phase 7: NFTY Motion Dao Coin airdropped to Time holders
We will airdrop these to Time holders later in the year

Q: Can you list some outstanding and different features of NFTY wallet? What technology was created to make it and how will it work on the NFTYPortal platform? Also, how can you guarantee that it will have a user-friendly aspect?

A: Some of the outstanding features are:
Dynamic Chain
  •  scalable blocks expand or shrink as required to cope with demand
  •  millions of transactions per second
  •  side chains operate without adding demand to main chain Universal Chain
  •  allows coins/tokens minted on NFTY to wrap with any other chain
  •  also allows any other chain to be integrated into the NFTY Portal On-chain Data Storage
  •  data during mint process stored on-chain with transaction id Direct Display
  •  provides the ability to display your TX id on Socials linking directly to the minted NFT
New code was written and has realistically been developed over a number of years in order to create some of the unique features that we will bring to the blockchain space.
Being user-friendly is very important which is why we have constant testing rounds and will continue to test our products before release.
Being new products and features there may be small fixes that are required as we go.

Q:  Please share tokenomics of NFTY with it’s distribution and vesting period? What will be the utility of your own native token in the ecosystem of NFTY PORTAL?

A: NFTY Space coin is the native coin to the ecosystem and will be available during 3 investor rounds.
There is a new whitelist group on Telegram which people can join to receive updated information about when it comes out.
The NFTY Space coin will be used for fee payments to mint NFTs or new tokens on the NFTY chain, transactions, staking, masternode or community group masternodes rewards for block and transaction verifications, NFTY Space will be used in yield farming for the low supply NFTY Time plus other benefits will be released later down the track.
The tokenomics has been designed to ensure there are no mass dumping on public release of NFTY Space coin
Q: What are your aims in next 2 years according to your roadmap? What is the ultimate goal you want to achieve now?

A:  Honestly, 2 years is a long time away and a lot of tech can be created in that time.
Our aims are very simple professional products, professional team, amazing community, happy investors.
We would like to continue developing and releasing new products and features for all users of blockchain technology.
Q: Have you being audited? Have not heard you talk about that security of funds is what every investor craves for and plans to escape incase of insecurity if funds, scams, and rug pull? How strongly built are your security put in place?

A:  Hi, thanks for your question.
Our code is currently being audited by independent dev teams.
Regarding security the NFTY Portal project is owned by a company based in Switzerland.
We have European and International Laws to operate under.
Q: What is the main reason I should buy your tokens? Where can I buy it? And what are the advantages of holding these tokens?

A:  imo the main reason is we are changing the future of blockchain technology which will be adopted by other projects moving forward.
Big leaps in tech is not only very exciting but great for all.
we will release the NFTY Coin investor rounds soon, can join the whitelist group
Q: A partnership is essential for Adoption, so can you tell us what partners you have now and in the future?

A:  Partnerships are very important and our project is owned by DexTech AG
DexTech AG has Ten31 Bank as a shareholder in the company
Ten31 has numerous products/ brands in the ever-growing ecosystem they are building
We also have a partnership with the amazing marketing firm and award-winning Luna PR who look after our articles, social media, chat groups etc. 
We have a couple of other partners lined up which I cannot mention at this time, but stay tuned
Q: Nowadays, Binance smart Chain blockchain is having high transaction speed and pretty low gas fees, Are you planning to launch your mainet or switch to other blockchains in the future?

A:  Our transaction speeds on the NFTY chain are faster than Binance Smart Chain
We can handle millions of transactions per second on the main chain and each side chain or minted tokens on the NFTY chain can produce the same and does not slow down the main chain at all.
Our fees are ridiculously low and we will even be offering the following incentives
NFTY Portal Promotions:
  • NFTY Space holders receive
  • Random FREE NFT minting
  • Random LE NFT drops
  • Reduced transaction fee %
Because our code is universal we can interact with any other chain on the market


Q: Could you please talk about the team who are developing the NFTY. Did you work before together or are you a global team?

A:  The team is global.
We work together on another project the company owns and other developments.
We have Devs based in across America, Asia, and Europe.
Our core team is based in Europe, Canada, and Australia.
Our marketing firm is based in Dubai and has staff across the Middle East and Asia.
ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the NFTY Portal Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, NFTY Portal for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂

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