Ask Me Anything with GodShiba at ICO Speaks: Summary

godshiba ama at ico speaks
godshiba ama at ico speaks
September 12-th   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICO Speaks telegram chat. From the GodShiba side there were:

💻 Daniel, @kyokukats, CM
💻 Guido present, @Geeeeeh, Charity manager

Ofcourse! Good evening guys! i am Guido, the charity manager of GodShiba. I have been active in cryptospace for about 6 years, first as an investor, then as an advisor and now as charity manager of God Shiba.

My name is Daniel. I’m community manager at God Shiba. Working together with various blockchain experts and crypto traders has been a blast! Together we have created God Shiba. The allfather of all tokens ⚡️

                                            Let’s get started!

Q: Can you give us an overview of God Shiba? What is your vision and mission for this project?

A: An overview of God Shiba:
God Shiba is a community-focused, decentralized transaction network on the Binance Smart Chain. He is destined to become the allfather of all crypto.⚡️
God Shiba’s main features are:
💝 Charity donations to save animals & their habitats
💰 Earn with staking $GSHIB
🎯 Game with winning mechanics
🥇 Daily lottery & community competitions
All these features and more are available on the God Shiba application. 
What is the vision?
We envision creating the next BIG Shiba token with a strong community, rewarding holders and changing the world for the better. We see great potential in the community for they will be able to help grow God Shiba whilst earning through staking, competitions and lotteries. 
Our mission is to make God Shiba a worthy token for major exchanges and aim for longevity through active community engagement, charities and reaching milestones. 🚀
Read more on our 🌐 website (

Q: What role does the $GSHIB token play in all of this? Can we have more details about the tokenomics, supply and allocation?

A: The tokenomics of God Shiba:
4% tax fee for every trade
– 2.5% for marketing/development wallet
– 0.5% for lottery
– 1% liquidity
Total supply of God Shiba is 1,000,000,000 $GSHIB and tokens are allocated the following:
  • 150M listings
  • 180M staking
  • 250M exchange liquidity
  • 30M charity
  • 150M ICOs
  • 100M marketing
  • 40M operations
  • 100M team
The use-cases of this token are:
💰 Rewarding holders with staking and lottery functions. 
🎯 Game with winning mechanics.
💝 The ability to donate through God Shiba application to the charities of your choice.
🔐 God Shiba wallet. A place where holders can safely store their $GSHIB with features like trading tokens, sending to your contact and collecting and storing NFTs.

Q:  Who are God Shiba’s current partners and backers? 
A: We recently announced our partnership with Luna PR, a crypto marketing agency located in Dubai. 🏢
We have recently partnered with a top 25 cryptocurrency, but we cannot announce it yet. Stay tuned in our announcement channel for news about that! 👀
Our Charity Manager, Guido, is working on partnerships with charities to integrate them on our platform. Our main goal is to have partnerships with minor and major charities and allow investors to donate using the God Shiba application. 
We have many generous backers, mostly from the Netherlands, they are known traders & investors supporting the project. 🚀

Q: What does your Roadmap look like? What milestones have you achieved?

A: 🚘 Our road map is split in quarters and started with Q3 of 2021. To see the detailed roadmap just head over to our website and take a look at the PDF.
🌟 What milestones we achieved so far:
🔹 Collaboration with a top crypto marketing agency Luna PR
🔹 Initial marketing push through influencers, ads, articles and AMAs
🔹 A big part of the team is fully doxxed
🔹 Founders sale filled
🔹 Private sale is open right now – almost 50% filled already in the first 24 hours
🔹 God Shiba merchandise
🔹 Unannounced partnership with top 25 cryptocurrency

Q: What advantages does God Shiba have over competitors?

A: The crypto market is still relatively young and not yet adopted by a large portion of the planet. However many projects pop up every day claiming to be the next big thing in crypto. They promise rewards through automatic rewards or reflections which are never fair to new investors. Many competitors have ridiculous high tax fees leaving many people losing money after the initial hype phase is over. 
God Shiba aims to do things differently. God Shiba has a low tax fee of 4% on every trade. The lottery wallet will receive 0.5% of every buy and sell and these funds are destined to go to the holders through community competitions and daily lotteries. Investors are able to stake their $GSHIB and earn tokens by holding. 18% of the total supply is reserved for staking purposes, giving investors the ability to passively earn income through staking. 
Mainly God Shiba is a community-focused crypto project. We include the community in choosing charities and the path God Shiba will follow in the future. We are doxxed and will host many events and interact with our community. We can do many fun things with the lottery wallet and all outcomes will fortune the brave, the bold and the strong. 
In short, what are the advantages of God Shiba?
✅ Low tax fees (4%)
✅ Staking
✅ Community-focused
✅ Daily lottery
✅ Doxxed team
✅ Game with winning mechanics

Q: What future plans do you have for your community? 

A:  At its core, God Shiba is a charity token with rewarding tokenomics for holders. The charity donations are definitely our bread and butter for we would like to see God Shiba being able to save animals and their habitats. We like to include the community in choosing charities. Fun to note is that Luna PR is also very much contributing to our cause with finding charities and helping out animals all over the world. 
We have many plans for our community. Our tokenomics allow us to reward holders in many different ways. For example we created the GodShiba Army, where people are helping spread the word about God Shiba across the internet. We recently concluded a ‘shilling’ competition and the lucky winner receives $250 worth of God Shiba at launch. We will host many other competitions, so feel free to join the God Shiba Army. 
In the future we plan to host more competitions like Memes, art design, writing etc. We also plan to do giveaways like our merchandise and possibly even tokens. The possibilities are endless but all outcomes fortune the brave, the bold and the strong. 💪

Q: Can you tell us more about the charity aspect of your token?
A: With GodShiba we want to use crypto and blockchain technology to give aid in the non digital world. We now mainly focus on helping animals and saving their habitats.
Our charity manager is actively reaching out to multiple charities and we are building a network of charities to include on our platform. Users will be able to donate crypto through our platform to charities of their choice and as some part of the transaction fee is also set for charity we want to include the GodShiba community to help us select the best one.
On our roadmap we have outlined milestones we would like to reach. Together with the community we will choose and donate to our favorite charities. ❤️
Q: What is the lottery? How does it work?

A: 0,5% of every transaction amount will be used for the lottery. We will host these lotteries daily and there will be 1 winner each day. 🥇
The minimum amount of GodShiba you need to hold to participate in the lottery is 10,000 GSHIB. Excluded from the daily lottery are all token allocated wallets, as well as the team and moderator wallets. Keep an eye on our announcement channel because we will have exciting news regarding the lottery model and how it works. 🏆
Also note that the 0.5% tax for the lottery allows us to host many competitions, giveaways and other fun ideas to reward the community. All of this will benefit GodShiba holders.🏅

Q:What round of fundraising are you in?


A: The founder’s sale is already filled. Currently we have our private sale open to the public and almost 50% is already filled in the first 24 hours. The investment round in the private sale is capped at a max of 1.99 BNB to give everyone a chance to invest. 🚀

Q: Have you been audited? How do you plan on making sure investors are safe?

A: Our first security audit has been performed by Consensys MythX. We will also make sure to have an audit done by CertiK as soon as possible. 
We will invest in having a seperate test engineering team (dedicated testers for the code is better than our developers who test on their own) and also we have continuous audits going on via Mythx and also we will invest in a bug bounty program and 3th party audits after the ICO.
Our contract is created by an experienced Dutch developer who knows the ins and outs of security in the crypto space. The contract will have multisig. Me (Daniel) and Andy are part of this multisig. Precautions are taken that incase of something horrible to happen to one of us that the contract ownership is still in the hands of trustworthy and doxxed members of the team. One of the private keys is safely stored in a personal vault at the Dutch National Bank. 🔐

Q:How many languages   does your project use?  We know your project is a local and global project.  Can anyone from any part of the world use your project in any language?

A: Currently the website is available in English and Chinese, furthermore we are currently working on French and Spanish (have already been translated but have yet to be added). If the community can help with translation we will be happy to work together.

Q: Where can I buy it?

A:  You can participate in the private sale right at this moment!
Follow the instructions in the pinned message in our official channel!

Q:Do you have plan to include staking in your ecosystem? If yes,  When will be the staking program be launch?

A: Yes we will definitely add staking, indeed a large part of the total cap is available for this. staking is already build in to the contract so when we go live on pancakeswap the staking option will also be launched

Q: First when you create your project. Will you consider community feedback and demands?

A: Our community is very important to us. Your feedback matters a lot! Together we can make God Shiba prosper and grow! 🚀🚀🚀

Q: VikingsChain  most investors only care about profits at the moment but ignore the long term benefits. So can you give them some reasons why they should buy and hold your token in the long term ????

A: We hope to build a project that will last for years. To this end, we have reserved a large portion of the tokens for staking and we continue to focus on marketing. The more people will make use of God Shiba the more money is released for charity, that is also a long term goal of ours.

ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the GodShiba Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, GodShiba for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂


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