Ask Me Anything with Cryptoxpress at ICOspeaks

cryptoxpress ama at ico speaks
cryptoxpress ama at ico speaks
October  1-st   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICO Speaks telegram chat. From the Cryptoxpress side there was:  

Nilesh | Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at CX | @NileshCryptoXpress

My name is Nilesh Patel, and I am the Chief Growth Officer for CryptoXpress. I’m based in Manchester the UK and I have been involved in the cryptography sector for over 18 years. My last role prior to going full time at CryptoXpress was as the CIO of a company that was previously owned by Symantec, the developers of Norton Antivirus. That’s just a bit about me but please feel free to reach out after this AMA.
                                Let’s get started! 

Q: Who is CryptoXpress? What’s your company mission and vision?

A:  CryptoXpress is a team of global professionals based in the UK, Australia, Germany, UAE, and India who have come together to create the future Fintech.
The vision for the platform is to become the most user friendly and feature rich mobile application in the banking and cryptocurrency sectors.
CryptoXpress marries traditional banking (fiat bank accounts, transfers, and debit cards) with the future of banking which is cryptocurrencies and NFTs (real estate and other assets in the future).
Ultimately, the goal is to take our experience, knowledge and networks to impart it onto future founders and projects through our own crowdfunding and launchpad platforms.

Q:  What problems are you trying to solve?
A:  In the next 10 years we expect over 5 billion new entrants into the market, who will need several financial technologies to manage their daily lives.
Currently that journey requires multiple accounts on multiple platform which are poorly integrated and difficult to use.
The CryptoXpress team includes global leaders in the User Experience and User Interface sector, Technology Sector, Cryptocurrency Sector, Marketing Sectors, Legal Sector and others to create a platform that will allow global citizens to manage all their finaadsfncial needs, all in 1 app, and all with a few clicks.
No headache, no fuss, it just works.


Q: What are the main features of CryptoXpress? What differentiates you from the competitors?

A:  CryptoXpress includes a full E-banking platform which includes fiat bank accounts and debit cards, along with a full 1000 coin pair trading platform, and also a cutting-edge multi-chain NFT marketplace.
In the future it will include additional features such as a retail and travel platform.
Currently the closest competitor we have is Revolut and already our application which is launching this month has many more features which they do not include.
Our user interface is absolutely cutting edge, and in our target markets, nothing like CryptoXpress currently exists, which is why the team has come together to create the platform.

Q:  Who are the core members of the team?

A:  🔸The CryptoXpress team has more than 300 years of combined Cryptocurrency, Information Technology, Finance, Marketing, Design, and Management Consulting expertise across multiple global markets:
    👨‍💼Yogesh Panjabi 18 years experience in the IT industry, servicing global governments, currently at KPMG Australia.
    👨‍💼Adarsh Singh Cryptocurrency trader managing HNWI and politician funds, also worked at leading trading firms. 
    👨‍💼Nilesh Patel 17 years experience in the cryptography sector, previously CIO of company owned by Symantec
    👨‍💼Sherwin Torres Previous head of design and user experience at Toyota, Australia Post, Myers, the Good Guys and others.
    👨‍💼Zeeshan Mohamed Has developed multiple mobile app and block-chain projects with 2 successful exits.  
🔸 Additional team members’ bios and LinkedIn profile links on website.
🔸 Advisors – Min Kim (current CMO of Polygon), Eric Anderson (5 time keynote speaker at Defcon Las Vegas hacker convention, and lead developer of GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, Guitar Hero), Randall Johnson (ex-SEC lawyer, legal counsel to 20-30 blockchain projects, co-writer of world’s first ICO laws for country of Anguilla), Will Eden (founder at Tokenova), Nathan Kay (senior partner at Applicature Inc.)  
🔸 Partners –  Binance, Polygon, Modulr, Applicature, Ferrum Networks, Faculty Group, Mempool Ventures, Trustpad, Tokenova, IR21, Prostarter, Maven Capital, Nodeseeds, Crypto Fomo and many others…

Q: What is the XPRESS token?

A: Еhe XPRESS Token is a utility token on the Binance Smart Chain.  
CryptoXpress is part of the Binance Broker program which very few companies are a part of globally and we have a strong partnership and working relationship with them.
The XPRESS Token utility features are as follows:
🔸Discounts on service commissions
🔸Discounts for e-banking services 
🔸Discounts on travel and retail services
🔸Required for NFT purchases 
🔸Used as part of merchant account services for external vendors
🔸Many other uses to be announced

Q: What are your tokenomics like?  What is the vesting period? 

A:  Current vesting periods are 4% TGE and then monthly vesting after that.
The monthly vesting depends on which round the investor invests in.
Below are the besting period for the token sales.
ㄴAngel Round                             4% at TGE, 4% Monthly Vesting
ㄴSeed Round (VCs and VIPs)      4% at TGE, 6% Monthly Vesting
ㄴPost Seed Round (Late VCs)      4% at TGE, 8% Monthly Vesting
ㄴPre IDO Round (IDO Marketing)   4% at TGE, 10% Monthly Vesting, 6% Final Month
ㄴIDO 1 (Public Token Sale)      25% at TGE, 25% Bi-Monthly Vesting


Additionally here are the tokenomics for the non-sale tokens

ㄴMarketing                                     1 Month Lockin, 2% Monthly Vesting
ㄴDevelopment and Operations   1 Month Lockin, 2% Monthly Vesting
ㄴAdvisory Reserve                          1 Month Lockin, 5% Monthly Vesting
ㄴTeam Reserve                          6 Month Lockin, 5% Monthly Vesting
ㄴFoundation Reserve              6 Month Lockin, 5% Monthly Vesting

But I think it should be clear that our tokenomics have been well thought out and the team is only interested creating a long term environment for the token.

Q:  In terms of regulation, are you fully compliant? How is CryptoXpress ensuring that it remains compliant?

A:  Yes CryptoXpress is fully compliant and regulated in Estonia.
We have a fully registered company along with a full cryptocurrency license which is indefinite.
In terms of our e-banking offerings, we are sublicensing the banking license from our banking partners and in this way we leave the professionals to do what they do best while we focus on our strengths too.
Our head compliance manger was previously employed at EY’s compliance division.
Our head legal counsel is an ex-SEC lawyer, who has been the counsel to multiple blockchain projects, including some that have been worth over 1 billion USD.
He also co-wrote the world’s first ICO laws for the country of Anguilla (this can be Googled).
We only work with best in class providers and best in class professionals.


Q: What stage are you at right now for your product and token launch?

A:  The CryptoXpress app is complete and is ready for launch later this month and our IDO will be at the end of October/First week of November.
While I cannot reveal the key IDO platform that we will be launching on rest assured, the entire crypto communities have heard of them.  We are also exploring the option of launching our IDO jointly along with an IEO on a major exchange at the same time.

Q: What is CryptoXpress’ product roadmap looking like? One year? Five years?
A:  CryptoXpress will be launching its mobile application in October, as mentioned, then further in December, we will be adding ebanking features.  Later next year in March to April we will be launching our own launchpad and crowd funding platform.  Further in 2022, towards the middle of the year, we will be adding retail and travel features to round out the feature set.  That is when our base feature set will be complete and then the real innovation will begin.  Stay tuned for more details, I think we will be surprising many people out there with what’s coming.
Q: Does CryptoXpress have any partnerships? Who are they and how do they contribute?

A:  Absolutely, so CryptoXpress has the following partners as mentioned above: Binance, Polygon, Modulr, Applicature, Ferrum Networks, Faculty Group, Mempool Ventures, Trustpad, Tokenova, IR21, Prostarter, Maven Capital, Nodeseeds, Crypto Fomo and many others, and here is how the major ones are supporting us.

Binance is providing their trading engine, wallet and security technologies along with their world-class liquidity, Polyon is supporting us with their multi-chain technologies so that our NFTs will be available on the ERC20, BSC and MATIC block-chains, Modulr is supporting us with ebanking.  The remainder partners make up our accelerators, marketing partners, community builders, technology providers and so many other services that is allowing us to create the CryptoXpress platform.

Q: What’s your main focus right now, are you focused on the community or market/Exchange or the products?

A:  We are currently focused on the community building aspect as product development for version 1 is complete.
Q: What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?

A:  The key is our cutting edge and beginner friendly user interface developed by leaders in the UI/UX space, please see our team bios and linkedin pages for more info on this
Q:  Currently from where i can buy ? Is it possible that I can get only by holding it?

A:  Currently we are in private sale only and our allocations are almost over subscribed.  The token will be available to the public by the end of October/Early November and announcements on CEXs and DEXs where it will be available will be made on our telegram channel.  Please do join us there and stay tuned!
Q: Can you share some Details about Recent Major Achievements done by your project?

A:  Our application was recently reviewed by Altcoin Buzz who are a leader in Cryptocurrency Platform Reviews, and they love the product and have even invested in the private sale.
Q: As we know many people judge a project with the token price and that is important so what do you have to say to investors to increase the token demand?

A:  Our entire platform motivates users to use the token to gain benefits.  We consider it like the BNB token on steroids.  We create maximum utility for the token, ensuring it sustains a healthy life.

ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the Cryptoxpress Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, Cryptoxpress for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂


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