Ask Me Anything with Captain Bulldog at ICO Speaks: Summary

captain bulldog ama at ico speaks
captain bulldog ama at ico speaks

August 24-th   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICO Speaks telegram chat. From the Captain Bulldog side there were:

CEO / Dev  | @CaptainJurij |
Dev / Team | @Lof2021|
Dev/Team  |@mrtoinie |
                                         Let’s get started!

Q: Does your project have a use case?
A: Yes, we have a real online shop (Pet Food) that will go online on 08/25/2021 (tomorrow!
You can then pay with our token (CBF) in our shop!
Q: Can everyone in the world buy from your shop?
A: YES in the future …
The first few months it is only possible for Europeans.
We will look for a suitable partner in the various countries to make it possible worldwide
Q: What kind of pet food is it and what is so special?
A: Our pet food is qualitatively the best product you can get in Germany!
Single protein and also suitable for allergy sufferers
Q: What kind of future does your token have and is it a long-term project?
A: That is a very good question …

… Yes, it is clearly a long-term project!
Our goals are to expand the online shop over time with pet toys, dog leashes and collars.
In addition, everyone who purchases with CBF in the shop receives a 20% discount‼️‼️‼️
If the token increases in value, it is extremely interesting for all pet owners😍❤️
And the special thing is that 20% of the CBF’s income from the shop is burned once a month ❤️
Q: What is planned in the future?
A: We will implement Stacking on our Website.
We will also create a second online Shop for Sportswear!💪
The Pet Shop will of course grow and more and more things will be added!
 Q: Is the shop also available in other languages?
A: The first 2 weeks only in German … after going online we will immediately work on translating everything into English. should take maximum 2-3 weeks

Q: can I buy your tokens right now and also which wallet support your token?$

A: You can buy in the Private Sale with a Priceless of 25%! If you win a place I  our whitelist Competition.
The next step is Pre-Sale, this starts at 05th September and ends 09th September. After the Pre-Sale we start with launching and you can buy over pancake-v2.
We support METAMASK and TRUSTWALLET in the moment

Q: How safe is your platform? Has  there been any Audit so that its safe from bugs and smart contract is fully audited??

A:  Good question!
We have Audit on SolidProff with KYC Audit, too.
All DEVs are Doxxed. If you want I send a private pic from me hahahah 😉

Q: What’s your plan to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?

A: With the Pet food shop we make Advertising, so many people who buying the food with real Money see that we have a token and they can 20% Priceless when they buying with our Coin! We have ONLY 7% FEES so it is a directly win!

Q:Do you have Whitepaper?if yes please share it with us and secondly do you have plans for pre-sale?

A: Whe have a whitepaper, you can see it on (website)
The Pre-Sale starts 05th September until 09th Sept

Q: What is your strategy for building a strong community?

A: Yes! We will grow up with the power of the community 🙂
We planed many AMAs next days, many Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Post, also we have a Big BMW M5 GIVEAWAY SPECIAL until Christmas! 
The community get Rewards for the best shilling every week! Price Pool is 250,-$ (first place 150$, second 75$ and third 25$)


ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the Captain Bulldog Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, Captain Bulldog for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂

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