Ask Me Anything with BeGlobal Finance at ICO Speaks: Summary

BeGlobalFinance ama at ico speaks
BeGlobalFinance ama at ico speaks
October  7-th   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICO Speaks telegram chat. From the BeGlobalFinance there was :  Samuel Jiménez | Founder | @DLXSamy

Hi!! I’m Samuel Jiménez, the founder of, which will be the next big AMM in BSC  I will introduce myself, trying to not go into details… 
I’m a science computer engineer, with studies in electronics too. I also studied a few online courses of game theory, gamification, operations… And ended up doing an executive MBA after a few years of experience. Career-wise, even though I always loved everything related to software/hardware, I ended up being a poker player. I became the flagship of the biggest online Poker School back in the time (Poker Strategy) of Spain and Latin America. I was playing the highest levels online (NL1000 and NL2000) and was also a Spanish 1vs1 champion. On the way to reach this level, I had to study lots of game theory and also became a consultant in the industry: for poker schools, casinos, poker rooms… At all levels: strategy, marketing, operations… I was everywhere. Some years later, I developed my own seating software along with a good friend, and we created the most advanced seating poker software in the industry. It was a really good piece of software, integrating multiple technologies at once. Shortly after, I became a dad for the first time and I didn’t want to handle such a level of stress with poker, so I switched to work in my family business. There I started in production, to move to logistics, operations, quality and finally, management. I have been the general manager for 3 years now. The company I run has a revenue of around 4.000.000€/year and we have ~30 employees. We supply parts for the automotive market.
You might have noticed that I haven’t talked about crypto yet. The reason is that I got into crypto around 2013 I believe when BTC was less than 200$. By 2018, my net worth was… Quite a lot. But I got hacked and 4 exchanges were shut down for different reasons and I was left with almost nothing. However, the new bull run started and a poker friend was calling me day after day. Come back, come back, come back. DeFi, DeFi, DeFi. That was new for me and he convinced me to check back with my BTC peanuts left. I ended up being a degen farmer, trying every single farm out there in BSC nonstop. I realize there was a huge gap to fill and slowly, without noticing, I was idealizing BeGlobal.
To go into more detail, please check my Linkedin


                                                       Let’s get started!
Q:  How was BeGlobal born?

A:  As I was mentioning, after be a “degen” farmer for months, I noticed it was all the same: new DeFis that were exact copycats of others with the pure and only intention to do marketing and “try to be the next big thing”. But it just doesn’t make sense. You could easily spot most of them had no idea about tokenomics, business or code development (and I’m not talking about hacks/exploits, but very poor code management, no testing, etc.). I would enter a new DeFi trying to make a quick buck but knowing that it was going to end up dry. Not to mention, those ones with deposit fees. I find them incredible, it’s a system that, by definition, will not work. However, we still see new ones every day and people aping. Anyway, as I was saying, I was moving funds from one DeFi to another very often. And it always was the same process:
–  Is the team doxxed? No.
–  Audit? Meh, maybe a bad one.
–  Sustainable? Very, very rarely.
–  Anything new or just a fork? A fork.
–  Do I need to cover fees? Am I early enough to cover them and make profit to dump on others?
–  Is it going to last? It doesn’t look like.
After some time doing this, I realized that it was much better to develop my own DeFi. Public team, Certik audit in advance, good tokenomics (and not degen), improving the code adding some new features, no deposit fees… In the end, it looks like the only thing you needed to make it work was… To actually, want to make it work.
So, I got in touch with the most skilled and trusted people I know and engaged them to create

Q:  What makes BeGlobal different from other DeFis in the space?
A: We have a roadmap. Does it sound silly? Yes, a bit. But what’s the roadmap of ALL other DeFis? Let me disclose it:
– Partnerships.
– Marketing.
– Partnerships.
– Marketing.
– Maybe, if lucky, gamification. And it turns out most of them don’t even know what it is.
What is our roadmap? Well, it’s basically to integrate all available features/projects into the same one. So, if we consider BSC, what we are aiming to do is to have: swap, optimizer, vested/locked vaults, NFTs (collection, utility and governance), lending/borrowing, leverage farming, liquidity locker…
Eeeeh Look at it. We are not doing one project. We are doing multiple at once! Why is it different? Because we focus on the product. Heavily. The NFT part will be something new. We are also improving every single feature (for instance, on deposit fees, gamifying, etc). But basically and as you can see, we are not one product. We are many. And better.
Q: What does BeGlobal bring to BSC?

A:  Integration and innovation. One might say BSC is full of dapps already and whereas this is true, they are all forks of each other. We plan to integrate everything in one place. No one is working towards this direction so clearly. On top of that, I believe we are the only fully public DeFi in BSC and launching with the certik audit finished. We come to fill the gap in integration and innovation.
Q: How does the roadmap look like?
A: Aaah, yes, I think I went ahead and answered that in advance 😀 But I can tell you more. Our aim is to have enough funding to do ALL that in scarcely 4 to 6 months. And we will let the community decide what projects have priority when we have more than one on the table. Compared to other DeFis, that release improvements every 2 to 3 months, we plan to release multiple full and new features… In less than half a year. Tops.

Q: How can investors participate in the public sale?

A:  We will post all the information in our announcement telegram channel here ( We will open our DAPP to everyone and allow them to purchase tokens there. It will be from next Monday and it will last for 48h. I suggest you also follow our chat group ( where you can have all your questions answered.

Q: Any launched or upcoming partnerships?

A:  Upcoming yes, but I can’t disclose it yet. I’m going to a crypto event this weekend as a speaker ( I’m actually flying in a few hours) and I will seal the deal with a company that we have been talking with since July (when wasn’t even announced/public). I can tell you that it’s not an online company but a “physical” one, from “the real world”, that operates with crypto and it’s a payment processor. It is very well positioned from a regulation point of view and I know it’s going to add lots of value to BeGlobal in many aspects. I can’t wait to make it official!!

Q: Currently a lot of people are looking at NFTs, metaverse, and games. Can you tell me what advantages will you have in this field future? 
Thanks sir

A:  NFTs we will have collections but with utility on top and will be used for governance.
One of our team members runs a videogame university and we have the best experts in monetization, game development and gamification close to us. And many game development companies around. So… Gamefi will probablt be part of beglobal too, just not announced until we know for sure 🙂

Q: Does your project has any vision and why you choose blockchain? How can we be sure that your project is legit for investment?

A:  We are a public team, fully doxed. I’m publicly going to a cryptoevent. We have certik audit before we launch. Can’t be more legit than this 🙂
We have chosen BSC because from a business point of view, it’s clear there is a gap there. We will move to other networks with similar opportunities (likely)
Q: Regulation is very important, several projects in many countries were closed due to a lack of necessary licencing. How does Expx deal with this problem? Are you working on a project that complies with regulations?

A:  One of the main focus I’m going as speaker this weekend is regulation in DeFi. Experts in the field/industry will attend and I plan to meet with them and see how this evolves. Also, our partnership is very strong here and it can be a key when regulations kick in

Q: What is the utility of token ? What are the planning to increase the value of token gradually ? Not by pump and dump ? As I see the roadmap is preety long, waht are the planning of team for token golfers apart from listing to add the value of token?

A:  Lots of burns and locks as well.
We will give more value the more you lock the token,hence reducing selling pressure. And in every new feature, we will be adding more and more burns everywhere.
Q: Providing liquidity to any new project is very imporant, isn’t it?
How is team planning handle this?

A:  Our partnership can provide liquidity if needed at the beginning 🙂 I’m telling you it’s an amazing partnership 😉 Full backup from them 🙂
Q: Are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?

A:  Certik was scheduled back in August already and they are finishing the audit of the code as we speak. I’m expecting their report any time now. We paid for it evenn before we did any presales 🙂

Q: What is the contract address to buy your token and what are your plan to list in top tier centralized exchanges?

A:  The CAs will be published once Certik audit finishes. Our token address is: 0xcf958b53ec9340886d72bb4f5f2977e8c2ab64d3

ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the BeGlobalFinance Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, BeGlobalFinance for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂


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