AirDAO at ICOSpeaks: AMA Summary

AirDao AMA at ICOSpeaks
AirDao AMA at ICOSpeaks

Ask Me Anything with AirDAO at ICOSpeaks: AMA Summary

On December 22nd, 2023 the ICOSpeaks team held an Ask Me Anything session with the AirDAO team in our telegram chat.

1️⃣ Block 1  – self-introduction from today’s speaker


👨‍💻Igor Stadnyk | Head of Technical Development, Council member | @IamGalt
Sophie’s there to answer to your questions, Council member and head of AIrDAO’s operations. Hay to be with you !!


👨‍💻Sophie Bien Mack | Head of Operations, Council member | @viadinarika
Pleasure to see you here. I’m Igor – head of tech at AirDAO, member of a Council.


👨‍💻 Seth Duodu |Global Community Manager, Council member | @nothingamb
Seth is always here for the community. 🚀

2️⃣ Block 2 – project introduction by speakers

First set of questions to introduce the project!

Q1: Can you introduce AirDAO?
A: AirDAO is a pioneering layer-one blockchain and web3 ecosystem governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
We’re committed to providing our users with products that make web3 accessible to all. Our global community controls our entire ecosystem via DAO governance — their collective wisdom shapes our future.

Q2: You said AirDAO is DAO-governed, tell us more!
A: Earlier this year, AirDAO made a significant shift to decentralizing our governance — a change initiated and supported by our community. This move was a long-standing goal for AirDAO, and the community voted overwhelmingly in its favor with a Snapshot governance vote. Now, AirDAO is run by a council of nine members elected from and by our community.

Q3: Wow, the community is clearly important to AirDAO! How does AirDAO interact with its community?
A: Community involvement in AirDAO doesn’t end with governance — for example, we also engage with them for product ideas and feedback. Doing this ensures we create the high-quality products they want. We also maintain consistent engagement with our community through various initiatives, such as town hall meetings, to ensure an ongoing vibrant dialogue with our global community.


3️⃣ Block 3 – question from ICO Speaks team

Questions from ICOSpeaks team!

Q4: You recently launched a tokenomics update for your blockchain’s native token, $AMB. Tell us about it!
A: We Launched stage one of the tokenomics update this year; it’s an important milestone for our ecosystem. We made significant changes including a hard cap on AMB supply, marking the start of our journey to a deflationary AMB supply. We made improvements to our validator nodes that increase network security. We also made installing and managing nodes easier.

Q5: You mentioned stage one, will there be a second stage of the update?
A: Yes! The second stage of the AMB tokenomics upgrade will bring even more improvements to our ecosystem. For example, We’ll implement dynamic block rewards to incentivize node owners and suitably reward them. The bond marketplace will be upgraded with new features. Its functionality will increase with block rewards paid in AMB and BOND tokens. We’ll also build the AirDAO treasury; it’ll receive a diversified income from multiple revenue streams.

Q6: You mentioned a ‘bond marketplace’, what is that?
A: The bond marketplace allows users to trade bonded AirDAO ecosystem tokens and earn rewards in the form of $SWORD. It also provides a liquid market for the BOND token block rewards earned through staking and other ecosystem initiatives. The bond marketplace will reward consistent participants as well as reward users for interacting with the ecosystem. These bonds can offer a number of advantages over traditional bonds, such as higher yields, shorter terms, and greater flexibility. Holding bonds can have other potential rewards, such as early access to new products and services, or exclusive discounts and offers.

Q7: I saw that AirDAO has invested in a project called Modus, what does the investment mean for AirDAO?
A: Modus is a United Kingdom-based real-world asset (RWA) blockchain company that automates, simplifies, and provides access to fractionalised property development investment opportunities with tokenized RWAs. Following our investment, Modus is migrating development from Ethereum to AirDAO’s EVM-compatible blockchain. Modus is ready to launch its product in January/February 2024. Modus is an incredible opportunity for our ecosystem and community — both in the short and long term — because analysts predict the RWA sector will grow to a $10 trillion market by 2030.

Q8: How will you help Modus grow? Support?
A: AirDAO will provide support across the board, from development to marketing, and beyond. Our experienced team has years of expertise in their respective fields to help Modus at all stages — from introduction to the market, to growth, to reaching product maturity.


Q9: Do you have a roadmap? What’s coming to AirDAO next year?
A: 2024 will be an exciting and pivotal year for us — we’re calling it ”The Year of Ecosystem Development!” We’ll launch a number of core fundamental primitives for our ecosystem. You can expect a bond marketplace, a P2P marketplace, liquid staking, an IndexDAO, and an upgraded mobile wallet — new tokens and community incentives will be launched too! 

Our mobile wallet will be upgraded with bridging features, subsidized transactions, and built-in DEX swaps. The wallet will have direct integrations with WhatsApp, Telegram, and iMessage, making sending money as easy as sending a text. We’re also launching liquid staking, an on-chain Perps DEX, NFTs, and more!

4️⃣ Block 4 –  Community Voice
The community asks the questions they are interested in.


Q: Is your project a community only for English speaking an countries or for users not of other languages?

A:Really good question

We want to be as close to community as possible. We just hired great regional/country community managers to complete our team. We’re preparing the translation of our website + educational platform in Mandarin, Spanish, Turkish, French, Portuguese.. 

We want everyone to feel home and we want to be close to our community/ies

Q:Many blockchain projects are just on paper and have no real meaning. What practical product is your project using? What plans do you have for a better product in the future?

A:Our blockchain has lived over 4 years and its start was targeting Supply chain issues which is a real problem to solve, from that we transition into Defi to still pursue real use cases. You can see this from our roadmap: 

Transparent Governance, Bond market for real world use, investment into Real World Assets (starting with Modus) and the other parts of the roadmap we have shared here with you. 

We aim at building products that real people use not just build hype and air

Q:According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority?

A:Develop product everyone will use every day. Super low fees, really needed features

the bond market place will come first, then a new DEX, upgraded Staking, Liquid staking, a fully polyvalent wallet, NTF.. a fully reviewed bridge.. and many others.. 

have a look at our news..

Q:Do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?

A: Yea. We have a burning mechanics in place. And we have a plan to be deflators next year!

Q:Currently from where i can buy ? Is it possible that I can get only by holding it?

A:AirDAO’s token; $AMB can be bought from major exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, MEXC, , Probit.. 

You can stake your tokens on chain at for additional rewards. You contribute to network by staking too. We have a bridge that supports BSC and Etherium also FYI 🫶


ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the AirDAO Team. That’s all for today.

Thanks to all the users who participated.

Thanks, AirDAO for being with us

Thanks, all, and see you soon 😉

Cheers 🥂


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