Top 15 Best Crypto News Sites

Top 15 Best Crypto News Sites

Lately, the cryptocurrency and blockchain fields have been getting lots of attention in the mainstream media, especially in finance channels and newspaper/blog resources. However, before there was this acknowledgment from mainstream media, we were kept well informed about the happenings in the crypto world by some of the best crypto news sources. 

There are tons of options when it comes to crypto media. Since the field has grown in popularity, many websites have dedicated themselves to cater to the crypto clientele. Let’s have a look at 15 of the most noteworthy sources, which have shaped our understanding and knowledge of the crypto-verse.

1. CoinTelegraph

Cointelegraph is the best crypto news source, if you are looking for news explained in easy terms and presented in a concise and casual manner. It generally covers nearly all crypto-assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. The website is updated daily and features fresh content with its own trademark graphics. In addition, Cointelegraph is well-known for breaking major news first, and being available in different languages like English, Brazilian, Spanish, Japanese, Serbian, etc.

2. CoinDesk

When it comes to credibility and detail of reporting, many believe that CoinDesk deserves the top spot amongst all crypto-media publications, offering the best crypto news. The serious-toned premier crypto resource was launched in 2013 and has since grown dramatically in size and volume. It generally features opinion pieces and articles from industry leaders and noteworthy professionals working in the field. CoinDesk has made its name by relying on a long list of versatile authors.

3. CCN

A Norway-based crypto news source, CCN is number three on the list. It is especially famous for presenting blockchain insights, token offering calendars, digital currency market caps, events, etc, besides crypto news and short guides. The interface is simple and users can navigate their way around with ease. It also offers different ways for users to get involved in the space. Today, CCN has expanded beyond financial markets and now includes gaming, business, and other news categories.

4. News BTC

Contrary to the title, News BTC caters to all topics despite a special focus on Bitcoin. It is a renowned credible crypto news platform, which is known for unbiased reporting and strict focus on objective analysis. It also features price tickers, educational materials, token launch information, and event calendar features. The website also posts opinion pieces.

5. Bitcoinist

Bitcoinist, as the name suggests, features Bitcoin quite a lot, although the site posts information about several other projects too. It has a high readership and daily content from different authors. However, it needs to be noted that many have noted certain expected bias in favor of Bitcoin from the news source. Regardless, the interface and the content make up for an interesting experience.

6. CryptoTicker

A relatively new entrant in the crypto news resource, CryptoTicker was founded in 2016 and has since then made its presence known to various crypto consumers and investors. The website is updated regularly with crypto news content and focuses on the important happenings of the day. It’s available in both German and English. Apart from the usual news blog, it also has a trading group and membership services for learning more about crypto. 

7. Blockonomi 

Blockonomi was founded in 2017 with an aim to cover everything related to financial technology (FinTech), however, it has since expanded to include reports and analysis for the blockchain economy and cryptocurrency industry also. The website is especially recommended for beginners as it’s way of explaining and reporting is simple and intuitive. 

8. doesn’t really operate true to its name and since it does feature various reports about other projects besides Bitcoin. In fact, being owned by Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver, it appears largely bias to BCH over BTC. is exclusively dedicated to all the happenings in the world of crypto and features other stuff besides news and technical analysis. Also provided on the website are mining and gambling services. The platform appears to be run exclusively by Bitcoin Cash maximalists.

9. CryptoSlate

Another website that is deserving of our attention is CryptoSlate. The crypto news blog is renowned for its transparency and detailed information. The topics covered are the usual best crypto news, token launches, crypto rankings, and blockchain news. CryptoSlate also features price data and analysis for thousands of blockchain-based assets so that traders and investors can make an informed decision.

10. Null TX

Launched in 2014 and known for being one of the oldest crypto-related websites, Null TX (previously known as The Merkle for the merkle tree structures in cryptography) is also one of the best crypto news websites to look out for. The readers are guaranteed to find credible news and educational articles about the wide financial sector and cryptocurrency field in general. 

11. CoinMarketCap

The name needs no introduction, Coinmarketcap (shortened to CMC) is the oldest and most famous crypto price aggregator and analytics engine. To top it all, it is widely considered to be the “crypto landing page” – the first page that users visit when they want to deal with crypto. Lately, after acquisition by Binance, it has expanded to other sections, such as news and analysis. It regularly features interviews from the industry’s top dogs and issues detailed analytics covering blockchain in general.

12. DailyCoin

Known largely for its meme and informational yet entertaining content, DailyCoin is known for explaining the nuances and complexities of the blockchain industry, with intuitive and interesting content. It provides a range of resources for users to better understand financial technology (FinTech) and cryptocurrency subfields. 

13. Today on Chain

Unlike other news sources, OnChain is more like an aggregator pulling news stories from crypto media sources, which are trending. It combines the best crypto news reports from multiple sites and presents them in an organized and informative manner. For instance, OnChain finds a certain trending topic and then goes on to retrieving materials from different sources to offer a unique perspective. Today on Chain is a good choice if don’t have the time to sift through tons of crypto news websites to find the biggest news.

14. Cryptovest

Cryptovest is a leading news source focusing primarily on token launches and offerings, but also other crypto news in general. It runs a calendar, the latest coin offering list, and detailed information about the result of the previous ones. The platform also keeps its users informed about the outlook of the industry and maintains a directory of who’s who in the blockchain field.

15. Coinspeaker

Last in the list but equally competent, Coinspeaker offers diverse information on the stock market, financial sector, FinTech, and of course, crypto. It’s not exactly a purely crypto-focused news source, but it does have quality content and informative guides. For users looking to get a handle on the broader landscape, Coinspeaker is a must-visit.


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