Investing in Bitcoins has more advantages than investing in gold now


We are into October 2020 and just one month shy of the US Presidential Elections. We thought we will let you know just how many people are chucking the traditional investment advice and investing in nothing other than Bitcoins! A few years ago, the majority of the investors would have been bullish on gold but today, not one but most of the investment gurus are betting on investments in digital currencies, especially Bitcoin.

Take the case of Micheal Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital, states that while he always bets on gold investment on any other given day, today he feels more confident investing in Bitcoins. Betting on stocks and commodities is a complete no if you are averse to taking more risks.

The nature of the market:

It all finally boils down to the market conditions. The bitcoin market has never been as volatile as the Stock Exchanges. While it has turned some of the traders into millionaires in short periods. Others have been able to make a good amount of money to be able to recover at least their investments in total.

The timing of your investment is as important as how much you invest or which medium you invest in. Your best bet today is investing in Bitcoins, but any other cryptocurrency will also give you a good return on your investments (RoI).

Dangerous time to invest in stocks and commodities:

A lot of Bitcoin investors are confused about the basics of the cryptocurrency industry. This could be because the majority of them are self-taught. In a dog eat dog world, aren’t we grateful for automated trading software that has opened a world of goodness to those struggling to see money despite their best efforts.

Take the example of the BitQT App. This fantastic automated trading software does not require traders to have any prior knowledge about cryptocurrency trading at all. It is entirely secure – all that the newbie needs to do is to register on the platform, create an account by depositing $250 only, and immediately start trading! Traders who have opted for this trading platform have made thousands of dollars in the shortest possible span of one week to ten days! What is more, you can even withdraw money as and when you want!!

The time to invest in Bitcoins is now:

Economists from Yale University have observed cryptocurrency trading market trends and have made predictions after thorough analysis.

Bitcoin has the most significant number of fans when compared with all other cryptocurrencies. The experts analyzed the price of the Bitcoin for a continuous period of six to seven years and have been able to develop a reliable model to predict its bullish or bearish nature.

The best indication:

Bitcoin trading heavily relies on momentum. This means that if the Bitcoin is performing well, it will continue to perform well in a loop. The rule of the thumb is that if the value of Bitcoin or any other digital currency increases by say 20 percent in a week, you must never hesitate to invest in it to the fullest.

Bitcoin predictions doing the rounds this week:

December 2017 had seen Bitcoin reach $19,600 per piece. Bitcoin may not be able to match that figure in the last three years but Bitcoiners are incredibly optimistic that it will soon surpass it. At an online event, venture capitalist Tim Draper has pegged BTC’s tentative value at $250,000 by 2021-end.

Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek feels the cryptocurrency will reach its highest ever mark of $100,000 in the coming year. Other financial honchos that also reiterate this prediction are Blockfyre’s Simon Dedic and Anthony Pompliano from Morgan Creek. According to them, Bitcoin is all poised to reach $100,000 per Bitcoin in the coming months.


According to most industry experts, today’s average investor must invest at least 1 to 4 percent of his digital currencies portfolio, especially in Bitcoin. According to the Trading Education recent report, Crypto investors in North American have invested 72% in Bitcoin, 17% in stablecoins, and 11% in altcoins.

Even though gold and Bitcoin are similar in most ways, adopting Bitcoin is better, especially given how many places are now opening up and operating full time so that investors do not have to go from pillar to post searching for places to buy.

So what are you waiting for? Get up and stock up on Bitcoin. This may be that one decision you will be proud of yourself for!

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