DeFi Million: Roadmap, Private and Public Sale, Everything You Need to Know

DeFi Million

DeFi Million is an improved network of DeFi interactions amongst participants. It provides better services and more accurate listings on deals.

In the last decade, a new form of finance and banking system started making waves, with investors scrambling to get a piece of the new gold. That was the past decade.

However, in 2020, cryptocurrency and decentralized finance have gained much prominence and are now being envisaged to dominate the world’s finance system. With Bitcoin approaching its all-time high for the first time since 2017, there’s no better time to invest in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) than now.

What is Decentralized Finance?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a variety of financial systems in cryptocurrency that expands on the principles and modus operandi of blockchain to disengage financial intermediaries (third-party agencies) effectively.

The value of investments made in various decentralized finance systems collectively has surpassed over $4.22billion. With over 15,500 BTC currently locked into DeFi services, which is worth a total value of more than $141 million, the crypto sub-sector definitely has recorded enormous success in a short while.

What Is DeFi Million?

DeFi Million is an improved network of DeFi interactions amongst participants. It provides better services and more accurate listings on deals.

Like most DeFi platforms, DeFi Million has its digital currency, DEMI, which is used in trading, staking, and farming. Investments on the DEMI token have reached over a million USD and would more than quadruple to over 100 Million USD when put up for public sale amongst its general users.

Unveiling DeFi Million to the public

Private Sale

According to the token developers, the roadmap to the full implementation will start with a private sale for investors who would enjoy a 50% discount for 42 days. After which, there would be a public sale of the tokens.

Public Sale

The public sale would be available to all users with no exceptions. This feature would support all trades not already made on the private sale. In the public sale, all tokens from private sale listings will be carried over and traded. It allows for exclusive bargains. On public sale, 100 Million worth of DEMI tokens would be sold amongst 10 Million users across the globe. The price is then expected to rise which inadvertently would lead to private sale investors recording high rewards on their investments.

The public sale would hold side by side with different marketing campaigns that would be held across different platforms. There would be Telegram Marketing, AMA Sessions, Press releases, meetups with institutional investors in Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, etc., and also meetings with hedge funds investors.

The token would be listed on prominent crypto exchanges, which would make it available for global trading. This would allow users of DeFi million across the world to vie for the 1Million USD Prize Pool.

Users of the platform can expect to have a mobile phone application to ease their trades.

Understanding DeFi Million Private Sale Feature

DeFi Million’s arguably most impressive offering is the Private Sale. The sale provides unlimited access to a telegram forum where top investors interact, trade, profit, and get expert opinions and guidance from admins.

Not only that, but it also comes with a 50% discount on all transactions for these unique users. The private sale feature also credits top investors with trade incentives and bonuses to reward progress and consistency. It also allows them to make as many token purchases as possible.

The DeFi Million application provides fast and reliable trading, farming, and DeFi activities. It helps to access the provider faster, is bug-free, and guarantees full security.

For more information about the private sale, head over to the DeFi million Telegram channel.


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