Upcoming Cryptocurrency Events This 2020 – 2021

Cryptocurrency Events 2020 to 2021

In this article, we shall explore the various cryptocurrency events to occur down the road from 2020 all the way to the end of 2021.

In the early days, discussions about the possibilities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency took place at various segregated corners on the internet. However, as the industry gained more traction, there was a need for serious conversations to popularize innovations.

Unfortunately, unmanaged internet meetings were no longer viable. Therefore, proper physical (and some virtual) events became the next big thing. Notably, they brought together developers, researchers, investors, and anyone interested in the future of digital currencies and blockchain.

What are Cryptocurrency Events and Conferences?

Cryptocurrency events and conferences are virtual or in-person forums that converge ideas and innovations aimed at growing the crypto space. However, in 2020, COVID-19 forced these events to be largely held over the internet.

In addition, some of the conventions present white hat hackers with an opportunity to examine crypto-related systems for any vulnerabilities.

Upcoming Cryptocurrency Events 2020

Although 2020 is about to end, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professionals still have time left to meet, showcase, exchange ideas, innovate, and participate in hackathons. The top cryptocurrency events scheduled to happen before the year ends include the following:

Blockchain Expo Europe 2020 – This is a virtual event to be convened in Europe (Amsterdam) from November 25-26. Its theme revolves around connecting blockchain platforms. It’ll also be held towards the end of 2021.

Blockchain Expo Europe 2020 cryptocurrency events

At the time of writing, more than 500 speakers and over 350 exhibitors were scheduled to join and address roughly over 5,000 attendees. The event’s major sponsors are IBM, R3, Bitpanda, and TATA consultancy services.

LABITCONF – The Latin America Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference (LABITCONF) is another virtual cryptocurrency gathering that’ll congregate the crypto and blockchain community for five days starting December 7.

Attendance will be “free & non-profit.” LABITCONF’s sponsors are Binance, Risk, Money on Chain, Paxos, Crypto Buyer, among others. Top on the list of speakers is CZ, Binance’s CEO, and Rodolfo Andragnes, the president of ONG Bitcoin in Argentina.

Paris Blockchain Week – The Paris blockchain week will start from December 9-10. Although it’s not a full week, the online event will be packed with action from 130 speakers, including Ryan Selkis, Changpeng Zhao, Arthur Breitman, and Kathleen Breitman from Messari, Binance, Tezos, and Coase, respectively. The summit anticipates bringing together 1500 attendees.

Paris Blockchain Week

Note that attendance isn’t free; a ticket goes for between 90 and 450 euros. The event’s sponsors are Tezos, La French Tech, CoinPlus, Algorand, KPMG, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC), CipherTrace, BlockFi, among many others. The meeting is bent towards building “the next web.”

UK Blockchain Conference – It’s a physical cryptocurrency and blockchain conference to be conducted in the Marshall Arena on November 24. This year’s convention is dedicated to educating visitors about blockchain, its strengths, and how it can disrupt supply chain, finance, transportation, manufacturing, among other industries.

Keynote speakers will comprise Oracle’s head of global strategy, Christine Bardwel, an IBM developer, Anisha Malde, and the president of Cubic Motion, Andy Wood.

Upcoming Cryptocurrency Conferences in 2021

The major cryptocurrency summits in 2021 are:

Unlock 2021 – The Unlock 2021 gathering is among notable forums that will welcome the cryptocurrency community into 2021. It’ll be packed with key sponsors and has a high projected attendance.

Unlock 2021 cryptocurrency events

In 2020, the Unlock conference invited blockchain startups to participate in a competition with winners taking home up to $15,000 in prizes. Unlock will take place between January 19 and January 20, 2021.

AIBC Summit – This has been the most hyped summit among the cryptocurrency community. The 2021 event will be the fourth since 2018. Happening in Malta, a crypto-friendly jurisdiction, the in-person summit will begin on February 17 and end on February 18.

In the past, the event has attracted the attendance of Malta’s former prime minister, Joseph Muscat, and his highness Sheikh Khalid bin Zayed AI Nahyan, chairman of the Abu Dhabi executive office.

Blockchain Africa Conference 2021 – Organized in South Africa, the cryptocurrency gathering will help showcase the inherent powers of blockchain technology. For example, it will showcase crypto opportunities for governments, individuals, and institutions.

Blockchain Africa Conference 2021

The event will take place in March 2021. Unfortunately, attendants pay depending on whether attendees wish to livestream the event. The attendees will be students, startups, or early adopters.

TOKEN 2049 – It’s the biggest crypto event in Asia. The meeting will be convened in Hong Kong at the Kerry Hotel between March 23 and March 24, 2021. TOKEN 2049 is projected to attract over 2,000 attendees from more than 70 countries globally.

Among the speakers include Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s co-founder, and Justin Sun, Tron’s founder. The event is closely associated with Asia Crypto Week, another notable cryptocurrency event in the Asian continent.

Futurist Conference – It’ll be held in Toronto, Canada, between August 11 and August 12, 2021. Interestingly, Futurist Conference will be virtual and expected to attract 7000+ attendees, 300+ speakers, 280+ partners, and 140+ virtual booths.

Notably, the forum converges academics, researchers, financial firms, developers, etc., in a bid to attract more participants in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Blockchain Expo Tokyo – The convention will happen near the end of 2021 in October. Organized in Tokyo, Japan, the expo will bring together all kinds of blockchain technologies. Additionally, Blockchain Expo Tokyo provides a platform for blockchain developers to introduce their work to the Japanese market.

More events

The above list of cryptocurrency events and conferences isn’t exhaustive. If you want to expand your horizons in the blockchain and crypto space further, ICOSpeaks also has various events under its management.

Additionally, they maintain a full calendar of important events in the blockchain and cryptocurrency scene. Click Here to learn more.


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