Bitcoin Advertising: Everything you Need to Know

Bitcoin Advertising: Everything you Need to Know

We have been seeing the rising popularity of Bitcoin. Alongside is the introduction of many products and services anchored in it. With this growth in interest, knowing how to effectively market your own projects and where is crucial in tapping a potential market. This is where Bitcoin advertising comes in.

Bitcoin advertising networks are usually websites that allow anyone to put up their own promotions to reach a particular set of audience that might be interested in your products. In this article, we will look into the popular advertising networks and how they work.

What’s a Bitcoin Advertising Network?

Bitcoin advertising networks are online platforms that are aimed at linking the supply and demand for bitcoin services. Like any other promotional platform, it lets website owners sell ad spaces on their pages for bitcoin advertisements to help them reach a potential market.

As you most often see, these spaces are necessary for marketers and advertisers to get their products out to the general public.

It can be both simple and complex. Simple, because its role is just to show the products to users who might be interested; yet still complex, because there are still other factors to consider when selecting an advertising network to tap for your promotions.

For anyone intending to rent out an advertisement space to marketers, what are some factors to consider?

  • Lack of control – Publishers won’t always have full control over the services that are marketed in their own spaces.
  • Loading time – The loading time for ad slots can be longer than other ads or images already hosted by the website.
  • Spam – Because ad networks do not always filter the ad they run, there’s a chance that you’ll see spam or other forms of malicious advertisements on your spaces.

What is Bitcoin Banner Advertising?

This is a more specific type of bitcoin product and/or service advertising. Through JPG, PNG, GIF, or other image formats, you can create promotional materials that are somehow similar to real-life billboards that expand your project’s reach and visibility.

Online, there are already in-page, slide, header, sticky, pop-under, and background ad formats that users can choose from. All of them perform specific functions and could be found in most possibly the most conspicuous areas of a website.

Each of these formats features the following functions:

  • In-page – This is perhaps the most preferred choice among marketers. In-page banners place your product on the most prominent positions of a website’s page, giving you a great boost in terms of brand awareness.
  • Slide – Banners on a slide format are located at the corner of an audience’s screen. They are designed to catch the eyeball of any page visitor.
  • Headers – In terms of visibility, ‘headers’ could be your best option. They are found at the top of web pages and they span the entire width of a user’s screen.
  • Sticky – You can find banners at the top or bottom of a page and they do not disappear regardless of the user’s scrolling pattern.
  • Pop-under – One of the most effective ad formats. They open the link to your product or service’s website in new tabs.
  • Background – In terms of ad awareness, visibility, and reach, backgrounds are effective as well. In this format, your advertisement can be found all over the site’s background.

Top Bitcoin Advertising Sites

Here are some examples of the popular go-to websites for your bitcoin advertising needs:

  • CoinZilla

This network was launched back in 2016. It offers advertising in the form of standard and floating banners, as well as pop-unders. Some of the advantages that publishers can find on the website are its referral program, quality advertisers, and on-time payments. The downside is that Coinzilla is particularly strict in screening the websites that they will connect with.

  • CoinTraffic

CoinTraffic began in 2014. Its CPM campaigns include offers on banner advertising, native ads, and pop-under. A good feature of this network is that they are carefully screening their advertisers. Perhaps the only downside is that the review of your website could take a few weeks.

  • CoinAd

CoinAd could be one of the strictest and most exclusive networks for publishers. Here, the applications are on an invitation basis only. But apart from that, their requirement is that a website must be ranked at least under 100,000 on Alexa, and it should have at least 100,000-page impressions daily.

Reviews say that it is a reliable ad network, with payouts that are made on a weekly basis.

  • A-ADS (Anonymous Ads)

It belongs to the earliest Bitcoin advertising networks in the market. Anonymous Ads (A-ADS) allow publishers to anonymously apply without having to sign-up. They are doing away with personal information by replacing it with a Bitcoin address instead. What distinguishes this platform from other ad networks is that they tag advertisements if they are possibly risky investments. Publishers also have a choice to block the promotion of any tags that they prefer not to show on their websites.

  • Bitmedia

The network began in 2014, with the aim of becoming one of the high-quality advertising platforms in the industry. Payments to publishers are based on clicks or impressions. In terms of publisher screening, Bitmedia approves only Bitcoin and crypto-related websites. But if your website has quality content and good traffic, the network can make exceptions. One of its most popular features is its algorithm that filters advertisement targets. Only relevant users are given advertisements that correspond to their browsing behavior.

  • AdBit

AdBit is known by many for its pay-per-day system. AdBit auctions to advertisers the spaces on a publisher’s website. When advertisers make high bids on a particular space, publishers are also likely to earn more. AdBit, however, only supports banner advertising. The good thing with AdBit, fortunately, is that publishers can receive payments in real-time. As soon as they get new views or ad clicks, they receive payments on their account.

  • Mellow Ads

Mellow Ads provides CPM and CPC campaigns. One of its distinguishing features is that it provides advertisers with the option to purchase a number of unique views or clicks. The income that publishers get depends on the number of clicks, views, or pop-unders from the network. In terms of cost, it only charges publishers a 10% fee for network campaigns. However, like CoinAd, it requires that websites rank at least 100,000 on Alexa before they are approved.

  • CoinMedia

While this platform is fairly-straightforward for publishers, it got to this list because it belongs to one of the ad networks everyone should be cautious about. There is not much information about the company and its screening for publishers is not as strict compared to other advertising networks.


There are many avenues to promote your blockchain or crypto-based product to internet users. Selecting a Bitcoin advertising network that has already proven its credibility in connecting brands to a potential market is crucial. Not only does this ensure that you can increase the visibility of your product, but it also guarantees that you make the most of your money’s worth.

All in all, an advertiser’s first step should be to determine the networks that could deliver the best return for his campaigns, such as increased purchases, subscriptions, or even just inquiries. If you already have a goal in mind, your choice of an advertising network could spell the difference between success and failure in your campaign.


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