Ask Me Anything with Rebellion at ICO Speaks: Summary

rebellion ama at ico speaks
rebellion ama at ico speaks
November 11-th   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICO Speaks telegram chat. From the Rebellion Protocol side there was:

👨‍💻 Max B. – Co-founder & Project lead – @max_bdk
One of co-founders and the project lead.


👨‍💻 Stella L. – Marketing & Communication lead – @Stellalom

I will present the team as a whole, as there is really no better way to describe the capabilities and passion behind this project, than as one entity.

Together with our community and investors, we are stronger than the sum of our individual parts, and we like to think of ourselves as one organism. The core team is bunch of highly experienced crypto enthusiasts with strong skills in coding & dev obviously, marketing, comm and business dev, as well as design.

We are a mixture of craziness, talent, impatience and drive for making things happen. Our careers were very different from each other before joining this project, whether it be in the crypto software dev space, creative space or business/start-up space, even finance actually, but we all came together under this one project as we are very complementary. 💪🏻

Our team is highly motivated, dedicated and passionate about making this project a long-term resounding success. And when one of us gets bit tired by the work, we pull together, help each other 🤝 and push harder.

                                                            Let’s get started!
Q: What is the essence of the project from a high-level perspective?

A: We define this project as the first 100% community driven systemic exponential growth cryptocurrency project. We know this sounds like a lot of fancy words, but let’s deconstruct this.

100% community driven 💥
The community is essential in this project. We could almost call it a “community experiment”. It is all about building something together. Most importantly, governance of the project will be driven by the community and investors in the future. So yes I would say the community, and its expectations as investors is a leading part of this project.

Systemic exponential growth 🛫
In finance, the word systemic pertains to an entire system, as opposed to any one individual part or component of a system. The project has been designed as a system of parts that are all moving in the same direction and constantly enhance each other, to create an exponential effect.
We thus developed a project that we call self-enhancing and exponential, that generates ripple effect throughout its entire system, displays overwhelming momentum and moves with unstoppable force. 🚀 🚀

Q:Now let’s go more into details, what are the concepts and tokens involved in the project?

A:  The project’s token is called Rebellion protocol ($REBL). It is a BEP-20 token built on top of the Binance Smart Chain.

This token incorporates what we call “built-in virtuous-circle-like” mechanisms. These include:
 1.  Static holder reward (automatic reward to token holders, also called reflection)
2.  Automatic LP Scalability (automatic liquidity increase)
3.  Automatic funding of what is called “the Rocket Pool” (the project’s investment fund)
Each of these three mechanisms are financed by a 3% fee taken on each transactions made with the $REBL token, resulting in a total transaction fee of 9%.
The decentralization of governance is a key aspect of the project’s vision.
Therefore, a second token, called Forger DAO ($FORG) will be deployed to function as a governance token in the future. Its holders will be able to govern the project and the Rocket Pool. The $FORG token exhibits no transaction fees.  
How do you get $FORG tokens? By staking the $REBL token. In this sense, both tokens function in tandem, as investors staking $REBL receive $FORG tokens, while $FORG tokens guarantee its holders the power to govern the $REBL project.
Essentially, as a $REBL token holder, you constantly receive additional $REBL (due to static holder reward), if you stake these $REBL then you are constantly rewarded with $FORG on top of your $REBL (due to the staking reward). This means, the more you stay and support the project, the more value accumulates in your wallet and the more powerful you become over the project.

Q:You mentioned the Rocket Pool several times. Could you elaborate?

A:  The Rocket Pool is the secret weapon of the $REBL token and one of the key aspects that sets the Rebellion Protocol apart from other projects

It is an investment fund which invest in the growth of the project and creates value for investors in the short, mid and long term. At first, it will be run by the team, but in a second stage, when the governance token is deployed, it will be managed by governance token holders (the community).

As mentioned, the fund is financed by a 3% fee taken on each $REBL transactions. That means the more $REBL transactions the more tokens are accumulated in the Rocket Pool, ready to be invested. The more the $REBL token grows in value, the more value is accumulated in the Rocket Pool 💧, ready to be invested.

In a first stage, funds in the Rocket Pool will be invested in: 
1.  Rocket Pool Challenges (Airdrops to winning participants of our community marketing campaign)
2.  Manual burns
3.  Marketing, PR

In a second stage, when governance is transferred, the Rocket Pool funds may be used for broader types of investments, including:
1.  Charity donations
2.  Funding change, funding culture, funding a movement
3.  Supporting & investing in other crypto projects, participating in IDOs
4.  Investing in any types of asset classes such as real estate, public equity, private equity, a hotel chain, a candy factory, an airline, a classic car collection, a soccer team, a museum, whatever investors think makes sense

Q:  Let’s speak economics

A:  Let’s focus on the $REBL tokenomics. For tokenomics related to the $FORG token (governance token), we welcome you to take a look at our whitepaper.

For the $REBL token, total supply is 1 trillion or 1,000,000,000,000💵

That’s a lot of zeros we know. 😁
50% (500B tokens) of the total supply was used to create the first liquidity on Pancakeswap. These tokens are locked with a third party. Which makes everyone more comfortable.

In addition to that, there was no team tokens, no pre-sale and no investors did receive any tokens before launch. Every investor had to participate in the fair launch, including the team, with everyone else.
To come back to tokenomics. 30% of the supply is allocated and locked as a reserve for the community. This reserve will be available to $FORG holders over a ten-year period. More info in the whitepaper. 
Finally, 20% of the supply is allocated and locked as a reserve for the Rebel Swap. The Rebel Swap is the DEX 
that Rebellion protocol will operate in the future. This reserve is intended for running operations.
Q: We heard the $REBL token was launched recently. Could you tell us about it?

A:  Well for a starter, we have an amazing mascot that we call the RainMaker. He looks pretty dope we think! 🐶
Jokes aside, we think an investment fund (the Rocket Pool) 🚀💧 coupled with a decentralized governance (governance token) is definitely something that we believe sets us aside from a conceptual perspective. We call this combination our “cosmic power formula”. 💥💥💥

To explain, allow me to talk to you about our vision: Our vision is to become one of the biggest investment funds in the world. 🌎🪐
This part requires a bit of dreaming, but basically our long-term perspective for the project is massive. In the future, our investment fund (the Rocket Pool), through the governance of token holders, aims to invest in different asset classes and become itself a highly lucrative business.
We plan to get there quite fast: 
✔️ First, we are in crypto so growing fast is an obligation and an imperative. 
✔️ Second, investors are anonymous, this is inherent to crypto, which makes it very attractive for investors to put their money in an investment fund like ours
✔️ Third, we instore a decentralized governance, leading path to a consensual investment decision making.
✔️ Fourth, reserves unlock over time, with the ultimate objective to accelerate the growth 📈
✔️ Finally, once governance is established, a lot of flexibility is given to govern the project, including changing or removing the fees taken on transactions, allowing to access without friction the largest centralized exchanges, if wanted.
Q:  Why should we fall in love with your project?

A:  This will help you fall in love

The token IDO took place two days ago and has been a great success. First liquidity was added to Pancakeswap and all our social media channels broadcasted the fair launch. If you go to our telegram group, you will find all the info and links to participate.

Talking about IDO, we aimed to avoid any pump and dumb scenario typical for tokens launched on DEXs and therefore decided not to do any pre-sale and to go for a stealth/soft launch. Regarding tokens, no pre-sale, no VC, no team tokens. All available supply is on the exchange.

Our massive marketing package is starting today, and this AMA is one of the many activities we have lined up to communicate this project to the public. 
We are also asking big efforts from our community to push the communication forward and level up the knowledge about the project. 
So far our community is very enthusiastic, active and we thank them for their trust and engagement!

Q:  This is huge. What about your mission and values?

A:  You are right, although our vision is to become huge, we are not doing it for the sake of being huge.

Our mission is actually to elevate an entire community and investors to true and total financial freedom. Many of our investors and community members are regular people with regular jobs, and we understand that it is important to be making a return on their hard-earned money, when investing in our project, which is perfectly normal. We want to bring much more to them and give them a return that will be changing their lives forever

Yet, money is not everything, and we make sure to uphold our values to the highest standards. These value tend to bring us closer and motivate us to do better every day.

Bravery: We go to the end of our endeavors, we win, sometimes we lose, but we never abandon, we always push hard and push forward
Loyalty : We are loyal to each other, our community, our family, our investors, our rebellion
Union: Because union is strength, and together we move with unstoppable force
Our mascot is from the Dogo Argentino breed, a pack-hunting dog which is what inspired our project’s values.
Q: What are the next exciting stuff to come?

A:  Now that we have listed the token on Pancakeswap and launched the Rocket Pool, comes the start of our massive marketing campaign. 👩🏼‍💻

We are basically cranking up on everything to do with Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, Medium, etc promotion. Organizing AMA with major players in the field, partnering with influencers, starting some PR, applying to list the token on exchanges and most importantly organizing our first Rocket Pool Challenge (community aidrops). 🪂

The Rocket Pool Challenge is a community driven marketing contest, in which any participant that executes a certain amount of required marketing actions enters a draw to win token airdrops (from the Rocket pool).

So basically, every week or second week, a big amount of the Rocket Pool will be distributed as airdrops to winning participants. 🎖 We believe this will be an important driver of our communication strategy at the beginning of the project.

From a tech development perspective we have started working on the second stage of the project.
Stage 2 of our project, includes:
–  The development and deployment of our governance token
–  Initial transfer of the project governance 
–  Deploying staking pools
More info on our roadmap can be found in our whitepaper which I linked to before 😊

Q: How do we jump onboard the ship?

A:  This is very simple. Join our discussion on our Telegram group, follow us on Twitter, Read our Medium articles, participate in the Rocket Pool Challenge for an airdrop and when you are convinced, invest in our token. 📲

We have and aim to have a very active community. We also have a group for members who want to be more active in the project, typically by supporting and coordinating marketing efforts. 💪🏻

Basically, anywhere you touch base with us you become part of the community.

Yet what does community mean? The Cambridge dictionary basically defines a community as people living in one area or people who are considered as a unit because of their common interests, social group or nationality.
As we mention in our paper, our community is much more than that, as it is built upon a common purpose, a vision for the future, a mission to be fulfilled, as well as thousands of collective experiences that shape us along the way, and make our community an ever-evolving beast. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
We are not only a community, but also a family and certainly a rebellion.

So if you want to join us, know that you are welcome, as our movement is going interstellar. Together we are strong, together we are one and together we are going to Saturn 👨‍🚀🪐
Q: Can you tell us about your plans for long-term? what you are currently working on?and what strategy will be used to expand globally?

A:  PLans for long term include becoming one of the biggest investment fund. This is a very long term vision. But essentially, at some point the Rocket Pool (Which is the fund which receives 3% of the transaction fees) will get enormous, and since the governance will be transferred to the community, we will choose together where to invest.

This could become huge in terms of investment power and truly a Rebellion!

Q: Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and there are many new platforms under development. So what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have plans to grow there?

A:  Asia is a very vibrant sub-community in our community, we actually have a Chinese TG which is half the size of our main TG. We will conduct an AMA tomorrow on a Chinese group and this week with a Vietnamese group
Q: What are your short terms objectives? What are you focusing right now?

A: Short term objective is to get this project to few hundred millions market cap, So huge focus on Marketing. We have a strong long term vision, but we will get there step by step and right now: Massive marketing campaign🚀🚀🚀

Just hear from the team we are actually trending super well on Reddit right now

Q: I am interested in buying your tokens so where can I buy it and can you share your contract address and links?

A:  You can buy the token on Pancakeswap. Links in our group chat or website or medium or Reddit
Q: Do you have AUDIT certificates,  or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?

A:  Contract is audited and liquidity is locked!

Q: Can you please explain what are the advantages of using your Platform and is it friendly for beginners like me?

A:  A good way to start being active we us is to join our regular AIRDROP. We call it Rocket Pool Challenge, where you basically do few marketing tasks and then can win the airdrop! Otherwise we have many Medium article informing about how to buy and how to go about the rocket pool and different info.
Q:Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?
A: All tokens have been minted, so max supply 1 trillion, 50% locked in liquidity and 50% locked in reserve. Read our whitepaper for more info
ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the Rebellion Protocol Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, Rebellion Protocol for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂


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