Ask Me Anything with Polydefi at ICO Speaks: Summary

polydefi ama at ico speaks
polydefi ama at ico speaks
October 12-th   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICO Speaks telegram chat. From the Polydefi side there was:


💻 Prof. POLY ceo @prof_poly

My name is Prof. POLY and I am the CEO and founder of POLYDeFi. In real life I set up multiple succesful businesses in the; sports branche, clothing branche and in the marketing branche. After realising I actually didn’t enjoy working for any of these businesses, I went looking for something else. In the beginning of 2017 I noticed crypto and I immediately saw the great potential that it had.
 My first bullrun exceeded all my expectations and I invested in ICO after ICO. Life was good until the Bullmarket ended, I started to lose money and I didn’t have any more money to invest with. I thought I might try to get myself into a crypto project team to get myself some more investment money. During the bear market I worked on a couple of projects, from which I learned a lot in matters of advertising crypto projects and managing communities.
 When the bull market came back in 2020, I went looking for new projects to work on. With the previous gained experience it was easy to get on new project teams. I ended up working on multiple launchpad projects and some yieldfarming projects. I loved every second of working on these launchpad projects but I noticed there were some flaws within the system they all used.
 I left the launchpad projects, thinking that I could do it way better than they did. I reached out to some of my contacts and asked them if they would like to work on their own launchpad project. They said yes and so POLYDeFi was born. POLYDeFi will succeed because of the experience that the core team has.
 As CEO I will guide everybody in the right directions, do marketing, set up partnerships and guide IFO projects in their first steps into the DEFI world.
                                                            Let’s get started!

Q: We are so curious about Polydefi! please tell us about Polydefi in detail.

A: POLYDeFi will be a transparent next generation tiered IFO launchpad running on the Polygon chain. Initially POLYDeFi its native token $OCTAGON will be a yieldfarming token, until the launchpad is fully developed. In the time between our own launch and launching IFO projects from our launchpad, we will have a huge focus on building a community.
So what is an IFO launchpad you say? Let us explain:
IFO stands for Initial Fund Offering. POLYDeFi is a project that strives to decentralize the way in which new projects coming to the Polygon network raise funds.
Our Tiered IFO platform will help new cryptocurrency projects to raise funds by letting investors lock their liquidity in our native OCTAGON/USDC farm, the amount of LPs locked makes the investor eligible for one of our 4 tierpools, a tierpool is based on a fixed purchase rate for tokens. POLYDeFi its native token ($OCTAGON) holders can stake USDC according to their tierpool and receive an allocation of the IFO. 
In this case, a tierpool is nothing more then a contract that manages the accessibility to other pools, so basically it is nothing more then a contract that manages acces, contribution and distribution of tokens.
With POLYDeFi, new DeFi projects will be able to raise funds cheap and fast. $OCTAGON token holders will be able to participate in IFOs in an upmost secure way on the Polygon network.
Our launchpad system will work in a different way than other launchpads. While participating in a POLYDeFi IFO you are still generating Yield from our natice farm. More can be found in our whitepaper:

Q: So has the $OCTAGON  been on any kind of offering\ sale?

A:  Yes, Koala defi hosted the $OCTAGON pre-sale exactly 2 weeks ago.
We hit our hard cap of $132.600 within 4 minutes

Q: What amount of token has been on sale?

A:  10.200.000 tokens were offered for a price of 0.013 per token. Around 30% out if total supply.

Q: Whats’ the price now, and where does it traded if unlocked already?

A:  The price is 0.012 right now. So it’s still really early. We only have a marketcap of 300k so it should be profitable if you invest now. 
$OCTAGON is trading on the jetfuel polygon dex; Jetswap. Most launchpads have a marketcap around 15-20 mil 😉

Q: What are the Long Term Marketing plans of Polydefi?

A:  I will some up a few of our marketing initiatives. We have more in store in matters of marketing but i can’t give it all away
YouTube marketing
We will contact DeFi YouTubers to speak about our updates and perform quality reviews on our platform. This will help us grow our community and find potential flaws in our system.
Ads on Telegram
We’ve noticed that Telegram is the place to be for crypto enthousiasts. It basically works via the word of mouth concept. It works fantastically even with small communities. So we will invest time and money into Telegram ad campaigns, making sure that we’re being posted on some of the biggest cryptocurrency and DeFi groups on Telegram.
AMAs on Telegram
AMAs are a great way to raise project awareness and to grow the Telegram community. In crypto a project is only as good as its community. Community is key and this is what we will be focussing on.
A good way to grow the community is by offering “free tokens” for being in our community. We will host multiple contest/games per week. We will have YouTube and/or Twitter influencers mention this and we will see a spike in members.
Online website marketing:
Ads on charting websites
It came to our attention that everytime a project advertised banners on a site like poocoin the price spiked, the community grew and with that also project awareness grew.
DeFI ecosystem:
There are lots of other platforms that we respect in the DeFi field, many of which we’ve used and watched grow. Therefore we would love to form healthy partnerships with other Yield Farms and DeFi projects that are trustworthy and striving to improve. Merging communities would be a beneficial factor for each of the projects. Together we are strong!
Twitter influencers
We will contact crypto influencers for shilling our project, shill updates and shill other things we need them for. This will also help us grow our community and raise project awareness.
We will host 1 giveaway per month, which will give us more Twitter exposure and raise project awareness.
These are just a few of our marketing moves.

Q: Does POLYDeFi has any audits?

A: Yes! We were audited by Techrate pre launch and we 100% passed their security audit. 
We also applied for a Paladin audit and we are awaiting the final results, which should come back in a week time.
Q: When will you start launching projects and when is a project eligible for a launch at POLYDeFi

A:  We are aiming to start launching IFOs mid november but we will probably be able to overdeliver and start launches at the beginning of november.
Let me start of by saying not any project will be eligible for a launch at POLYDeFi. IFO project must:
– Lock lp tokens
– Lock wallets that hold big amounts of tokens
– Have a respected audit pre launch
– Agree on certain criteria that benefit the POLYDeFi investors
– complete a marketing checklist
– doxx themselves to the POLYDeFi core team

Q: Do you have plans on going cross chain?

A:  Yess! As soon as we build a solid foundation we will migrate to the fantom chain and to the BSC network. 
Fantom will probably be happening after 3 succesful launches

Q: What is the Best way to follow All your Upcoming news and updates? What are your plans in coming Future?

Q: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of Token?

A: $OCTAGON will be used to participate in quality IFO launches from our launchpad. Without holding $OCTAGON you will miss out on quality projects in their early stages.
Octagon can also be used as a yieldfarming token or it can be used to gamble in our casino:

Q: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of Token?

A:  $OCTAGON token has a max supply of 30m tokens and all these tokens are minted pre launch🚀


ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the Polydefi Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, Polydefi  for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂


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