Ask Me Anything with Mimir at ICO Speaks: Summary

mimir ama session at ico speaks
mimir ama session at ico speaks

Ask Me Anything with Mimir at ICO Speaks: Summary

October  13-th   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICO Speaks telegram chat. From the Mimir there was:

💻 Viktor Södermark |CEO & Founder| @Viksod

So my name is Viktor Södermark, I am both the founder and CEO of Mimir and just like the majority of my team I come from Sweden!
Roughly 4.5 years ago I went down the rabbit hole that is crypto/blockchain and after understanding the true potential and great opportunities that we have with this AMAZING technology I feel like this a dream come true to actually launch a product and token with strong utility and that actually solves a really big problem on the market!

                                                            Let’s get started!
Q: What are the objectives/goals of Mimir? What’s the importance of this project?
A:  So in essence, we are launching the world’s first quiz game powered by blockchain and play-to-earn. But, for me and my team the most important objective and goal that we have with our project is to build something that actually adds a HUGE value to the 350 million people on this planet that play quiz  & trivia games on their smartphones every year.

By being part of the decentralized gaming revolution and letting the mass market understand the true power that comes from play-to-earn and blockchain I hope that we can bring a strong use case to the market and be the leaders that make play-to-earn and blockchain a mass market movement.

Both me and my colleague have for instance worked at some of the biggest gaming giants in the world – Electronic Arts – where we both have launched FIFA, Battlefield, Sims etc.

So the situation on the gaming market today is that these big and powerful gaming companies make a fortune off of their players which goes right into their pockets giving very little back to their community of players.

So with our first gaming launching first week of November, only days after our Mimir Token is live, we hope to become the first game that breaks out of the crypto-space and actually gets the mass market to play our quiz games.

Play-to-earn, NFTs and blockchain gaming is still in its early days but I am confident that by providing a more fair, transparent and rewarding gaming ecosystem for players all over the world – in a couple of years this will be something that is standard practice for all games that are releasedю

A long answer to a short question – but that pretty much sums it up 😄

Q: What defines success for the project?
A: Well success is a very vague word – but from my view our success will come from giving the 350 million quiz players across the world a superior product that they enjoy and get rewarded with. Our Mimir Quiz game will launch at the first week of November in Google Play and App Store.

And if you look at the current situation on the market for quiz players they have two options: 
1. Pay for a premium version that costs money on a monthly basis
2. Play a free version with limited gaming options and where they have to watch really annoying advertisements every time they do something in the game

What we are offering with the Mimir Quiz is:
1. A Quiz app that is 100% free to play with two super exciting quiz games (1vs1 and live show tournaments)
2. NO advertisements
3. Available to download from anywhere in the world
We actually pay you for your playtime in our Mimir Tokens!

In addition to this, we also have KPI:s that we think are doable given the fact that we have a superior product from day one

By 1st December we aim to onboard 100K players from all over the world

And by Midsummer 2022 we aim to have 3 different games on the market and as such become the BIGGEST crypto gaming ecosystem on the market with millions of players in all of our Mimir World game

Q: What are the key milestones? What are the timelines and most important dates?

A:  The biggest milestones that are coming up:
1. Launch of the Mimir Token (TGE) first week of November via IDO & IEO  at 2 decentralized exchanges (Uniswap, Quickswap) and one BIG centralized exchange (stay tuned for that big announcement)

2. Just days after our Mimir Token is released to the market in the first week of November we launch the Mimir Quiz game on Google Play and App Store

People that want to join the IDO at Starter can do so by going to:

If you think that you have a strategic value to add to the Mimir project that helps us grow we have reserved an allocation in our pre-sale. So if you think you are the right fit then make sure to sign up for the whitelist on our website:

Another milestone that we have already reached is getting some very strong partners on board to make this dream come true

Q:  What are the biggest obstacles to getting the project done?

A:  I think we don’t have any obstacles in terms of getting the project done since the Mimir Quiz game is in its last polish before release. We have managed to implement 6 different blockchain technologies in this game and the final result will be a super fun game that is just as easy for people to enjoy as a normal quiz game.

But, even great projects have their obstacles.

So I think we will have to work really hard and spend lots of money towards marketing our quiz game so that people find us and that is of course an obstacle that everyone has from the start before they go viral

Q: What are the project’s greatest assets, and how can you best leverage them?
A:  The strongest asset is probably, that we are first mover with launching a crypto game with HUGE mass market potential.

In addition to that we also do something unique in the crypto space where we actually launch our product DIRECTLY after the TGE and Token launch

We also have a very balanced an long-term vision in our tokenomics that make the Mimir Tokens price performance have the best chance to grow over time.

Q: What are the most important areas within the project that you and your team should always focus on?
A:   I would say that we should not keep too much focus on the price.

We want to build something that people actually enjoy and want to play and that is the most important thing for us.

But at the end of the day the most important thing is to be a part of the decentralized gaming revolution by getting mass market experiencing the true power with play-to-earn.

Lastly I would also say that it is important to have a good  connection with our community – because those are the ones that make our success possible.

So we will always have them in top of mind!

Q:  Is Your Project available for the global people or It’s limited for some area? If it’s globally available are you guies planing to introduce it globally?

A:  Yes! Anyone in the world can download the app in Google play and App store. 
And you will not even need any experience in crypto to play because the user interface and game play will be very smooth!
Q:  Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

A:  Great question!
Of course the price performance of a token is important. But for us the most important thing is for us to deliver really fun and popular games. If we do that well – then the Mimir Tokens value will of course be reflecting that.
I invite you all to check out our tokenomics at
There you can see that the Mimir Team only gets 15% of total supply and those tokens are vested for 24 months to show our long term commitment to this project.

Q:  Do you have AUDIT certificates,  or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable???

A:  Yes, this is a super important thing that all projects need.
So the Mimir Token has gone through a succesful token audit conducted by Zokyo ( so that is good to know.

Q:  Do the token holders have right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

A:  Definitely!
So a cool thing about the Mimir Token is that it is actually a decentralized governance token with voting rights! That means that the community of holders gets the chance to vote on company decisions like what games to develop and other strategic decisions.

Q: Your project name seems to be very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share us with the inspiron for approaching to this name?

A:  Great question! Never seen this one before.
So the idea was born when I played HQ Trivia a live quiz show in the US. They were the first ones to actually launch a live quiz game on smartphones where they invited people in the USA to play a livestreamed quiz game where you could win FIAT-money. 
The game was a huge success with 25 million downloads on the American market and at their peak 2.5 million people logged in and played the same round! 
The problem however was that the average winning in the game was like 2-3 USD and it took them 3-4 weeks to send you the money. 
In addition to that, since they pay out winnings in FIAT-money they can’t grow beyond their borders. 
So I knew that this problem could be solved with the power of blockchain and play-to-earn. So by launching Mimir Quiz we will be the first quiz game in the world to invite players from all over the globe to win monetary value in our app which is a really HUGE potential.
ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the Mimir Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, Mimir  for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂


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