Ask Me Anything with MetaHero at ICO Speaks: Summary

metahero ama at ico speaks
metahero ama at ico speaks
September  15 –th   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICO Speaks telegram chat. From the MetaHero side there was :


💻 Jeremiah Lopez, COO, @jeremarketing

Let me start out by saying that I am relatively new to crypto, and loved the learning curve – getting up to speed. I have been working in the tech space with startups (most notably Codewise w/Rob) over the past 15 years.


                                             Let’s get started!

Q:  Give us a little background on your motivation for Building Metahero.

A: The idea behind Metahero was quite simply a pivotal moment in our team’s lives, especially Rob’s – where we decided that the future of privacy & financial inclusion lies within the bounds of cryptocurrency.

We felt that the development of blockchain and cryto technologies, if not handled the correct way (decentralized) could be used as a suffocating technology against people, and not for them.

So we set out on our journey of crypto mass adoption.

Q: What is Metahero? What are the goals/purpose of such a project?


A: What is Metahero. Metahero is quite simply a movement/revolution towards crypto mass adoption. More specifically Metahero is a conduit between the physical and digital worlds.

With one foot in the crypto world, and one in the photogrammetry world, couple with our simple yet rewarding tokenomics, we have delivered an ecosystem where the $HERO token has massive usability with real-world application – initially scanning, but later as an NFT marketplace and more.

Regarding our goals. We have a few, but very bold goals. Firstly, crypto mass adoption. Initially we want to bring 10 million new users to the crypto space.

Next, develop a connection. As the metaverse continues to gain traction and will no doubt become a multi-trillion dollar industry – Metahero will be at the forefront as the shuttle between worlds.

Lastly, create the largest NFT marketplace in the world. As people start to get scanned all over the world, we will be developing a platform that will allow people to monetize their NFT’s. Simultaneously giving access (with rights) to developers to use the marketplace and all objects that have been scanned.

Q:  How can you foresee Metahero affecting people’s lives in the near/longer-term?

A:  I guess that really depends on your relationship with Metahero. But if I had to say, in the near term just being a part of something so special has personally affected me, and I am sure all the members of our team. The excitement around what’s being built is consuming. Based on community feedback, I’m sure our HEROes feel the same way – being a part of something you value is basic human nature and something we all strive for.

Long term, I guess we will have to wait and see what the future holds. But your imagination is probably as vivid as mine – and if so, the effects of Metahero on the future are endless and very positive. But I hope that everyone one day will at least have the “opportunity” to get scanned. I would say that’s effectiveness at it’s best.

Q:  What makes Metahero special > why are we seeing such strong growth from the $HERO token in such a short period of time

A:   This is a question I love to answer when I get it.  It boils down to a few key elements. The idea and courage to chase after it from our founder Rob is the foundation of Metahero’s success. Building upon that foundation is quite simply our impassioned and tight-knit team, ability to deliver on tight deadlines, our partners in Wolf Digital World, and our community of loyal and unyielding HEROes – that always show up in support.

Lastly, I think a big part of Metahero’s success is the level of desire and “want” for this project to succeed for so many reasons from the 10s of thousands involved – that barriers are quite literally knocked down and surpassed through sheer will and talent. I’d also be inept to not mention that our team’s history of success has given us the tools to best position Metahero for big things.

Q:  We’ve heard that this type of technology already exists, what is it about Metahero that will push you past other types of technologies/projects?

A:  I can almost refer to my last answer. But let’s see if we can add something to that.
Look, there are other scanners on the market. Most are reserved for Hollywood/celebrity types and not accessible to the rest of the world.

1. We are leveraging superior engineering talent from our amazing partners at Wolf Digital World and all that they have put into the scanner.

The amount of detail and blood, sweat, and tears (+minute calculations) that have gone into our V3 Metascanner are other worldly.

But I think the biggest difference is that we are taking all this superior engineering to the masses. We are building a scanner for everyone in the world. You don’t have to be Will Smith to get scanned in the Metahero Metascanner.

Q: What big plans do you have in the short/longer term (partnerships, FBSummit, other products/launches)


A:  Big plans… oh if I could only share everything 😉

Much of what we are working on longer-term I, unfortunately, am not at liberty to speak of, just yet. But what I can speak of is our immediate plans for our global premiere in Dubai next month.

We have gone all-in on this event as it’s the first time people (outside of our company) will have the opportunity to see our Metascanner, and actually book their very own scans.

It’s the Future Blockchain Summit which we are basically taking over with our community and activity on site.

This is a massive event for our team – and for the future of Metahero as a whole. FBS is going to set the stage for the next phase of the Metahero roadmap as we intend to gain a lot of interest in the scanners themselves and will help us plan our rollout strategy for 2022 and the Metascanners placement.

That premiere will be on the 17th of October, and the first time anyone will see and get to try our V3 Metascanner.

other plans can be found on our website under our roadmap at

But outside of that, I can’t share much else.

Q: What, if any, do you see as hurdles to making Metahero a monster success?

A:  Honestly, there’s really nothing stopping Metahero from becoming a monster project. There will be challenges I’m sure along the way. But this will simply be a matter of how we handle them as they appear.

One thing that will definitely need to be closely watched in the mid-term would be something like security, in relation to our NFT marketplace.

Privacy and security is always going to be something to watch with respect and monitor very closely – especially when working with tech/assets such as NFT’s

Metahero was built on the simple ethos of just getting things done. There’s always an answer, there’s always a solution to an issue.


Q: What’s some advice you’d give to would-be, as well as active, investors?

A:  Hold.

Metahero is here for the long haul. While we understand that day/swing trading is simply part of the game – getting into $HERO, even at this point, is still very early, and the future has tremendous potential for those that hold $HERO.

We have grand plans, and knowing this team having worked with many of them for over 10 years – we will deliver. If you like what we are doing, join us and enjoy the ride.

That’s my best advice at this moment.
Q: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of Token?

A:  Wow. That was a lot of questions! Our tokenomics are very straightforward. Firstly, $HERO has smart staking built-in, so just by holding you will be earning rewards on the platform. We just recently updated our tokenomics and burn 4% of every transaction, and give 1% away to all holders as a reward. The utility of the token will be within the Metahero ecosystem. 1. want to get scanned, pay in HERO. 2. Want to work in the NFT marketplace, HERO. 3. Want to franchise a scanner, pay in HERO. There will be a lot of utility.
Q: Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community
Are we allowed in decision making, do you put community into consideration ?

A: Yeah. So we haven’t officially announced the release of our DAO yet. But the HERO community will have a vote on items that are put up for a vote by the team.
Q: With the unpredictable and  volatility of market which unavoidable ,how will your project still manage to grow and make money for stakeholders?

A:  Excellent question. Even though the market (both crypto and global) are quite volatile right now, we feel that the markets both geographically and vertically we have chosen to target to start off have a very strong case for success. It’s of the upmost importance for us to keep our heads down and stay the course on our vision. If we can deliver our vision, market trends should only impact parts, but not the whole. We are building a giant.
Q:CAN you explain the background of your team?  How will you and your team carry out this project during this current pandemic?

A: Most of our team have worked together in the past, on numerous projects. Codewise is the project where we all met, and the one that was named Europes 2nd fastest growing company 2 years in a row by the FTimes. We have hand-picked the team we have at Metahero, based on their desire and past efforts/passion given to the projects we’ve done. Metahero is a very demanding project, so it’s important that we have the people that are willing to give whatever they can to make it a success.
Q: Where can we find the full details of your project?  Is it a website or a tutorial video?  If so, can you share it with us?

A:  I’ll take this as the final question, and I think it’s a great one to end on. If you have any questions about the project please check where you can find all of our social addresses and contract address. Furthermore, our official TG channel is where you can ask anything.
ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the MetaHero Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, MetaHero  for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂


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