Ask Me Anything with NuID & The Kiichain Team at ICOSpeaks

Kiichain AMA at ICOSpeaks
Kiichain AMA at ICOSpeaks

On September 19-th NulId & Kiichain Team held an Ask Me Anything session with the ICOSpeaks team at our telegram chat.

1️⃣ Block 1  – self introduction from  today’s  speaker 

Before we go to the first set of questions, could you please do a short self-intro?

👨‍💻  Locke Brown |  CEO & Founder of NuID | @lockebrown

Hi everyone, I’m Locke Brown – CEO and founder of NuID, which is. the tech and company behind The Kii. Foundation and the token Kii. 

I started mining bitcoin in 2013 – had one of the first asic miners from butterfly labs (too bad I didn’t just buy btc instead of mining gear)… Published a paper in 2014 on btc pricing models

Worked. for Bill Gates family office for a. few years before having to jump ship and start NuID in early 2017


2️⃣ Block 2 – project introduction by speakers

First set of questions to introduce the project!
Q: Can you introduce NuID & the Kii project to the group? 

A: NuID was founded in 2017, launched a trustless authentication solution in 2019, and is VC backed. Our core belief is that the future of the internet belongs to the user. Right now with the current digital identity model, individuals are limited in their ability to own and control their identities. We’ve set the foundation for a portable, user-owned identity platform with our authentication solution, and now we’re bringing it to the world through the Nu Identity Ecosystem and our token Kii. The Kii Foundation is a separate entity that was created to aid with the development and support of Kii and the KiiChain, which is a ledger we’re building to uphold identity-related data. 

Q: When will Kii be available?

A: Kii is available via IEO this week on LAtoken at $0.30 USD! We are also planning an IDO in the coming weeks prior to distribution and listing. We are tentatively planning distribution for the second half of November. You can find announcements about future offerings at 

Q: What can the token be used for?

A: Kii is versatile. It underpins the Nu Identity Ecosystem – it pays for all transactions within that ecosystem. Kiichain will be used to pay for registering authentication credentials on a public blockchain, issuing data attestations, and paying for future identity use cases within the ecosystem. Ultimately, users within the ecosystem will be empowered to decide what identifying data they want to provision, and to whom, and when they share that data, they’ll be using Kii to pay for it.

3️⃣ Block 3 – question from ICO Speaks team


Q: What’s the mission of the NuID & The Kiichain Foundation?

A: Our mission is to pave the necessary foundation for individuals to own and manage their personal digital data, and to empower them to choose who to share it with. 

Identity on the web is important. Identity underpins everything – all online interactions depend on the notion of identity. The current model of digital identity is upheld by systems of service-owned and service-controlled identity data. As things stand, users don’t have much say over who owns their identifying information, or how it’s used. 

That era is ending. The future lies with user-owned, user-controlled, portable systems for managing identity. NuID has set the foundation for this “nu” model starting with our trustless authentication solution and continuing with the launch of Kii, the Nu Identity Ecosystem, and development of the KiiChain! 

Q: So what is the Nu Identity Ecosystem?

A: The ecosystem is going to be made up of participating individuals and services. Individuals can verify their true identity and associate it with their zero-knowledge authentication credentials (they can also spin up as many new credentials as they like which are not correlated to others – whereas emails typically correlate accounts today), stored on a public blockchain; services can  deploy the NuID trustless authentication protocol to eliminate liability of storing user auth data but also to use the nu identity model of interoperable identities. The interplay between individuals and services will grow a robust Nu Identity Ecosystem which will make interacting online more secure and less painful.  It also sets the stage for so many great  services that would be “identity enabled” like privacy preserving asset transfer, ehealth, voting etc

In the future, any ecosystem participant will be able to attest to a piece of information about another party, which will provide the digital building blocks required to enable digital “reputation” in a similar way to how reputation works in the physical world.

Q: What’s coming next following the token sale?

A: Following the sale of Kiichain, we’ll get to turn more focus back to building out core Kii services like the generalized data attestation model, developing the KiiChain ledger, and scaling rollout of the auth solution. we have a lot of exciting developments in the works for the near-term future to amplify adoption and really bring the ecosystem to life. Plus so many cool identity enabled projects and use cases that we will help others bring to life using NuID. 

4️⃣ Block 4 –  Community Voice.

Community asks the questions they are interested in.

Q: Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us?


Q: Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one ?

A: No but I think this is a great idea. I’d love to discuss more, hear your thoughts and look to build one out. We do have a Dev Fund Roundtable though which ill be sharing more about soon

Q: Many games today set high costs to start the game & therefore start with a small player base.
Does your project have an entrance fee or starting conditions & if so,what are they?  Do I need to hold an NFT or hold a certain amount of tokens in order to enjoy & play the game?

A: Actually the opposite! You get 10 free kii when receive first attestation to registered credentials. These cover the tiny registration cost making it free and laeving you with some kiichain

Q: Can you tell us about your team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? what are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project?

A: We have a really high standard and play the long game and play to win. Everyone on the team is top notch. You can see our. leadership here:

Q: Non-crypto user is very important for mainstream adoption. How you are planning to attract non-crypto users towards your project? Is there any upcoming partnership that will brings non-crypto user and real-use case?

A: We started with non-crypto users via launching our. enterprise authentication solution and free to use developer portal complete with all client libraries, api access, documentation etc. We started in 2017 and was going to do ICO then, but decided to wait until crypto better understood.

Q: Is your project only for elite investors, what about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

A: Open to everyone. Within regulation of course. 

Q: What makes you feel confident the survival & sustainable success of your pproject in the near About future?

A: We’ve made it the last 5.5 years and i’m stubborn on vision but fleoxible on journey 🙂
We also protected. our tech with defensible patent strategy


Q: I am an EXPERIENCED DEVELOPER AND ETHICAL HACKER, does you have plans for HACKATHON so as to check the security of your ecosytem periodically and also invite developers to build?

A: That’s the plan! We’re only now starting to bring it to the world with this coming launch. We had to take the t ime to build the core protocol first. But absolutely


ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the NuID & Kiichain Team. That’s all for today.

Thanks to all users who participated.

Thanks, NuID for being with us

Thanks, all and see you soon😉

Cheers 🥂

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