Ask Me Anything with GemUni at ICO Speaks: Summary

GemUni AMA at ICOSpeaks
GemUni AMA at ICOSpeaks
Ask Me Anything with GemUni at ICOSpeaks: AMA Summary

January 13-th   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICOSpeaks telegram chat. From the GemUni side there were:  
👨‍💻  Cassie Nguyen | Co-Founder & CEO of GemUni  | @cassienguyen21


Before we go to the first set of questions, could you please do a short self-intro?
I’m Cassie – CEO & Founder at GemUni – a decentralized NFTs & Gaming Platform. 
I have had 8-year experience in the fields of AI, Big Data, Gaming Software tech startups, and enterprises. I am also a crypto trader for a while and a supporter for global crypto projects.
It is my honor to be here to introduce GemUni – a promising project that my team and I are passionately working on, and having been supported by global backers including the “Mighty Eagle” of Rovio (the famous Angry Birds games)!

                                             Let’s get started!
Q: What is GemUni? Please Introduce the main idea of the project.

A: GemUni is building a Decentralized NFTs Gaming Platform for Play To Earn for everyone around the world to engage in Fun, Easy, and Play to Earn Games. Users can enjoy diverse addictive Casual Games & Signature Games, while monetizing their experiences with gaming platform rewards and NFTs transactions.
GemUni comprises two ecosystems, GENI and Reward.
1. In the GENI ecosystem, users can earn more with our varied DeFi mechanics, as well as trade NFT items on the GemUni’s NFT marketplace. GENI token is the main project cryptocurrency, enabling users to buy GENI Passes to access gaming networks and purchase other NFT assets.
2. In the Reward ecosystem, users can play and earn from two reward systems: Casual Gaming Platform and Signature Gaming Platform. 
– In the Casual Gaming Platform, users can enjoy hundreds of addictive casual games (thousands in the near future). GENIX token is our in-game cryptocurrency, which allows users to earn rewards, buy additional game tickets, and purchase in-game tools. 
– In the Signature Gaming Platform, users will gain access to unique Signature Games that are built separately to enhance gaming experiences and maximize earning opportunities. Each Signature Game will also have its own token to reward players.
GENI can be converted back and forth with GENIX and other reward tokens, making it much more convenient for users to Play to Earn. 

Q: Can you share us more about Play2earn mechanics?

A: Of course! We have upgraded our Play to Earn mechanics and can’t wait to introduce them clearly to the community. This new model will have more benefits and promise to increase the earning opportunities for players.
The new Play2Earn mechanics are divided into EXP Earning and GENIX Earning. In which, EXP is the Experience Score earned through playing games. The more users play, the more EXP they earn. Players can also earn EXP in the GENIX Earning mode, with the scores corresponding to the total amount of their earned GENIX (in-game curency) in each match. 
1. EXP Earning 
Users can play to get familiar with the games and earn EXP, but cannot earn GENIX. 
In this mode, players can only join in High Score, 1 vs 1, Team vs Team, and Battle Royale modes. They can create a simulated PvP room (1 vs 1, Team vs Team, Battle Royale) and need to deposit EXP to get used to the game play.  
2. GENIX Earning
Users can play and earn EXP and GENIX in all gameplay modes, including PvE (High Score and Leaderboard) and PvP (1 vs 1, Team vs Team, and Battle Royale).
– In PvE, users will earn varying amounts of EXP and GENIX for scoring high on the platform or taking the first place in each game’s daily leaderboards.
– In PvP, users no longer have to deposit GENIX to the Battling Pool. Each mode (1 vs 1, Team vs Team, Battle Royale) will have different gameplays. The individual or team that wins each battle will receive the corresponding reward.
Stay tuned to our updates in GemUni’s social & community channels!

Q: I read that you have five levels of GENI Passes: Stone, Topaz, Citrine, Ruby and Diamond, could you tell us about each one and how it differs and what kind of benefits, services or scopes do users have in each stone?

A: Definitely, we have also upgraded our Passes to give players more benefits. 
Each Pass will generate a different number of game tickets per day for users to engage in different gameplay modes. The higher Pass levels, the higher earning rates.
Stone Pass is no longer a Free-to-Play Pass, but given full benefits like others, including daily game tickets to play and earn in all modes, at a very affordable price. Those who owned our Stone Passes for free will definitely benefit from it.  
Topaz, Citrine & Ruby Passes are higher level passes than Stone, thereby more game tickets to play and better chances to earn in EXP & GENIX Earning modes. 
Diamond Pass is the most powerful Pass in the GemUni’s Casual Gaming Platform, which grants access to maximum returns. Though players do not have unlimited PvP tickets anymore (because they do not have to deposit GENIX to the Battling Pool), they will have better chances to earn higher rates in every single mode with the new model.
Moreover, GENI Pass holders will have a chance to be in our IDO Whitelist and get a spot in the upcoming IDO at 9 AM Jan 19th, 2022. Visit here for details:

Q: Could you talk about the distinguishing features of GemUni?

A: With the aim of building a decentralized NFTs and Gaming platform, GemUni develops and integrates a lot of special features to bring simple and enjoyable Play to Earn experiences and opportunities to users.
First, our Casual Gaming Platform provides users with hundreds of simple and addictive Casual Games (thousands will be released in 2022) and favorable chances to earn gaming platform rewards and from NFTs transactions.
Besides, the Signature Gaming Platform will be released soon this year, with unique Signature Games built separately to enhance gaming experiences and maximize earning opportunities. Each game will have its own NFTs and reward tokens for users to Play and Earn.
GemUni also has its own NFT Marketplace that connects all users on the platform to buy & sell GENI Passes and Game Items, using GENI and other cryptocurrencies. Users can explore, browse and search for NFTs by game categories, seasonal collections, etc. in the platform to trade their favorite ones.
Moreover, we have upgraded our Play to Earn Mechanics with more benefits and higher earning opportunities. All the rewards are earned in the form of EXP, GENIX & other reward tokens and recorded in real-time to the User Pass Profile. They can then be converted into GENI (our main project cryptocurrency).
Besides, Global tournaments and challenges will be periodically organized: weekly, monthly, yearly, and by seasons. We are planning on the $1mil Global Tournament with the grand prize opportunity for participants. Terms and Conditions will be announced in Q1/2022.
Last but not least, DeFi mechanics is one of the important features that GemUni focuses on developing to give players more earning opportunities from our tokens and NFTs. We elevate GameFi experiences to the next level with varied mechanics: Farming, Staking, Lending, Leasing, which will be introduced in this quarter.

Q: So I know that there’re 2 different tokens in GemUni which are GENI and GENIX, could you share more detail about each token?

A: GemUni Token Holders can enjoy many benefits from owning our tokens. There are two types of currency used across the GemUni platform: GENI (main project cryptocurrency) and GENIX (in-game cryptocurrency). 
In the future, we will introduce more reward tokens for users to Play and Earn in the Signature Gaming Platform.
1. GENI can be used for multiple purposes: Payment, Reward, Farming & Staking, and Voting.
Token holders pay GENI for (1) GENI Passes to access gaming networks and play games to earn and (2) NFT items to trade on the GemUni’s NFT marketplace.
Moreover, GENI will be rewarded for those who refer new GENI Pass players and those who want to convert GENIX gaming rewards into GENI. 
In addition, users can deposit GENI for a fixed amount of time to earn interest, called Farming & Staking.
GENI holders can also vote on some proposed platform features and use GENI to support community developers, gaming studios, and artist centers for building new games and NFTs.
2. GENIX: As the in-game cryptocurrency, GENIX is mainly used to buy additional game tickets and deposit to Battling Pool. GENIX is also used to reward users.
GENI and GENIX can easily be converted back and forth, making it much more convenient for users to Play to Earn.

Q: Could you share more about your upcoming IDO event and how to join the whitelist?

A: At 9 AM on January 19, 2022 (UTC), GemUni will do IDO on 3 launchpads: GameFi, Red Kite and KrystalGO. 24 hours later, GENI tokens will be listed on PancakeSwap.
Total IDO allocations across all pads are $400,000: GameFi $150,000, Red Kite $150,000 and KrystalGO $100,000. 
2,000,000 GENI token (2%) will be allocated, at the price $0.2 each. 
Now, you can participate in our whitelist to get the earliest spots in the official IDO day. Visit this link for details: 
Our IDO Whitelist event has started and will last until 9AM, January 17, 2022 (UTC). Winner Announcement will be posted on GemUni’s official channels the next day, January 18, 2022.
To participate, you must be GENI Pass holders (Diamond, Ruby, Citrine, Topaz or Stone). Visit GemUni’s store on Babylons, Liquidifty, and Refinable to get your hands on these powerful Passes!
Total Reward Pool is $5000 for 120 winners, including:
– Top 100 winners (chosen based on the total amount of money you pay to purchase GENI Passes, except for those Passes you have sold);
– Top 20 winners with the highest number of referrals.
You will have to complete a list of tasks in GemUni’s Gleam link and wait for the results from us!
GemUni will use a random selection method to ensure fairness and transparency of the IDO Whitelist Campaign. Join now!

Q: Can you share us about your roadmap?
A: We have outlined a clear development path and achieved every milestone in our roadmap.
In the next weeks and months, you will access many interesting events and activities.
First, GemUni will do IDO on 3 launchpads: GameFi, Red Kite and KrystalGO. The IDO will officially take place at 9 AM on January 19, 2022 (UTC). 24 hours later, GENI tokens will be listed on PancakeSwap.
Total IDO allocations across all pads are $400,000: GameFi $150,000, Red Kite $150,000 and KrystalGO $100,000. 
2,000,000 GENI token (2%) will be allocated, at the price $0.2 each. 
Now, you can participate in our whitelist to get the earliest spots in the official IDO day:  
On January 16, 2022, GemUni’s NFT Marketplace will be officially launched on the platform.
On January 26, 2022, GemUni will officially introduce Farming & Staking for GENI, NFT Passes to the community.
Beta Test Gaming site will also be extended until February 2022 so that users can experience more games and new features. After that, the Official Gaming site with full Play2Earn mechanics will be officially launched.
In March 2022, GemUni will introduce new DeFi mechaincs: Lending & Leasing, and launch INO & Beta Test for new Signature Games on the platform. The $1mil Global Tournament is also being planned. Terms and Conditions will be announced to the community in Q1/2022.
In the second quarter, GemUni will focus on expanding partnerships with Gaming Partners, Studios, Platforms to build a strong gaming ecosystem. 500+ Casual Games will be published on the platform along with Signature Games like Moon 2050, CyberRace, ZodiBoom.
Q:  Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project. How have you been able to build a complete project and what is the way to generate profit? What is the income model of this project?

A: Our revenue comes from 3 sources: 
(1) NFTs Sales, 
(2) In-game Tools Sales, and 
(3) NFT Marketplace Transaction Fees. 
The revenue can be in the form of GENI, GENIX, or BNB. Then: 
– G% of the revenue will be distributed for burning tokens to prevent inflation,
– E% will go to the Company to develop GemUni and ensure business operations, and 
– M% is allocated to the GemUni Games Treasury. Another income source for our Games Treasury comes from the Company, which will be described further in the Token Allocation. 
The GemUni Games Treasury will then be used to reward players who participate in PvE, PvP gameplay modes and Challenges & Tournaments. As under control, its token amount is always smaller than that of the Revenue Pool.

Q: Who is GemUni backers? can you share a litle bit about them? and how they support you for upcoming IDO?

A: We are so fortunate to be backed by Tops of Industry, the leading experts and businesses in the fields of crypto, blockchain and gaming.
More than 50 Investors & Partners are supporting GemUni both strategically and financially. Some notable names are: Kyber Network, Shima Capital, Kyros Ventures (Coin68), ExNetwork Capital (Philippines), Zipmex, HG Ventures, ZBS Capital, GAINS Associates, Coincu Ventures, Lucky Ventures, JadeLabs, BFRI Capital, CRVN Capital, etc.
Additionally, GemUni is working with global launchpads and partners like Red Kite, GameFi, KrystalGO, Refinable, Babylons, Liquidifty, and more. 
At 9AM on Jan 19, 2022, we will do IDO on 3 launchpads: Red Kite, GameFi, and KrystalGO. In the meantime, we have received a lot of support from our Investors & Partners in terms of marketing and community to spread our IDO information.

Q: Community is an aspect of any project. Do you have any plan to expand your community and attract new users?

A:  Yes, community is one of our priorities. Without community, we are not able to expand and ensure the project’s success.
To develop a well working and strong community for GemUni project, we have a detailed plan for daily updates and announcements on social and community channels. We have a dedicated team to support and answer all the concerns from members promptly. 
Also, gaming tournaments and challenges will be frequently organized to engage with and build trust in communities. We are planning on the $1mil Global Tournament with the grand prize opportunity for participants. Terms and Conditions will be announced in Q1/2022. Stay tuned to our updated in official social & community channels!
We also cooperate with Gaming Studios/Publishers/Developers and Global Ambassadors to diversify our game portfolios and activities to engage players and expand GemUni’s influence to more people around the world. around the world. 
More details will be updated soon, so don’t forget to follow closely GemUni’s official website: 
We take care of our community and want to grow GemUni in both quality and quantity. 
Q: Where can i buy your tokens? and where do I join you?

A:  You can join our IDO on Red Kite, GameFi, and KrystalGo launchpads on Jan 19, or you can wait to buy on PancakeSwap on Jan 20.
More exchanges listing plan are also planned on the Roadmap after PancakeSwap as well:)

Q: Smart contracts are susceptible to failure and many projects fall victim to this, costing users money and the project discrediting. How reliable and secure is your smart contract? Have you tested it through any of the parties?

A: For sure we have to ensure our security and reliability for our smart contracts. That’s why GemUni’s smart contracts are audited by Certik and Hacken which are both credible Auditing firms. 
You can check out the reports updating on our website:

Q: Do you have any.. 
1- Telegram Group
2-YouTube channel
3- Tiktok Channel
4- Website
5- twitter
For this project? From there where can I get the latest information, what social media can I follow to get the latest Your project information?
Q: Do you have an ambassador program available? If yes, how can I join it? And may I know what’s the benefit available for the ambassador?
A:  Yes we do have GemUni Global Ambassadors Program, the details will be published soon on our website. If you are an influencer, KOL, or NFT/Gaming community, games guild, crypto trading community, etc. and would like to onboard with GemUni to bringing Casual Games Play2Earn to more and more people in the world, then we would love to have you onboard as an Ambassador:)
Being an Ambassador of GemUni will benefit from lots of exclusive offers from our events, NFT sales, and also receive lucrative Commission for the GENI Pass NFT sales the ambassador introduced successfully!


ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the GemUni Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, GemUni for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂


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