Ask Me Anything with EDAIN at ICO Speaks: Summary

edain ama session at ico speaks
edain ama session at ico speaks
October 13-th   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICO Speaks telegram chat. From the Edain there was:

💻Chris Edwards | Edain Project Manager | @chris_edw

Yeah, I’ve been working on what is now the Edain project since the beginning of the the development of the core technology, C+8, began almost 6 years ago. I have a background in sales & marketing, less so in IT

                                       Let’s get started!

Q:What is the underlying premise of Edain?

A:  Edain is an ambitious project that has already seen investment of more than €15M euros over the past five years in its underlying C+8 technology. Edain is designed to provide knowledge as a utility – like water and electricity are delivered to homes and businesses – to every human being on our planet (through the internet). Edain is constructed to serve as the world’s central knowledge repository (we call this repository the “C+8 Knowledge Vault”) – precisely as we see a great oracle in movies – but as a real, ‘living, breathing’ electronic system that functions just like the human brain. Edain is a digital oracle providing economies of scale that the human brain does not have, but able to respond to any question posed to it through software applications. So, we have this massive database with processed data that is capable of connecting all of the known and available information on…anything. When I introduce a query to this database, it responds through correlation of all information within the database and in real time and provides simple, straightforward answers together will all of the underlying information the system used to produce that answer.

Q: We’ve heard that Edain is a disruptive project. Can you explain why?

A:  Yeah, this is a great question and one we commonly receive. Imagine what the world would look like if we all had access to the best knowledge possible for every decision we’re confronted with – from the simplest of things at a consumer level, to the most complex of things at business and government levels. What if, all of a sudden, we were all capable of making difficult decisions, in real time, with great precision and understanding of their implications? Further yet, what if this knowledge system could extrapolate facts from fiction in our global datasphere, thus eliminating to a great extent the ‘fake’ and misleading information that is presently so widely disseminated through the internet? The answer is that we would have a significant and measurable increase in intelligence that would also lead to our ability to live sustainably and with much greater peace. There is NO other system in the world today that is doing this, much less attempting it.

Q: Is Edain a long-term project? If yes, what makes it long-term?

A:  Yes, Edain is definitely a long-term project. We call it a ‘forever’ project, in fact. Again, Edain is a functioning system, requiring scaling and the continuous development of applications that are and will be designed to allow people to access knowledge through the C+8 Knowledge Vault. So, consider the Knowledge Vault to be comprised of a sea of processed data is very much like a sea comprised of saltwater. Filling a sea with saltwater takes a long time (not like filling a glass of water), whereas with more water comes more life forms – with more life forms comes more value. Knowledge Vault, just like our natural world, is the same. The more processed data it has, the more apps can be developed to access knowledge from the Vault. So, it is a process. But just like the internet and search engines that followed – these products took time to build into what they have become today, and they’re still developing.    Edain’s Knowledge Vault is no different.

Q: We understand Edain is a big data project at its foundation. Why is that?

A: For the reasons touched on above, the Knowledge Vault that sits within the Edain knowledge ecosystem, it is designed to capture (import) all of the world’s available data, process it, store it and then make it available to be used in thousands, millions, billions, trillions and so on, of queries that will be introduced to the Knowledge Vault over time. So, when we say “ambitious”, that is actually an understatement from the standpoint of reference – simply because it has never before been attempted. And “big data” – there probably isn’t really an accurate name for this yet, other than to say something like “absolutely massive” data. So we just named it an absolutely massive data project. That said, we know it to be achievable.

Q: What is so special about the C+8 data model – the underlying technology behind Edain’s Knowledge Vault?

A: But, as he would reason, he designed C+8 to work like the human brain insofar as how it processes data/information. In starting from a point of human cognition as an architectural blueprint for C+8, he actually addressed some other longstanding data science problems in achieving this – some of them as a natural consequence of C+8’s design. One is that C+8 is proving successful at generalizing unstructured data (a very big deal). Two is that C+8, through a ‘tagging process’ it uses to label all incoming data, facilitates the ability for data to self-organize (also a very big deal). Three is that C+8’s processing scheme eliminates human interference, thus nearly removing the existence of human bias from the analytics process (a very, very big deal). And four, the C+8 system makes it possible for us to measure knowledge, both quantitively and qualitatively (yes, really big deal too).

Q: We’ve heard that Edain is not a concept, but rather a functioning system. Can you explain where the project is right now?
A:  So C+8 is running in perpetuity – 24 hours a day – and as we speak now. We capture information from more than 60,000 different sources daily. That data is imported into the system, where it is either stored as raw data, or it is parsed and tagged, then stored as processed data. Both data/information types are valuable for different uses, but all data within the C+8 system will be fully processed for producing knowledge outputs. We’re at a point where we need to begin scaling, testing, processing and repeating – then when adequate data is processed to develop knowledge apps that can be supported by types of data that are plentiful in the Knowledge Vault, then app development will be undertaken to leverage those processed data resources. Evidence that C+8 is functioning can be seen on the Edain website at Here, we have provided some example apps with preformatted inputs. These apps allow you to see that there is data in the system and that it is processing said data, as the outputs will change as the same queries are introduced over time and where new processed data has been imported into the Knowledge Vault.

Having said that, we really encourage those interested to check out the example apps online at edain’s website

Q: What is ahead in the timeline for Edain?
A: We have outlined this a little in the last answer, but generally, Edain is in its presale period now and will conclude this phase on 29 March, 2022 at which point Edain will list on regulated exchanges and at the price of $1 (USD). Not later than that date, Edain will release the first of its knowledge apps in the Edain App Marketplace (Edain’s app store). We will continue to roll out new knowledge apps as we have depth of processed data to support certain app types – for example, real estate valuation, certain health related products, travel, finance and so on. All the while, Edain will be deeply engaged in telling its story, both from the now (“what we’re doing now” and whether we’re doing it successfully) and the longer term vision of where the Knowledge Vault is going. There is little doubt that we’ll all be seeing Edain in the news regularly as we pick up momentum in the coming months and years…

Q: Can you explain what kinds of Knowledge Vault software might be available in the future?
A:  Again, I kinda touched on this above, but to add some specificity, a real estate valuation might allow a user to identify where they are best to invest in a piece of real estate. By introducing a set of parameters that the app would allow, you could arrive at where it is most advantageous to buy, rent, etc. A logical query might include the intended purpose of the real estate, tax structure, climate, crime, zoning, price range, traffic types, schools and so on… Maybe a travel app that allows people to choose the best options for a vacation next spring, where introducing things like dates, travel time, expense, climate, cultural assets, certain services, etc. – the Knowledge Vault could return all of your options in order of fit based on selected criteria and do so in real-time and for 20 – 30 cents. A B2G app might help governments determine if they should build a dam on a given river, or a park on an old industrial site. In the end, we genuinely see many thousands of apps being made available on top of the Knowledge Vault, over time, that will help people make the same kinds if decision that we currently make regularly over the course of our normal lives – both personal and professional…

Understanding that our smartphones are current knowedge vaults, but on a significantly more limited scale and without dynamic outputs…
Q: What is the best feature of the Knowledge Vault

A:  Hmmm…I think the best ‘consequence’ of the Knowledge Vault is the potential positive impact it can have on human evolution. If, through a product like the Knowledge Vault, we can empower billions of people to have the best possible information with which to make decisions – we would truly evolve better, more sustainably and more peacefully. Currently, knowledge is a resource of the few and it should be a resource for the sum total of humans. Because what we’re really talking about here is the ability to predict the outcomes of things before they happen – allowing us to use the resources we have a lot more efficiently (“smarter”). Otherwise, I must conclude that its best ‘feature’ is indeed knowledge delivery; equally, equitably, reliably and at very low cost to anyone wishing it…

Q:Are you a global project or a local project? Can anyone use your project anywhere without any restrictions?

A:  Our project is most definitely global and is truly the purpose of Edain. The only restriction to use any of Edain’s products in the future is an internet connection and a few EAI as this serves as the internal transactional system for the Knowledge Vault.

Q: How easy is use to use your platform for new beginners? do you have any guide and tutorial available for beginners to learn about your platform?

A: This is actually a good question and there seems to be alot of ambiguity about both 1) what knowledge really is, and 2) what the apps will look like and how user-friendly they will be.

So, needless to say that because ‘knowledge apps’ don’t yet exist, its reasonable to expect people won’t be clear until they arrive. But suffice to say, they must be extraordinarily user friendly. Worth noting is that we’ll adopt as many standards as possible to ensure seamless use of Edain’s knowledge apps, but we are also placing extraordinary emphasis on how we deliver knowledge through visualizations. So I would offer that not only will they be easy to use, but they’ll be highly engaging, too.

Q:Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

A:  No, we won’t burn token. We do believe our hard cap of 470,000,000 will be too few at some point, but we will deliver unsold license keys to the staking pool.

We’ll definitely hedge long term
Q: Can you list 1-3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

A:  I think the ‘killerest’ feature is simply that we can deliver the best knowledge possible to everyone through easy-to-use apps. Again, because its not been done before, it’s hard for many people to envision how “knowledge can be delivered”, despite knowing that our smartphones serve a similar role today. We constantly look at them for knowledge – often not realizing it. Our competitive advantage is that Edain is in a “first-in” position and stand considerable advantage if we get it right. Plus, we have amazing partners – key of which are our partners at Dell who will help ensure that we can deliver of the computational demands required of the Edain system to do what is presently a very ambitious data science project.
: Do you have any YouTube channel or website for this project? where we can learn something this project??

A: Yes, we have youtube channel and we park content there for review at any time. We also use Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, TikTok, Reddit and certainly here on Telegram. We push content through all of our channels in the attempt to stay connected with people through these platform preferences. We’re pretty active in this sense, as we must be, of course. But rest assured, anyone can reach out to us on any of these platforms and get a responde. Most active is our Edain Software Community Group here on TG.
Q:  Do you have a long-term listing plan on major tier 1-2-3 exchanges?
A: Yes, we will list on regulated exchanges immediately following the conclusion of our presale on March 30, 2022. EAI will list at $1 USD at that time.
ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the Edain Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, Edain for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
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