Ask Me Anything with DXB Pay at ICO Speaks: Summary

dxbpay ama at ico speaks
dxbpay ama at ico speaks
November 8-th   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICO Speaks telegram chat. From the DXBpay side there was:

This is the second time we host you with us for AMA, although we know you but can you quickly introduce yourself to the community?


💻Michael Bort |Head of PR| @PR_DXBPay

Good afternoon to all the community, I am Michael Bort the head of PR at DXB Pay ltd
I am a graduate of California State university – long beach college of business. I have handled various roles within the media and advertising industry working with large agencies across the globe. 

I have been in the cryptocurrency space for over 3 years, I love the blockchain space for the creativity of applications and solutions it offers, and currently loving working with such an innovative and active company such as DXBPay

                                           Let’s get started!
Q: For those who new to our community, can you describe DXBPay as a project? 
A:  DXBPay is an incorporated company in the UK, specialized in blockchain applications and payment solutions.

DXBPay is building a payment model that utilizes cross-chain capabilities to serve the needs of merchants and offer a safe payment gateway that allows a wider sector of clients to shop online and pay using their crypto currency, of course DXB token will be used for such payments.
The final product of DXB Pay will be adopted by merchants who perform large-scale and high-speed transactions such as Amazon, Uber,, etc.

In short, DXBPay is building a complete eco-system that truly bridges the crypto universe with the real world, and DXB is its token to fuel it

Q: DXB is the utility token for DXBPay, what does it do?

A: DXB is the utility token that will power the DXB pay ecosystem for all future DeFi products.  The DXB token is a specialized cryptocurrency with a plan to encompass multiple technologies like DeFi, merchant payment channels, incentives, and charity.

The token has a very intelligent contract that continuously rewards holders with BNB and burn token supply to reduce the circulating supply and help increase the price.

No staking or farming is needed, holders simply hold DXB and start earning BNB as people transact, and the circulating supply keeps burning with every transaction to reduce the circulating supply further in addition we have an innovative approach to burning which is our cycle burn, which is a dedicated locked wallet that burns equal to 5% of all accuired tokens with 30 days cycle that means you have large token burn on monthly basis, and the size of this burn is determined by the volume of trade on that month.

Important note here:

BNB rewards and cycle burn are governed by its own smart contract for added security.

Q: DXB token is now live and trading and holders are already being rewarded with BNB, Everyone is talking about your BNB rewards, can you tell us more about it?

A:  As i mentioned earlier, the transaction deducts 7% fee on sells, and 2.5% of these fees gets exchanged into BNB and distributed to holders proportionate to their DXB token holdings.
However we took it one step further this BNB rewards happens in cycles, meaning everytime the rewards pool reaches 50 BNB it gets distributed and new cycle begins, but you as a holder, you dont have to worry about loosing your rewards if you dont claim on time or you claim your BNB rewards late, because each cycle gets added to the next if you dont claim

think of it like a bank receiving regular deposits, it keeps adding and growing until you claim

as simple as this sounds, its extremely difficult to achieve in a smart contract which is why i did not see a single project does that, and for that we are very proud

Q: Since our last AMA, you have launched your token and its been trading with impressive results, the price increase by over 1500% since the listing which was less than 25 days ago, what is the reason behind this success?

A: The reason is multiple factors, and i think the first and most important one is, investors whos been with us from early stages saw that we have delivered on every single promise we made as of now second is, the token contract has many rewarding functions and as a result of it, it is very attractive to new investors to join and in addition, investors who hold DXB can connect their wallets and see their BNB rewards due to them, this is added trust in the project.

Last but not least, DXB is a utility token for much larger project, and it is not another meme coin that was launched. We are tired of meme projects that does nothing and gets inflated then deflated just as fast, investors want real projects tackling real uses, and i think DXBPay offers that.

We were also listed on coinmarketcap and coingecko amongst many others and this also helped, but what is coming is much bigger.

Q: You are traded on pancakeswap and poocoin, you have been listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko along with few other platforms, what else do we expect from you in the near future?

A: We have put a roadmap and we are committed to it, however at the same time we listen to our community and investors, therefore based on many requests from our community, we are in process of listing DXB on few popular and reputed exchanges we are in final discussion with few exchanges on how to move forward in the best possible way that serves the project.

In addition, we have our own internal plans that will not only be innovative, but something will bring DXBPay to a whole different level from your other crypto projects. We have large advertising campaign in preparation for these listings and steps, and a new communication channels across multiple media channels that will ensure exposure and penetration of different markets.

And finally few collaboration with none crypto projects to utilize DXB token and bring even higher value to it in general

Q: We heard some gossip and we want to know more? Are you guys really opening your own platform and NFT market and did you really have big collaborations so soon?

A: wel… what do they say, there is no smoke without fire? I cant share a lot of details but i can confirm that we have built new partnership that pumped our roadmap with steroids and added many exciting things to it.


We are indeed building our own platform, and its not only for DXB, rather many other projects collected.  We are also launching an NFT marketplace but in a whole new way. 

Meaning NFT is not going to be used as digital art only, rather it will have real value and return on investment simply as it is, and its value will be linked to few of the most responsible economy factors of any region.

We have one more feature that will be very exciting to sports enthusiasts but details of it will be announced soon. One more thing to mention, our partnership gave us resources to speed up the growth of DXBPay which is innovative on its own, but now has the needed resources to make it bigger, stronger, and faster.
Q: Lots of scam and fake messages !! What is your official website link and telegram?

A:  simple yet important question, kindly find it below:   🌐 We are everywhere! 🌐 ⁣⁣
Follow us on your favorite social media channel and get the latest updates first! 👇👇👇⁣⁣
💠 website –    ⁣⁣
💠 Telegram –    ⁣⁣
💠 Twitter –    ⁣⁣
💠 TikTok –    ⁣⁣
💠 Facebook –         ⁣⁣
💠 YouTube – ⁣

Q: I want to support your project, Tell us more about the Ambassador Program and in what ways can we participate ?

A: very interesting, some loyal investors who are big supporters of the project created a group and wish to push DXB as much as they can, we liked that and appreciated it and named them DXBPay ambassadors, and we have supported them with everything we can, however it is not an official program from DXBPay, its an initiative that we endorse

Q: What are the ways for your project to generate revenue in the long run? What is the progress of business development and what are some of your commercial partnerships?

A: Our main revenue comes from deployment of DXB Pay with ecommerce merchants, and we charge a fee per transaction, however like i mentioned earlier, we have additional plans that are very profitable for DXB and for the investors, and we have the needed funding and resources to go very big, just keep watching and see.

Q: Staking is very important for any project. Can I stake your token? Do you have any plan of starting a staking program? 

A: staking and farming while it is great ways to earn income, it comes with a huge risk of impermanent loss, and therefore with DXB there is no need to stake or farm, simply hold DXB and start earning BNB risk free, the 2 burn mechanisms ensures an ever growing DXB token price, while BNB know its one of the strongest coins out there

Q:The crypto industry is a fast-paced industry, how flexible is your Project to change quickly and keep pace with technology trends? What is your long-term vision for the forecasting industry in which the your Project project operates?

A:  I think our plans are ahead of its time, if anything we are slowing it down to match the pace of the industry, we are a futuristic company with futuristic vision, and we love crypto space as it allows us to utilize our technology in the fastest most secured manner.

Q: Could you please throw some light on your project name? What basically it represent and why did you choose this name?

A:  It is short for some of the technology we use, it is not related to anything else.

Q: Could you tell me a little bit about Your roadmap going forward, How do you plan onboarding users and gaining more adoption for Your project?

A: Our roadmap can be found here: however keep watching this space, as it will be getting a huge makeover soon, and you will love it if you are a DXB holder

Q: What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

A: Our utility, and our rewards, our token contract, our innovation and many many more, I don’t think we have the time to list it all.

Q: How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you have local communities like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea,.. so they can better understand your project?

A: we have already started new groups dedicated to different languages, persian is already live, it is shortly followed by Vietnamese, Japanese, Spanish, and later Chinese and Arabic, in addition, we are in discussion with marketing agencies in different regions to promote DXBPay to those regions and bring awareness, DXBPay school of crypto will be one of our future plans, but will talk about it later

Q: Current NFT is a hot topic, but are NFT not just for art. Does your project think that more real world use cases will emerge for NFTs as time goes on, why should we take NFTs seriously?

A:  NFTs are amazing, they open up a whole new world of applications, therefore our NFT marketplace will not be art only, it will be an application that when you see you will wonder why no one thought of that and applied it before? lets keep it our little secret until its live

Q: Currently from where i can buy ? Is it possible that I can get only by holding it?

A: You can buy it on pancakeswap, and just when you buy it, you can go to and connect your wallet and watch your BNB rewards grow paying with crypto? as simple as this sounds, it requires complex operations behind it and we have it

Q:Most users are still not aware of Blockchain & its related projects ! So, How Your Project platform create awareness about their project with NON-CRYPTO users too?

A:   Our main application is with none crypto businesses, so we are the most important point of contact and collaboration to none crypto projects and to bridge the gap between crypto universe and the real world, just imagine buying your groceries or using uber or booking your ticket and 
ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the DXB pay Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, DXBpay  for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂


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