Ask Me Anything with Crown Sterling at ICOSpeaks: AMA Summary

crown sterling ama
crown sterling ama

Ask Me Anything with Crown Sterling at ICOSpeaks: AMA Summary

May 2-nd   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICOSpeaks telegram chat. From the Crown Sterling side there was:

Before we go to the first set of questions, could you please do a short self-intro?


👨‍💻 Kuran Sailopal  | SVP of Corporate Development | @kuranbizdev

Hey everyone! SO excited to be here! I have been following AMA’s on ICO SPEAKS channel for years and I have to just say… YOU GUYS ROCK!  I am delighted to be here today showcasing all the amazing things we are working on!

My name is Kuran Sailopal. I am the Senior Vice-President of Corporate Development at Crown Sterling. I have actively been working in space for 3 years, primarily leading business development for leading exchanges such as (formerly Exchange). Most recently I have been travelling the world advocating global adoption of crypto on all fronts, working on everything from ecosystem growth to launch strategies.

                                             Let’s get started!
Q: What is Crown Sterling and the CSOV Token?

A: Crown Sterling’s mission is to enable individuals to claim, protect and control their personal data, ushering in a new paradigm of Personal Data Sovereignty. From quantum-proof encryption products to a novel blockchain-enabled and tokenized ecosystem, Crown Sterling is transforming digital security with its non-integer-based algorithms that leverage machine learning and irrational numbers. You can find out more at


Crown Sovereign (CSOV) utility token enables users to participate in the broad range of Crown Sterling’s product offerings, including quantum-resistant cryptography, NFT Collectibles, encrypted messaging and file transfer, as well as other future compression technologies.

Q:  Who is the team behind Crown Sterling?

A: We have decades of experience within our dynamic team from corporate veterans to the brightest minds in blockchain technology.
I think our greatest strength as a team is our ability to think outside the box. We are highly creative and adaptive with a keen desire to serve the needs of our customers.
But let’s get this straight…
This all starts with ONE man..
Our founder Robert Grant who is a polymath and truly one of the brightest minds in the world right now. He is now Crown Sterling’s CEO.
He has a diverse background and career, having lived in nine countries and learned several languages. He spent most of his career in healthcare, but has always had a very strong interest in mathematics, geometry and physics. He recently authored the best selling book PHILOMATH (The Unification of Science and Art Through Number). 

Q: What does it mean to have ‘personal data sovereignty’?

A: Data is now the largest asset category in the world. Though data is infinite, its value has outstripped all other asset categories in the world since 2018. But it isn’t really the data by itself that is so valuable, rather it is the control of that data that has been tightly held by only a handful of Big Tech companies We aim to change that through our Quantum Resistant encryption and novel compression technologies that will allow consumers to CLAIM, PROTECT, CONTROL and/or MONETIZE their data in the format of NFTs.Freedom of speech is something we stand firmly for!!  We believe all individuals should have ownership of their data and the monetization of consumer data should be down to individual choice.


Q:  What does the roadmap of Crown Sterling look like?

A: Soo… We have a LOT in stall!
– Our platform will roll out both Web and Mobile applications, creating a seamless user experience to access Crown Sterling’s novel product suite.
– We will launch our very own crypto debit card, allowing token holders to use CSOV for purchases globally. 
– We will be demonstrating our novel Data (Mathematical) Compression later this year. We already have this for key compression, and we are now expanding on its foundation to include data/message text for all types of data. Given that the world spends almost 20% of the energy on data storage and related activities, we think this could have a huge impact on the planet while also decentralizing data storage for all. This is a critical aspect of our Personal Data Sovereignty mission.
– We will launch a separate “Gateway” App called the BFN Calculator by Crown Sterling. Last year, we created the largest number calculator (mathematics) that performs all equations in constant time (effectively no latency whatsoever).

Q: Is quantum resistance a priority for blockchain technology?

A: Crypto technology is undoubtedly the next generation of financial services. However, many of the blockchain-enabled platforms currently building crypto services have vulnerabilities, and hackers have exposed these since the early days of cryptocurrencies. Even though the older weak points get fixed, new ones keep opening up. As a consequence of this cycle, hackers got away with over $4Billion worth of crypto assets in 2021. This upward trend in blockchain hacks is further confirmed because six of the biggest crypto heists happened in 2021.

Today, the average consumer believes blockchain technology to be highly secure due to the encryption protocols they use but is unaware of the pace of technological advancement that we see today. Quantum computing will be a significant threat to the integrity of blockchain ecosystems, and this future is nearer than most people think. For example, IBM announced the release of their quantum chip, the IBM Quantum Condor, which is slated for the end of 2023.
The White House announced recently that every branch must be on quantum-resistant encryption within six months. That decision says a lot!!  We believe this vulnerability from quantum-computing advancement is a real issue

There is a solution – and it is geometric. A prime number prediction pattern discovered and published by our founder Robert Grant and colleague Talal Ghannam PhD in 2018/2019, led our founder Robert Grant to look deeper into the risk of quantum computing, as well as the geometric approaches to face it head on.
 This paper was just the beginning of our founder Robert Grant’s work exploring mathematically-based solutions to information-theory related challenges like cryptography and compression. 
Robert’s most recent paper “A Novel Geometric Model of Natural Spirals Base on Right Triangle Polygonal Modular Formations,” sets a foundation for a new perspective of elliptic curve analysis and it’s relation to polygonal modularity.
Now that’s a lot to digest!!!

Q: Could you explain briefly how your encryption product works?

A: The Crown Sovereign token (CSOV) utilizes One-Time Pad, an encryption technique viewed by cryptography experts as the most reliable method of data security. Previously deemed infeasible for scalable use cases, Crown Sterling has successfully engineered the first viable utility for One-Time Pad encryption.
Cyber attacks can take many forms. If all files are properly secured with correct key distribution and authentication using One-time Pad, even if a network is breached by an attacker, as every character of every encrypted file is encrypted using a distinct key, then even if one character is deciphered, an attacker is no more likely to decrypt the other characters of the same file. This is also true of files and is a huge advantage to the use of Block Ciphers like AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).
Here is a great video by Security Expert Eric Cole:
Our North Star is actually the genesis block of our blockchain which was built as a custom chain on top of the Polkadot platform. We customized the entire encryption layer and deliver both quantum resistant encryption and mathematical compression for key management and data in order to enable our Mission of Data Sovereignty for All.
Our genesis block states that “We believe that data is the intangible personal property of original producers and is therefore protected by the US Constitution in Articles 4 and 5 and also by the EU and UN Charters of Human Rights”
More can be found on our Quantum proof cryptographic protocols at 
Q: What is Crown Sterling’s take on NFTs?

A: NFT’s are a rapidly growing ecosystem with so much intrinsic value and real world utility yet to be uncovered. The future is definitely bright!


Our Quantum Resistant encryption and novel compression technologies will allow consumers to CLAIM, PROTECT, CONTROL and/or MONETIZE their data in the format of NFTs.
Next year, we will expand our Crown Sterling App to encrypt all your data and even geo location, search history and purchase history so that users can easily turn their data into salable NFTs.
While our NFTs will be able to be sold on many different exchange platforms, we will also establish our own NFT Exchange to make a market for the most valuable asset category in the world……… DATA!!
Q:  The data market is expected to reach 274 billion USD in 2022. Do you have any partnerships planned?

A: Our ecosystem is growing rapidly. Over 35 companies have informed us that they plan to build their new blockchains on top of the Crown Sterling Architecture. From incorporating data sovereignty in the Metaverse to creating a new species of digital A.I driven assistant. It is super exciting to watch the developments happening here. New projects can submit proposal requests to
To increase cross-chain compatibility and accessibility of CSOV and quantum-proof products, we launched an ERC-20 token last month. Trading pairs available are WCSOV/USDT and WCSOV/ETH. The wrapped CSOV token (WCSOV) is pegged at a 1:1 ratio through a smart contract on Ethereum. Available on BitMart; users can purchase and trade WCSOV, which can be later swapped into native CSOV to access Crown Sterling’s quantum-resistant encryption and compression products and services suite.
This allows us to access and leverage a growing decentralized ecosystem. Users will be able to access WCSOV on DEXs very soon.
I believe cross-chain protocol interoperability is a much-needed natural evolution of the industry. With our novel compression technology in deep development and our Quantum Resistant Encryption products, I envision Crown Sterling at the heart of the Web 3.0 revolution with cross-chain interoperability via bridging technology accelerating that journey.
Q: Where is your token available currently and do you have any upcoming listings planned?

A: so our WCSOV is available on Bitmart right now and will be listing on decentralised exchanges very soon. Stay tuned in our community for more on that!
We also have several other CEX’s where native CSOV is available such as, hitbtc and changelly pro
More can be found here 
We have many strategies regarding product evolution and growth. From launching the world’s largest calculator to launching our own NFT marketplace. We will be launching a web version of our native application enhancing and expanding our user base by creating a seamless user experience. We will also be bringing further utility to our token as we will be rolling out a crypto debit card whereby CSOV holders can use their tokens for purchases globally!
Q:How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?
Q: What are plans in for global expansion? Are you focusing on market at this time or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?

A: We are a disruptive project aiming to take on a global industry. We pride ourselves in providing industry leading Customer support. We deal with all customer support requests dilligently and in a timely manner, this is very uncommon in the crypto industry which can often leave users feeling unvalued and lost.  Scaling quality customer care is at the forefront of our growth strategy which we will endeveour in the coming months. Through our Founding team We have proven business success accross an array of industries using disruptive technology which makes all our community feel safe. It’s the unprecendated level of expertise, dilligence and execution in a timely manner that instills trust. We are on track to deliver on major milestones in the coming month. With a revolutionary Quantum proof product offering, a growing community and ecosystem, I am truly elated to be part of such a journey!
Q: What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

A: We will be launching Staking rewards once we roll out our Node validator programme that will allow users to earn rewards on staked CSOV! There is honestly so much to come! We like build first then go to market after, I can assure you our technology that is derived from new discoveries is nothing short of revolutionary. We also are bringing a seamless user experience that this industry has been craving. With ease of access and simplicity at the heart of our user expereince alongside further utility of being able to use your CSOV for purchases via our debit card.
As our ecosystem expands we will be hosting our own events and hackathons globally. Most recently we hosted 50 thought leaders from the blockchain industry in Egypt, we have HUGE partnerships on the horizon. From tier 1 exchanges to partnerships with projects who are pillars of the industry today.
We see our products as a natural evolution with our novel compression technology in deep development and our Quantum Resistant Encryption products, I envision Crown Sterling at the heart of the Web 3.0 revolution with cross-chain interoperability via bridging technology accelerating that journey.
Q: What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

A: Our strongest advantage is the strength of our core technology, from revolutionary quantum proof encryption on blockchain to novel data compression technology. With the strategic partners we have in stall, I firmly believe our technology will serve as a basis for Web 3.0.
Let me tell you guys about something.
We have many strategies regarding product evolution and growth. From launching the world’s largest calculator to launching our own NFT marketplace
Our BFN Calculator, we can achieve over 300,000 digits of accuracy on every calculation in constant time. This has enabled analysis of large number strings far in excess of what large teaching institutions can effectively generate. Thus, enabling our novel cryptographic approaches as well as information theory-based approaches to novel compression methodologies. There is no telling what innovations may come of this when the world has access to this technology.
In addition to number calculations, it is able to visualize all mathematical equations and outputs GEOMETRICALLY and eventually even MUSICALLY! You can even toggle what dimensional reference you would like to choose from 2D = Area value across any circle or polygon representation you choose (for example) as well as 3D volumetric geometries extending into 4D and even up to 6D (and beyond) representations. We even got a patent on this calculator but want to share this with the world.
We are even creating a novel Proof of Work aspect of the BFN calculator so that users can LEARN and EARN CSOV by contributing to our global Geometric/Musical Construction that will be viewable both in a metaverse environment as it grows and evolves into one Giant Geometric, Living and Evolving Structure. As you can probably tell I am super excited about this and the research implications of this and how changes to the environment might impact the morphology of the structure, and by adding the Z axis of Time to the analysis, we can even listen the sound conversion in the form of musical notes
ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the Crown Sterling Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, Crown Sterling for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂


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