Ask Me Anything with Bithotel at ICO Speaks: Summary

bithotel ama at icospeaks
bithotel ama at icospeaks

Ask Me Anything with Bithotel at ICO Speaks: Summary

December 8-th  held an Ask Me Anything session at ICO Speaks telegram chat. From the Bithotel side there was: 

Before we go to the first set of questions, could you please do a short self-intro?
👨‍💻  Dominic | CFO| @zondaxx


👨‍💻 Leon | CEO | @leontheadmin
Our Head of Operations (Leon) has an extensive background in business development and marketing and grew brands to multiple 7-figures prior to starting his Bit Hotel journey.
👨‍💻 Bengt |CMO |  @TheBengt
Bengt is one of our community thought leaders and makes sure everyone in the Bit Hotel stays up to date on the latest news, he is also a marketing genius!
Bram (who is not here now) is the CTO of Bit Hotel. His background is in Computer Science and he’s been a professional freelancer for seven years now, working on all sorts of websites and web applications. A few years ago he started researching decentralized ledger technologies and began developing smart contacts on these DLTs. He published a paper on his research soon thereafter. Our Head of Operations (Leon) has an extensive background in business development and marketing and grew brands to multiple 7-figures prior to starting his Bit Hotel journey.
Creamy (who is not here), our head of partnerships, is a true digital native and has been active in the blockchain & funding space for many years to provide us the best industry connections for ensuring success.

                                                            Let’s get started!

Q: Give us an overview of bithotel

A: Bengt, [8 Dec 2021, 18:09:36]:
Bit Hotel is a Social-first Play 2 Earn NFT Gaming Metaverse, in which users will be able to use Bit Hotel tokens to participate in governance or acquire native NFTs. The NFTs have in-game usability such as characters, hotel rooms, and accessories and have each their own perks.
These NFTs can also be traded on the open market that will be released around year’s end.
Users will be able to meet and chat with other players, compete on our various ever-changing mini-games, and collect rare NFTs.
Every game has winners and losers, thus there will be a global leaderboard that keeps track. Frequent events will be hosted in which players can meet and mingle.
A metaverse would not be complete without governance, We will have a decentralized voting model that determines future content,rules this will be based on staking allocations and in-game achievement.
By the way guys, for pre-sale details and marketing proposals join Also definitely check out the live NFT drop and snatch a character before it’s too late:

Q: Is it available already to play \ use?
A:  It will be very soon! Beta’s are planned for Q1 2022 (so in just around a month time)
We have some very awesome milestones planned. Q4 of this year will consist of Monthly NFT offerings, and community building. In Q1 of 2022; we will be publically beta testing the game, and holding community reward events, followed by the game launch in Q2.
During all these phases, we will be actively marketing Bit Hotel through our partners and KOLs. It is no secret that great marketing requires great investment. We have a substantial marketing fund to help us reach a very broad array of communities.
To top it all off, we have an unbelievable amount of platforms lined up on which we can host our initial NFT offerings, many of which are expected to form the core of our communities that will be hosted in our metaverse.
Q: Can you elaborate about the social aspects of the game?

A: We see a huge gap in the market when it comes social & community aspects on the blockchain. Currently, the only viable options are either Discord or Telegram; this mainly has to do with both the anonymity and accessibility that those platforms have. It is no suprise that we are currently holding this AMA on Telegram.
However, we are not able to express our authenticity, we all have very cool online usernames and profile pictures; but there is no immersive audiovisual component that does justice to our individuality. The majority of the demographic using the blockchain belongs to generation Y, who grew up with those classic 8-bit graphics.
In the Bit Hotel metaverse, we try to give every user individuality and an in-game identity within that 8-bit nostalgic charm. Practically, users will be able to purchase NFT characters & rooms, in which they can invite their friends, host small gatherings and use as their own personal social hub.
They will be able to decorate their rooms with furniture, NFT artwork, and other artifacts. We will also be selling conference rooms/ club houses to DAOs and communities; in which one could host AMA’s, organize IDOs, and other communal activities. Only members with a custom NFT characters will have exclusive access to their particular conference room.
Bit Hotel will also be a framework, on which established companies will be able to host their groundbreaking technology and create a collaborative process with interoperability between projects as that is the beauty of blockchain. We want to make Bit Hotel as accessible as possible, our metaverse will therefore be mobile compatible too.

Q: Bit Hotel is diving into the P2E NFT space with a game of your own! What kind of games will be available to play and how will NFTs be incorporated? Can you share some teasers perhaps? 

A: The Play-to-earn model entails players battling each other in all sorts of mini-games within Bit Hotel.
There will be different mini-games on rotation. The winner of a mini-game wins Bit Hotel tokens that are redeemable for all kinds of different NFTs (similar to Axie Infinity’s SLP token!). In addition, there will also be a leaderboard tracking the top players in the game.These players will be rewarded at the end of the leaderboard term with rare NFTs and token rewards. Lastly, by hosting and joining in-game events players can get access to custom NFTs as well as tokens.
Players can collect and trade all sorts of Bit Hotel in-game NFTs and redeem them by winning in-game tokens. They can show their NFT characters in public rooms and mini-games, for example, and have perks based on rarity (think: multipliers of tokens earned).
Other rooms are NFTs in themselves, and players who own a room will be able to show their furniture NFTs and host clubhouse-like events. Some of these NFTs will also have a staking multiplier, meaning that players owning these NFTs will earn overtime.
And last, players that own a character NFT will be able to enjoy networking-incentives, providing unique rewards and perks to people that expand their network in-game!
Anyone can get one but keep in mind that supply is very limited! Check them out here

Q:  Tokenomics are crucial for a protocol no matter how good the ecosystem is, what are your tokenomics for the BTH token and what utility roles does it play?

A: We will be using a two token system.
$BTH will be used for staking and on-platform trading. The in-game token $BHOTEL that can be earned by playing and will be redeemable for NFT’s as well grant you access to events and other in-game activities.We will also be holding monthly NFT drops. These will be held on an array of platforms, including the Bit Hotel Marketplace, you will need $BUSD/$BTH to purchase our tradeable and playable NFT assets.
We will have a total supply of $BTH, 1% of this will be circulating at TGE, making our initial market cap 357K.
All investor funds are indeed locked by multisig wallets. The token supply that is not liquid will indeed also be locked in vesting contracts. 
Q: Another huge part of any game is outreach and getting players to join in the fun! What kind of marketing strategies do you all have in place, and what kind of partnerships have you made to boost your ecosystem?

A:  Our marketing strategy is heavily related to our partnerships, we have allocations designated for KOL’s, we are launching through a variety of launchpads, and the VCs that we have provide us with some excellent connections in terms of marketing, and connections to DAOs with substantial communities.
Our partners will be helping us with our community engagement, exposure, and ultimately will form the beginning of our user base.

It is no secret that great marketing requires great investment. We have a substantial marketing fund to help us reach a very broad array of potential investors and players. This will help us maintain our exposure, and branch out to reach users whom have not entered the metaverse domain yet. Our game is designed to be very accessible, and have a low barrier to entry, thus very attractive to new gamers.
To top it all off, we have an unbelievable amount of platforms lined up on which we can host our initial NFT offerings, all our NFTs will be playable and can almost be seen as an invitation to join the Bit Hotel metaverse!

Q: Lastly, do you all have a roadmap in place, and what would you say is of the highest importance to complete next? If you have any final updates to share also, please do 🍻

A: Great question! Here’ s our IDO road map
You can see where we sold out and what pre-sales are yet to come! Ferrum sale is up next!
Last stop (Enjinstarter) we sold out in minutes!
Q:Where I can get the latest updates or more information about the project

Q:  Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users ?

A: It is very suitable for beginners! We’ll have options to log in and play without even connecting your wallet.

Q:Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts address and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

A: Tokens can be bought from on a pre-sale starting on friday! More info on requirements in our telegram chat!

Q:IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

A: Interesting question. Although the hotel looks very fancy, it is still open to everyone.
ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the Bithotel Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, Bithotel for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂
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