Ask Me Anything with BitGet at ICO Speaks: Summary

BitGet AMA
Bit Get AMA session
July 30-th   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICO Speaks telegram chat. From the BitGet side there was:  Sandra |Bitget CEO |@Sandra_Bitget

                        Let’s get started!

Q:  Can you introduce Bitget to the team?  
A:  Bitget, established in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, is a global leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. Bitget supports futures contract and spot trading. Currently, there are over 1.5 million registered users worldwide, and Bitget ranks top 5 worldwide with its daily average contract trading volume in July 2020. Bitget platform also has a copy trading function that allows users to automatically copy positions opened and managed by their selected traders. To date, Bitget has over 9000 traders joining our copy trading platform, who have opened and closed more than 8 million trades.

Q:  Can you share the strengths of Bitget as the top derivative exchange?  

A: We have a first-class professional team of safety and risk management, have an A+ ranking for 12 SSL indicators (Only one in the industry). We also have one of the best customer support services in the industry, providing users with 24/7 multilingual 1-1 customer service support.

Q: I know Bitget follows regulations worldwide strictly, can you share more details about that?  

A: We have strict compliance measures and work closely with global regulators. We have MSB licenses in Canada and United States, Australia Digital Currency Exchange (DCE) License, and also listed on the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s list for exemption of provision of cryptocurrency payment services.

Q:  Can you share with us the achievements and milestones of Bitget so far?  

A: Since 2018, Bitget has grown to a company with more than 200+ staff worldwide. In July 2020, we completed a 10 Million dollar series B financing led by South Korea’s top game company SNK and co-invested by top venture capital firm Anlan Capital. Bitget currently has a valuation of 1 Billion dollars.

Q: Can you share the biggest highlights of Bitget ?

A: We introduced our One-click copy trade, where novice traders can copy the trades of experienced traders to earn profits with a single click. We also introduced Quanto Swap Contract, where users can use multiple currencies as margin for multiple contract trading pairs, allowing traders to have more trading options, effectively increasing the utilization rate of funds.

Q: What make Bitget CopyTrade stand out?  

A: 1. We are the world’s largest crypto copy trading platform with thousands of copy traders providing thousands of trading strategies, makes it easier for novice users to get started and make profits easily.
2. Better regulatory compliance. Bitget holds compliance licenses from multiple countries and has not received any supervision and review by any country.
3.For contract trading, Bitget has a lower taker fee and follower transaction fee, which makes it more competitive to other platforms.

Q: I know Bitget has announced the recruitment of copy traders, can you share more info about it?  

A:  We launched our recruitment of copy traders to better develop Bitget’s copy trading products, and our end goal is to provide the most user-friendly, simple, and transparent trading experience for all our users, and maximize everybody’s profits to achieve a win-win situation for both copy traders and their followers.
For more information please read our medium article :
Q. What are the profits of being a copy trader at Bitget?  
A: 1.High Reward—Up to【200USDT】contract trial fund
2.Super High Rebate— Up to【50% contract fee rebate】
3.Copy Trading Profits—Copy traders will get【10% Copy trading carry】
4.Event Support— Copy trader’s new followers will be able to get【5USDT】trial fund for free + 【up to 50USDT & up to 99BFT】registration reward
Q: Do you have any plans for the improvement of copy traders program at Bitget?
A:  Yes! We have the following plans:
1. We will screen high-quality new copy traders weekly and give them publicity and exposure on our official website, App, community, and SNS. With Bitget’s industry position, copy traders will be promoted globally to attract more copy trading followers
2. Bitget regularly organizes AMA and small class activities on copy trading every week. High-quality copy traders will be invited as guests to share their successful trading experiences.
Q: Can you guide the community to get their hands on Bitget copy trading?
A:  Sign up for an account on our official Bitget global site and click CopyTrade to get started!
Q:  Do you agree that community is a key factor for the success of the project? Knowing that the project has had quite successful phases, but with future plans do you have plans to benefit some communities coming soon?


A:  Thanks for your interested in Bitget community development. Deinitely, comunity means a lot for us as it’s the connect between Bitget and all users and fans. In the near future, we will have a ambassador program and referral reward system in planning, which will be online soon. Please just keep your eyes on the announcement from us. And welcome to join us by then.
Q:  What about your Security system ? it’s really safe for user/member BITGET ?


A:  Bitget has super strong security measures.
1.We support dedicated /multi-signature, multiple physical isolation for hot and cold wallet;
2. We have fully self-developed matching engine;
3; No overload in extreme market fluctuation so that we can sure the stability in our trading system.
Q:  Can you list 1-3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors?? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?
 A:  Product innovation, user services, globalization, and compliance in operations are our four major advantages.
In the derivatives market, most platforms are actively improving trading experience and services. One of the biggest problems in the current derivatives market is the homogeneity of products. Constantly innovating products is the key to Bitget being able to overtake in the derivatives race.
In terms of user service, users are our foundation. The values   of our platform are putting customers first, integrity and collaboration. Our product design, customer service system, user welfare and other supporting facilities are all top ranked in the industry.
In terms of globalization, our headquarters are in Singapore and face the entire Asia-Pacific region, meaning users in Japan and South Korea represent 50% of our total customer base.
We have begun to implement localized operations in each region. At present, the proportion of users in our English community has increased significantly. We also launched a global partner recruitment plan, enabling them to share in platform growth dividends.
From a compliance perspective, Bitget has established a strict Know Your Customer process for users. The public listing of Coinbase stock can be seen as a recognition of the industry, which fully demonstrates that compliant exchanges can go further. At present, we have established a compliance team, introduced high-end talents in the field of law and financial supervision, and actively contacted various regional regulatory authorities to help facilitate platform compliance.
Q:  What strategy did you have to promote the project to more people??
A:  We just announced our copy trader recruitment, and we are also looking forward to hire strong affiliates as well as elite traders to join our platform for a better trading development. Just join us!
Check out more here :
Q:   Is your project supporting a local community too? What are your plan to increase awareness and adoption where English is not spoken?


A:  Actually, we’ve been focusing on Non-English speaking countries like Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc. for around 3 years, and we are also heading to new markets like Russia, Turky, etc. Just keep your eyes on our updates from our community.
ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the BitGet Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, BitGet  for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
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