Ask Me Anything with Genius Assets at ICOSpeaks: AMA Summary

genius assets ama
genius assets ama
May 2-nd   held an Ask Me Anything session at ICOSpeaks telegram chat. From the Genius Assets side there was 
Before we go to the first set of questions, could you please do a short self-intro?

👨‍💻Flavius Cocora -@cryptoflama / CMO & Crypto Expert

So my name is Flavius-Sebastian Cocora, in my last 14 years of online businesses I managed to see all kinds of projects and ideas and gathered a lot of experience in this world and a lot of business relationships. 
I had a brake in 2016-2018 and conducted some offline businesses. The last 3 years I got involved in company auctions and then (re)entered in the crypto world. 
My expertise is in the selling industry, marketing and branding, crypto projects, learning and teaching. Had several crypto projects in core team or executive as a marketing head, advisor, consultant or coordinator. 
Right now I am leading the Marketing Department as CMO & Crypto Expert Genius Assets, the place of assets tokenization! 💪
 👨‍💻 Claudiu Buda – @ClaudioCB / Founder & CEO
Hello, I am Claudiu Buda, the Founder of Genius Assets. Nice to meet you all. 
In the last 13 years, my professional career has
been focused on sales. I built a large and immense community with more than 200.000 customers in 17 countries and sales of more than 75 million euros and now I developed this great project.

                                                            Let’s get started!
Q: Where does the “Genius Assets and GeniuX” name come from?

A: Well, this is an interesting question. We started from the main idea that each and every one of us can be a GENIUS itself and can make all the dreams come true. You just need to find your inside Genius and let it our for a higher purpose. Assets you can imagine from what it came from, but you don’t know the real reason. We wanted to combine the digital and real world assets in a single marketplace, accessible for everyone, through GeniuX, which X marks the spot for a lifetime treasure.

Q: What inspired you to begin this project?

A:  By using blockchain technology we found the perfect infrastructure for easier and faster investments. Real estate investments were always an evergreen, which made them very difficult to access for many people that desired to invest. Now, Genius Assets, can make it all happen. People don;t have to come with a big volume of investment in order to create their passive income through our Marketplace. 

Q: How many people do you have in your team?

A: You can always check our website and see our Core Team, a team made up of people from different activity fields (management, marketing, cryptocurrencies). Also, as you may know we have an in-house developed platform, built with the help of an IT company, that we collaborate with. We also get a lot of help from our great community. Some investors became promoters in the Project and they are working hard to build up the community and Marketplace, because they are 100% involved and believe in our vision.

Q: What is your updated roadmap?

A: The following RoadMap has been updated recently, you can also find it on our website. Our RoadMap is on schedule, and we continue to check evey point of it, as seen below: 
Q1 2022:
– Start developing the Admin Dashboard
– Platform Improvements
Q2 2022:
– Admin Dashboard improvements
– Starting of the ICO Pre-Sale
– Launching the Staking Program
– TGE: IUX Token
– Listing on a top 5 DEX exchange
Q3 2022:
– Admin Dashboard improvements
– Listing on a CEX
– Listing on coinmarketcap
– Listing on coingecko
Q4 2022: 
  • Launching the Affiliate: Career Program
  • Selling of the first Fractional Ownership Project
  • Adding Fractional Ownership Rewards Module
Q1 2023:
Onboarding external projects
– IUX Token: unique payment method on Genius Assets
– Adding Peer-to-Peer feature
– Start selling of the second Fractional Ownership Project
Q2 2023: 
  • Real World NFT Marketplace
  • Genius Debit Card
  • Strategic Partnerships 
Q3 2023: 
  • Mobile App
  • In-app swap and trade
Q4 2023:
  • DeFi Products (Lending, Borrowing, etc)
  • Expand the business in USA

Q: How do you plan to get more exposure?

A:  We work now on ADS with Coinzilla and CoinMarketCal; we have some PR ongoing on 7 media posts; we will have some audit and strategies with ICODA and they should get us 20 leads & some guerilla marketing.
 We want to start also a big contest campaign, through all the crypto (Facebook) groups from Romania only and we are thinking of an Airdrop.

Q: Pretty much every single investor purchases the token for the short term, indifferent to its long-term potential. So, how could you convince us that holding this token would be more profitable in the long run, and what are your plans to raise the token’s demand and scarcity?

A: We know a lot of people want to make money in a snap of a finger, but we want to help them create a passive income, that generate more leads than on a short term. How do we do that? We provide people with real world assets, in which they can invest, from which they will get rewards quarterly or annually. Also, we will launch a Staking Program that benefits all of the investors.
We created a big community that is ready to help everyone when needed, as they are here to stay on the long run. They are part of an ongoing education program on the crypto space.

Q: In the future, can we expect Genius Assets to create partnerships with various developments? Could you provide us some instances of how Genius Assets can be used in other projects?

A: Of course you can. We are in a continuously developing, because we want to create an environment where onboarding institutional entities will be an opportunity, not only as clients, but as partners. Genius Assets can always be used in other projects as a payment method, through our GeniuX Token. How would you feel if you could pay your airplane ticket in IUX Tokens? Cool, right?
Q: Can you name three distinguishing elements of your project that set it apart from the competition? What are the comparative strategy in which you have the most faith?

A: Tokenization – Fragmentation of the real world assets in the blockchain, through our own platform, basically we want to build an Amazon of digital assets that are backed by real world assets AND you can use a token to gain real value and generate passive income. In 2023 the hottest word will be tokenization & reglementation, so we need to focus everything related to that and related to the platform we are building (coded and made using cutting edge technology and having one of the biggest and top IT & Blockchain development companies from Eastern Europe).
– For a secure journey of an investor, we came up with the idea, that we are also use at the moment, to have a unique wallet address for every transaction made in the platform. 
– Our KYC verification is making a rigorous check as it eliminates possible fraud people and actions. This makes the platform and the community very clean ones.

Q: When will your tokens be listed on an exchange, and on which exchanges do you plan to list on in the future?

A: Our tokens will be listed on an exchange after we have our TGE, in June, as a special event in Istanbul. As we speak, we are in advanced discussions with multiple DEXs. We want to be partners with one of the most prestigious ones, so we will be very serious when we decide, as we cannot give a name at the moment.
Q: Smart contracts are likely to fail, and many initiatives suffer as a result, costing users money and damaging the project. What is the level of trustworthiness and security of your smart contract? Have you gone through any of the parties to audit it?

A: We are aware of that, so in order to maintain a high security for the smart contract and we want to protect our IUX token, it will be audited by Certik, and we intent to keep all the tokens safe to a cold wallet, after minting.
Q: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of Token?

A: Yes, our Tokenomics can be views here:
Q: Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space.

A: Yes, of course. Everyone is welcomed in this Project. You don’t need to be a crypto expert, as we are educate people via Social Media Posts, but also we have a support team that is there to help every time. 
The plan to raise the awareness is simple: like this AMA we did right here, we intend to extend the marketing on different platforms, but also to organize different contests that everyone can join. 
So feel free to come into our group and find out the latest news.
Q: Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project? @cryptoflama

A: Yes, of course. Everyone is welcomed in this Project. You don’t need to be a crypto expert, as we are educate people via Social Media Posts, but also we have a support team that is there to help every time. 
The plan to raise the awareness is simple: like this AMA we did right here, we intend to extend the marketing on different platforms, but also to organize different contests that everyone can join. 
So feel free to come into our group and find out the latest news.
The ICO token holders will not be able to participate in the governance of the project. 
But feedback on the project is always welcomed and we are very serious about the implication of the community. 
But in the future, at the Fractional Ownership Projects, depending on the project, holders can make some decisions.

Q: Where can I buy your tokens now?? Can you tell us, please?

A: Right now you can buy the IUX Token directly on our platform, , as we are in the Pre-Sale Phase.🤩
After the TGE, on 16th June, you will find out on what exchange we will be on. 🤭
Q: Do you have any tutorial Videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or Something? Can you share it with us?

A: You can find tutorials on how to use our platform on our YouTube Channel 👉🏻 very easy and fast!
Also, you can find our Video Presentation on our YouTube Channel 👇🏻

Q: Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join l it?

Our Pre-Sale Phase is live on our platform and you can join it at any time, all you need to do is Register and the rest is simple! 
ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the Genius Assets Team. That’s all for today.
Thanks to all users who participated.
Thanks, Genius Assets for being with us
Thanks, all and see you soon😉
Cheers 🥂


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