4 Reasons to promote with ICO SPEAKS crypto marketing agency

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4 Reasons Why ICO SPEAKS is the best crypto marketing agency to promote your project in 2024

The competition in the crypto scene is intense. It is as plain and simple as that. Everyone is trying to get ahead of their rivals. Whether the investor looking for the next big cryptocurrency project or the trader searching for trade options to maximize profit, as a crypto company, investor, or owner, you need all the help you can get for your project to gain enough awareness and traction. Hence, the need for a solid crypto marketing agency.

One thing you must note when looking for the best crypto marketing agency to promote your project is their experience level. Finding the most suitable company that offers premium crypto marketing services can be difficult. But the level of experience of that marketing agency can help you narrow the search. Furthermore, a crypto marketing agency aligns with the project’s goals and objectives. This is one of the reasons why many investors and crypto companies worldwide opt for ICO SPEAKS to manage their projects’ promotion and marketing strategies. ICO SPEAKS has helped over 500 startups launch their companies through its ICO and IEO marketing service. This crypto marketing agency currently has up to $15 million under its management.

In this article, we will look at four important reasons why people choose ICO SPEAKS as the best crypto marketing agency in 2024.

However, it is important to understand what ICO SPEAKS is to clear up some form of confusion that has emanated in the past.

What is ICO SPEAKS Agency?

If you are familiar with crypto telegram groups and channels, you would have encountered ICO SPEAKS. Consequently, some investors think that ICO SPEAKS is a crypto-Telegram group and a channel promoting crypto projects. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true, as it only gives a small detail to the entirety of what ICO SPEAKS is all about.

ICO SPEAKS is much more than a Telegram crypto community; it is a network that connects investors from all over the world to emerging blockchain and crypto projects. ICO SPEAKS is a crypto marketing agency that offers services to help startups launch their company through ICO or IEO promotion. So, this crypto marketing agency deals with different marketing aspects that help create awareness, engage, and convert an audience.

Now that we understand the premise of ICO SPEAKS, we can show why it is the best crypto marketing agency for promoting your project.

Tailored marketing strategies

ICO SPEAKS offers clients, investors, and companies various crypto marketing services. One of the most sought-after is the Telegram promotion. ICO SPEAKS owns different Telegram crypto groups and channels that offer marketing services. These crypto groups all depend on what type of project you want to promote. Some crypto groups from Bitcoin are for ICO/IEO promotion, and others are for emerging crypto and blockchain projects. In fact, these crypto groups and channels serve as a medium for sharing information about updates in the cryptocurrency world. ICO SPEAKS maximizes the popularity of Telegram cryptocurrency in the world today by creating these platforms for investors to capitalize on their wide community. You can check out these groups here.

Another of the different crypto marketing services that ICO SPEAKS offers investors is Twitter promotion. Some investors combine Telegram and Twitter promotion for a wider and more solidified position in cryptocurrency. However, depending on the strategy you are looking to adopt, ICO SPEAKS can offer promotions that fit your objective. Twitter is one of the most prominent platforms for cryptocurrency promotion. Therefore, with the experience of handling marketing and launching startups, many investors have benefited from Twitter promotions.

A public relations campaign is one of the crypto marketing services that ICO SPEAKS provides investors. This crypto marketing agency ensures your project will be on the lips of crypto influencers, investors, and traders worldwide.

Marketing plan for every budget

Have you not seen crypto marketing agencies charge exorbitant amounts and, at the end of the day, do not deliver? It can be frustrating for startups looking to launch or investors searching for ways to create awareness for their projects that are being charged ridiculous amounts of money. To address this issue, ICO SPEAKS has a divergent list of options depending on the investor’s budget and objectives. There are different plans for Telegram, Twitter, and PR promotions, which fit into all kinds of budgets. You can check the different plans for crypto marketing services here. 

Crypto marketing and global investors

As stated earlier, ICO SPEAKS is a crypto marketing agency that not only provides crypto marketing services but also connects investors from around the world to the most promising projects. ICO SPEAKS does this through seminars, meetings, and social media. ICO SPEAKS is one of the most vibrant and successful crypto marketing agencies with a wide reach. There are over 1 million ICO SPEAKS social media users and more than 1,000 private investors.

Easy crypto marketing communication

Investors complain about not being able to communicate with the crypto marketing agency handling their projects’ promotion. They struggle to get a hold of the administrators or the team lead. However, ICO SPEAKS is one of the most transparent crypto marketing agencies. No matter the marketing option or plan, customer support is always available whenever you need it. For example, ICO SPEAKS hosts crypto AMA sessions on its platform that require constant communication between both parties. The crypto project team and ICO SPEAKS will meet to discuss how the interview session will be held. For each marketing strategy, the investor, or company, is made aware of all the plans for the project’s promotion.


As an investor or a crypto brand looking to promote a project, ICO SPEAKS offers premium services that ensure you achieve your goals. With ICO SPEAKS, you do not have to worry about the success of your project; with the track record that ICO SPEAKS has, you can rest assured.

To promote your project using any of the marketing strategies examined in this article, you can contact ICO SPEAKS through our contact form.