ICO Speaks is a community for investors and Startups, where everyone can participate discuss, learn and Teach others. We have more than 60,000 investors, we are discussion, we are sharing adviceses, we are big pool of investors.

Our main hobby is to invest in a new Promissing ICO Projects what will bring us 10x Profit for a long time

We are first Telegram community who have implemented Telegram Airdrop-Bounty compaing.

We have collected more than 90.000 participants in several telegram groups.

Personally we recommend Telegram Airdrop, why? Because it is modern, Faster, no j.members or another rang requirements, everyone can participate, +notifications, everyone use telegram, opportunity to invite your partners, colegue, and many more….

Our team has experience in launching campaign on Bitcointalk and Telegram as well as we have the biggest Telegram ICO community.

Yes it is possible. Ico Speaks Team provide Telegram Airdrop with signature +10.000 participants, some of them will use your logo as Avatar and website name as personal name, will support ICO project with positive words, use project brand till bounty end.

What will project get as a result?

+Post review on Biggest ICO Telegram Community with 60.000 participants inside the group and 26.000 in Channel

+10.000 participants will join a TG group.

+Participants will use project Brand as Avatar and personal name with brand.

+Participants Discuss about project and support it.

Our marketing department is engaged in attracting investors and investments through the All social networks.

  1. We are collecting the existing database of investors.
  2. We have collected around 50k Airdrop users
  3. We have collected base of 25k Small investors from social media (Bitcointalk, Reddit, Telegram )
  4. We are negotiation with 15 private pools wich has more than 35k verified with KYC investors
  5. We have own base of investors who are investing very active
  6. We are not working with Scam ICO Projects
  7. Our analytical department conducts regular research of new projects, identifies the Scam projects as well as the most promising projects.

We know the psychology of investors
We know their needs
Our investors are very active who are constantly communicating with me and ready to invest in good projects.
We are talking with investors and giving advices for each other, how to communicate with audience, how to do research, how to invest smart.

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Feel free contact us via Email contact@icospeaks.com  or Telegram @traffic_solution

We will discuss all detail and will start work.