What Kind of Marketing services is allowed and help to promote crypto projects in 2019 year? Let me start the description about Telegram marketing from the beginning when it’s started. From The end of 2017 to the end of 2018 this Huge hype of ICOs Telegram became so popular and didn’t expect for Spammers and spam methods of promotion inside.

When Hype of ICO Became grow in the end of 2017, many of users downloaded the main communication app Telegram messenger, for sure it was the reason for spammers and scammers looked carefully at it as well.

Was Created many aggressive methods of spamming people inside.

  • 1. Easy scrap people usernames from public groups
  • 2. Inviting people from other groups to own groups in unlimited amounts
  • 3. Send thousands of spam messages a day with your offers and I have to say it worked well
  • 4. Invite people without permission in public groups and channels, it is also worked well

Many of Top projects such as Ubex, Tron, Cosmos, Vechain, and other used that spam method to attract new investors and crypto members.

Many other Scammers invited 50 thousand of new members daily directly to their scam website with ICO schedule and offer to buy tokens.

Some of them still use this method, unfortunately for them it works very poor.

Returning to 2019 and our Story I want to say that, Telegram is almost won in this duel with spammers.

Telegram is going to Launch their TON Network in Q3 2019. It means that telegram Team are interested in their users and take care them.

Telegram is free Messenger, and available for all users all over the world, everybody can download it easily for, Android, iOS, Windows phone, Windows NT, macOS, Linux.

There’s an opportunity create a Channel and group as well as publicly and privately and promote their brands inside that channels.

Telegram don’t have any Advertisement and promotional methods such as Twitter, Facebook and others.

Telegram ICO Marketing which we used to use.

Not a secret that Telegram is Top app for communication about crypto and I will share with you below the methods of promotion of your project inside.

  • 1. We have gathered a list of Traders, investors, Airdrop participants from Okex, Bitforex, coinbase exchanges, which we easily can ask to join your project.
  • 2. We have a pool of investors with Fund capital around 50k USD which is growing monthly and new private invest join us actively and trust us to manage their Funds and get our insiders information.
  • 3. Our experienced Team analyze perspective projects and share with investors in our Channel and discussion group, not every project we recommend, our recommendation is to make own research before invest any money.
  • 4. User base collected from several crypto social media such as Reddit, Bitcointalk, Twitter, Telegram.
  • 5. We are in touch with our private investors at day and night, help them, teach and support them.

ICO Promotion which will grow your project up!

Public Advertising services in ICO Speaks community

  • 1. We are doing Advertising method to our investors with discussion about your crypto project, it gives strong attention from investors when our Moderators assist and recommend current startup to pay attention and invest, normally we don’t do it, and just promote it without any recommendation, but if we like an idea of project, then we can Recommend it to our investors.
  • 2. We pin the message in our news channel “ICO Speaks News” and conversation group “ICO Speaks”
  • 3. We may also Pin the message and repost it to our partners, which has similar channels with targeted amount of crypto users.

Here’s the full list of our Telegram Promo Services

  • 1. Listing on Telegram channels and groups
  • 2. Social Media Services
  • 3. IEO advertising services
  • 4. Investor packages

Detailed information with prices you can find by link https://icospeaks.com/ico-ieo-promotion

Our Team provide Full specter of Telegram advertising and Marketing boost for ICO IEO STO Crypto startups and other projects like Mining, blockchain wallets, financial payment systems, e-books, games, casinos and other gambling.

We also provide Outside telegram services

  • 1. Sending a DM direct messages to crypto users in any group
  • 2. Discussion about your project in top 10 crypto groups, it gives understanding for others that your projects if powerful and especial with Hype around.
  • 3. Inviting other users and involving them to join your project for learning and investing in it.
  • 4. Inviting Investors, Traders from Top crypto groups such as binance, Huobi.
  • 5. We have worm relationship with Venture capital firms, Hedge Funds organisations and Private Pools. It helps us to attract another kind of investors.

Pin a post in telegram

What is the difference between pin post in group and channel?

Pin post in Telegram channel has simple affect.

After posting a post member will see the post on their phones, it may involve them to switch on the phone or not.

When pin post in group, looks similar as in channel, different is in immediate reaction on that post and opportunity to say your opinion.

Have you ever had a situation when you see the unpleasant or you have your own thoughts which you want to share, and you realized that it impossible to do in silent channel.

However, it more possible to implement in discussion groups, and reaction from community will be immediate.

Another side of medal is that Moderators can involve users in conversation which is more beneficial for them than for investors, it’s also a plus.

Of course there are minuses as well in public groups, for example, spammers have access to group, to members, pm your users with scam proposals.

Maybe that’s why we have a channel and group where users can be members of channel, but not group, or vice versa.

Examples of ICO Speaks Adverting campaign

We create a post with description about Main advantages of project, with Links to website and social media.

First post we made in our news channel ICO Speaks News for our silent members.

Then we repost it to chatty members in conversation chat for public review, disputes and hot discussion about project.


When you are doing a Telegram promotion for your IEO ICO or STO at that stage is very important to be more communicative with your audience.

There are several kinds of investors

1. Newbie in crypto, they will ask many simple questions, which you should to answer and be online 24/7

Need to have a project list of FAQ (FREQUENLY ASKED QUESTIONS).

2. Smart and experienced in crypto, they will not communicate in group, they just read the announcements and comments in community. So you need to be always communicated and open-minded project and update your investors with news, even several times in hour. Experienced investors make their own research just looked once at your white paper and website they will make sure invest or not.

ICO Speaks members are very energetic and communicative people; they invest carefully when our Team recommend them to do it. Sure, each investor has own opinion and can ask the project admins, what that project about and it worth to invest?

We usually Have teaching lessons in our community to Teach newbies and improve current members.

You will see the first results at that time when you will order our services, each package has a power and timeframe to prepare everything from scratch, so, I am highly recommended you to PM me now and purchase the services today, and let your ICO goes to the moon.